Wednesday, October 21, 2015

No Joe

Biden is out.

I know the real reason for this decision. You don't. I've told you only part of it.

Joe Biden is a good man who would have made a terrific president, probably a better one than Hillary Clinton. But he would have faced a very silly and humiliating scandal, one that probably would have hit him at the worst time.
Yep. His operatives definitely checked the radar and found out he couldn't fly beneath it!
So now that it's not consequential, you'll tell us. Right?
Dreaming again jb is the problem in Amerika not the solution. The college loan thingy is enough for me to say Thumbs Down on another demodog. Then there the endless support of war, son making money in the Ukraine, we could go on but way waste my high from tonight whine;)
Thank you for telling us about the scandal.
No, Jennings, I won't tell you. Sorry. I can say this: If it were known -- and independently verified -- the result would be about a week of solid laffs on the usual teevee shows. After a while, it would be forgotten. It's just not THAT big a deal. But if Biden were the nominee and if the truth came out in October of 2016, then and only then would the "scandal" be important.
Jim Webb is out. Supposedly he is considering running as an independent, a Sisyphean struggle against the two mountainous conservative machines (the far-right Republicans and right-of-centre Democrats) that is doomed from the start. In any case, his chances of winning are less than nothing. I'm surprised you've not said a word about it so I thought I'd mention it, since he was your go to candidate. He's called the Democratic Party a 'far, far left party' which I find mind-blowingly absurd. Far left compared to what? You'd have to be so far right as to have fallen off the tallest cliff to consider the Democratic Party (which caters to the right-wing New Democrats, rather than progressive or liberal Democrats) to consider it a far-left party. American politics is the land of psychosis, the likes of which have seemingly never existed before.
Joe Biden is a good man who would have made a terrific president

I dunno, Joseph - after the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill hearings and the Biden bankruptcy bill I have to ask "terrific for WHOM?"

Yes, in person (I've met him), Biden is a very engaging fellow who says a lot of the right things. But his actions say otherwise.
I'm vote the straight ticket from the nsa and cia.
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