Saturday, August 15, 2015

Meet our new mascot

As regular readers know, we lost our beloved dog Bella (pictured to your right) in March of this year -- on National Puppy Day. We still put a flower on her grave every day. For more than ten years, she functioned as this blog's mascot. For more than fifteen years, she was my best friend.

Such a friend is, of course, irreplaceable. Yet happy circumstances have given this blog a new mascot -- an eleven year-old rat terrier named George (pictured below). His previous owner was forced to give him up. Since senior dogs are not easy to place, he was in danger of the pound.

When we found out about George's predicament, we were overjoyed to take him on board. He is one of the great canines -- quiet, intelligent, well-trained. Despite being a bit large for his breed, he still has the vim and vigor of a dog half his age. I have to admit that it was a little difficult to get used to a dog who bears so little resemblance to Bella -- and no doubt George found it hard to get used to us. But when he found out that we have a very lenient "human food" policy, he adapted to his new family rapidly.

Incidentally, the term "rat terrier" appears to have been coined by none other than Teddy Roosevelt. Just such a terrier lived at the White House during TR's time, ridding the presidential mansion of a seemingly intractable rat problem. There are those who say that rats returned to the White House after TR moved out. If these reports are true, Mr. Obama is free to borrow my dog -- as long as he promises not to eat my dog.

Speaking of fine dining: George now begs to be fed roughly twice an hour, in furtherance of his newfound ambition to become the fattest pet in all of Maryland. He is particularly fond of ravioli. This picture may be considered his "before" photo...

Fine looking new family member. I'm jealous.
Jefferson maintained his lasting respect and admiration for Franklin, and concluded his notes for his eulogy with a confession: “On being presented to any one as the Minister of America, the common-place question, used in such cases, was ‘c’est vous, Monsieur, qui remplace le Docteur Franklin?’ ‘It is you, Sir, who replace Doctor Franklin?’ I generally answered ‘no one can replace him, Sir; I am only his successor.’" Same for dogs.
Just so, joseph!

The differences between the two animals have been fascinating. Bella was a fluffy, scruffy ball of insanity and hilarity; whenever I felt down-in-the-dumps, she would lick my nose frantically until I remembered the absurdity of all existence. George is muscular, short-haired, obedient -- and trained NOT to lick noses. But now that he knows us better, and now that he understands that this household has fewer rules, he is starting to loosen up and rediscover his inherently goofy dogginess. Or inherently doggy goofiness.

He is not a replacement. He is simply a different dog. He is to be respected and treasured in his own way.

That is one nice looking dog. I love the white line down the middle of his face, it really separates the right from the left.
I say, you dont always get the dog you want, but you always get the dog you need.
I'm so happy for you all. And it's wonderful how liberal you are with people food. Can't wait to see George's after pictures.

You are a darling! How wonderful that you chose a "senior" to give a loving home. All pets are a wonderful addition to a family but when you open your heart to those less adoptable, it says that person has a lot of heart. I was just thinking the other day that maybe it was time that you were considering a new mascot and there he is this morning. Female intuition?

George is handsome and would fool most observers age-wise. These small, wiry breeds tend to 'live long and prosper.' Unlike my big, goofy animals that tend to check out by age 10.

Good luck to you and your new buddy. Lucky dog to have found a home in his senior years, a place where the food is yummy :0).

Thanks, everyone. Peggysue, I'm sorry that you got to be with your larger dog for only a decade, but I know that this is common with larger breeds. It's damned sad. Nevertheless, one day I would like to live in the kind of home where I can have a big dog.

For a while we shared quarters with a Chocolate Lab and a German Pointer. Wonderful animals. Bella, who was 1/4 their size, quickly established herself as the Alpha. It was hilarious!

I love both pics! George is a handsome dude. go easy on the raviolis!!!

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