Monday, October 26, 2015

The turning of the worm, the eating of the crow (redux)

Attention, irony fans! Dig:
Clinton is framing Sanders as a sexist who accuses women of shouting when they try to speak up. It’s a lie. She’s manipulating women and abusing feminist anger for her own advantage.

It’s great that we’re more aware of bigotry than we used to be. But we should also beware false claims of bigotry: the race card, the sex card, the homophobia card. In 1991, Clarence Thomas, a well-connected federal judge, evaded sexual harassment allegations and won confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court by accusing his interrogators of a “high-tech lynching for uppity blacks.” Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, says anyone who advocates a boycott of his country “should be treated exactly as we treat any anti-Semite or bigot.” Sexism, racism, and anti-Semitism are real. But sometimes they’re fabricated.
My response: 2008.


Remember when anyone who called Obama a progressive poseur was considered an unhooded Klansman?

Remember when I was called a "racist" every minute of every hour of every day for weeks simply because I pointed out that Obama had lied about his opposition to NAFTA?

Remember when I was considered kin to George Wallace simply because I dared to mention the easily-proved fact that Obama did not denounce the Iraq invasion during his 2004 convention speech (or at any other time during his senate campaign)?

Remember the death threats against Hillary published on Democratic web sites like Daily Kos?

Remember how every sentence, word and phoneme uttered by the Clintons was hyper-parsed and subjected to bizarre interpretations in order to prove that they hated all black people? (As if anyone could withstand that kind of attack. Using the same smarmy tactic, I could prove that you are a racist, whoever you might be.)

Remember that shit?

I'll never forget.
Me neither. I remember I became physically ill as a result of my disappointment in my party.
I remember and I'll NEVER forgive or forget the "progressives" who followed TehLightBringer into this place.
I've been blogging since Katrina drowned NO, at least one post per day, and in all that time, I've received five death threats (talking comments, emails here-- the in-person and telephone kind are another thing), and four of those five came from Obama supporters; the other one was from an anti-abortion lunatic. The theft of the election from Sen. Clinton angered me more than any of political event before or since. The party that was supposed to stand for fair play and justice succumbed to what I call "Appleism"--- let's be hip and cool and politically correct no matter the rights of others or the consequences of our actions. Yeah, I remember. I remember sitting on the Confluence comment thread the night the PUMAs were borne and I still identify that way, so BernieBots-- piss-off.
Yes, I have been called racist more since Obama's appearance on the national scene than all the times of life. Change that, I've only been called a racists once prior, [for advocating income based public assistance that is not tied to race], but in the time since Obama it has been so constant as to become meaningless white noise, only recently, have people switched and now call me "sexist" for supporting Jim Webb's policies, sans the "confederate" flag on public buildings.

Democrats have been reduced intellectually to unthinking children, I hope Mr Webb can make it on the national ballot...

Let's see....[_]-Bush; [_]-Clinton; [_]-Webb; Who to choose, two are from corrupt Dynastic families and who has served his country faithfully all his life. One who has accomplished much through his own efforts and two who have always sought the easy way, seeking to piggyback on connections.
"BernieBots"? Look, no candidate is perfect, and I was right there with Joseph in warning about Obama and getting angry about how Clinton was railroaded and treated in 2008. I also haven't forgotten her performance a SOS. I do not want to vote for her, but if she is the nominee I will (despite her problems, she is still miles better than any of the crazy Republican candidates). She is the corporate choice, so not mine, thank you very much. Bernie is certainly no savior (as no politician can ever be), but I much prefer him to Hillary (or Webb, but I don't see him getting on the ballot nationally, at this point). Bernie is most certainly NOT Obama redux though.......the candidate closest to that is Hillary.
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