Thursday, October 22, 2015

Confirmation: Sy Hersh was right about those sarin attacks

The mainstream media has turned against Seymour Hersh in a major way, since so much of his recent reporting contradicts the Establishment narrative. But he was certainly right about the sarin gas attacks in Damascus.

The following was published in a major Turkish newspaper...
Two deputies from the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) have claimed that the government is against investigating Turkey's role in sending toxic sarin gas which was used in an attack on civilians in Syria in 2013 and in which over 1,300 Syrians were killed.

CHP deputies Eren Erdem and Ali Şeker held a press conference in İstanbul on Wednesday in which they claimed the investigation into allegations regarding Turkey's involvement in the procurement of sarin gas which was used in the chemical attack on a civil population and delivered to the terrorist Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) to enable the attack was derailed.
Bashar Assad didn't do it. He was framed. ISIS did it -- with the help of Turkey, our ally.
"The MKE [Turkish Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation] is also an actor that is mentioned in the investigation file. Here is the indictment. All the details about how sarin was procured in Turkey and delivered to the terrorists, along with audio recordings, are inside the file," Erdem said while waving the file.

Erdem also noted that the prosecutor's office conducted detailed technical surveillance and found that an al-Qaeda militant, Hayyam Kasap, acquired sarin, adding: "Wiretapped phone conversations reveal the process of procuring the gas at specific addresses as well as the process of procuring the rockets that would fire the capsules containing the toxic gas. However, despite such solid evidence there has been no arrest in the case. Thirteen individuals were arrested during the first stage of the investigation but were later released, refuting government claims that it is fighting terrorism," Erdem noted.
Emphases added. "An Al Qaeda militant." This is hardly the first report we've had indicating that ISIS has worked with Al Qaeda, a.k.a. the Nusra Front. Our propagandists want you to believe that the two forces are opposed. Not so. The two groups disagree on some points, and have even fought turf battles with each other, but they are fundamentally in alignment.

Yet many within the American neocon establishment have argued that we should treat Nusra (Al Qaeda) as an ally. We are forming an alliance with the people who gassed 1300 innocents.

In 2012, I said that the gas attack was an obvious false-flag operation, since Assad gained nothing militarily and only the rebellion stood to benefit. Şeker and Erdem agree...
The purpose of the attack was allegedly to provoke a US military operation in Syria which would topple the Assad regime in line with the political agenda of then-Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his government.

CHP deputy Şeker spoke after Erdem, pointing out that the government misled the public on the issue by asserting that sarin was provided by Russia. The purpose was to create the perception that, according to Şeker, “Assad killed his people with sarin and that requires a US military intervention in Syria.”
I doubt that you will see much discussion of this report in the mainstream media -- so please please please, spread the word!

If enough people pay attention to what Erdem and Şeker are saying, there will, of course, be a furious effort to discredit them. Such things are to be expected.
Joseph, have you added any free linking software to your site so your article LINKS can more easily be shared on Facebook or Twitter or other blogs?
I'm not sure how to do it, Alessandro. I do not have a Facebook page, nor will I ever have one. I refuse to divulge my cell phone number (which allows me to be tracked) to a company that is connected to the CIA.

I did a little Googling just now. All of the articles are about "How to link to a blog post on YOUR Facebook page." Since I won't do Facebook, these instructions are worthless.

It just so happens I recently learned how to do the Facebook link thing, and you don't have to have a Facebook account (I don't). Instructions and link are here:

CR Hayne

How about this:

Joseph, I don't have a cell phone linked to my facebook account. Share this is good.

Joseph, google blogspot offers free sharing software, all you do is copy the code and place it in a google template display box that accepts and reads the software. Then your readers simply click on the share button to share it on their own facebook and twitter accounts, also bloggubg accounts as well.

You have to go into your template display area and then look up sharing software. I have not done it in a while. Maybe I will reacquaint myself on how to do it and give you better instructions.
They are called gadgets. When I searched for a share gadget a warning came up saying that particular share gadget needed to be upgraded. Here is what I posted on DailyPUMA. I am not sure this will work on your site because I have forgotten if I had to sign up for an account to make the share function work.

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The prior comment I left I had to delete the script info at the beginning and end of the post otherwise it would not accept my post. So it's not the entire code.
A lie a day...
Keeps reality at bay.

"The Pentagon’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter designs led to the very similar J-31 by the Chinese. It was later revealed the classified design files were stolen and released by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden."

Yeah...sure...and purple unicorns secured the beaches at Normandy...caller #7 you're on the air, what's your story.
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