Tuesday, October 27, 2015

More news from Planet WTF

Can you believe this crap? Republicans still think that they are going to win the next election when Hillary Clinton gets frog-marched off to the Big House. They are placing their hopes in FBI chief James Comey (a Republican).
What could bring Hillary down? According to some who have followed the case closely, Mrs. Clinton could be charged with breaking several laws, including willfully transmitting or retaining Top Secret material using a private server, unauthorized removal of classified information from government control or storing such information in an unauthorized location, lying to Congress, destruction of government property (wiping the server), lying under oath to a judge about having given the government all her emails or obstruction of justice.
None of this is based on reality. These delusional Republicans can no longer grasp what is going on in the real world.

Nothing that Hillary sent in her private emails bore a classification stamp. Nothing she received bore a classification stamp. Her server was not government property. That "lying under oath" business is based on the absurd idea that she should have given her private emails to the the Benghazi investigators who had asked for all pertinent government records.

The reactionary media keeps screeching about "breakthroughs" in this case which turn out to be nonsense.

Not long ago, we learned that there was all sorts of allegedly Top Seekrit info in an email sent to Clinton by Sidney Blumenthal, who was in Libya trying to do business. The info came from one Mousa Kousa, who was then part of the Libyan government. As it turns out, Kousa had also spoken to someone from our CIA, who apparently wrote up a report which got a classification stamp. But Kousa wasn't under our control just because he talked to a CIA guy: He was a foreign national, free to talk to anyone he liked about any topic he liked.

Come on. Is that the best that the Republicans can come up with? Is Comey really going to indict a presidential candidate based on absolute nonsense?

Well, nothing would totally surprise me in this goofy election cycle. Comey is, after all, a member of the Party of Crazy.
Comey’s credibility expands when he warns Americans to be “deeply skeptical of government power,” as he did in a 60 Minutes interview. He cautioned, “You cannot trust people in power,” noting that the “founders knew that. That’s why they divided power among three branches, to set interest against interest.”
So it's not an overreach of government power for the FBI to be used as a tool of the Republican party?

Republicans talk big about limited government, but they care about this ideological principle only when it can be used to further their own interests.

You never saw any Republicans complaining when the FBI sent agent provocateurs into left-wing groups. You never saw Republicans complain when the FBI tried to goad Martin Luther King into suicide. You never saw Republicans complain when John Edgar Hoover ran a massively illegal wiretap operation out of the Old Post Office building.

You don't see many Republicans complaining about the FBI forcing business owners to hand over records, or about the gag orders which forbid those business owners to reveal what happened. You don't see many Republicans complaining about FBI spy planes. You don't see Republicans complaining when the FBI targets anti-war protestors. You didn't see any Republican bigwigs complain when the FBI investigated AntiWar.com -- a libertarian website -- on the ludicrous presumption that the website might have been affiliated with Al Qaeda. (At the same time, our own military and CIA began to support Al Qaeda in Syria!)

Comey claims to be skeptical of government power? Bullshit. He is government power.
I don't see Democrats complaining much either.

Did you see that the terrible Sibel Edmonds is going strong on the pederests in government. She wonders why nobody is interested in the underlying Hastert story (money laundering, pederests networks etc). She wonders why nobody in the media, mass/ alternative/whatever wants to talk about this. She even started a reddit account to get the conversation going.
Shh, Hildy. Stop pointing out the obvious.
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