Sunday, August 16, 2015

Quick notes

Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. This story is truly horrifying -- and no, I don't think that it's propaganda. (Although if you have evidence that it is, please pass it along.)

As I read the article, one question popped out at me: How could we have this level of detail about what al-Baghdadi has been doing and not be able to target him? I'm not a big fan of drones, but Obama has certainly authorized their use on less-deserving targets.

Bob Parry on the Great Neocon Comeback. Memories of the Iraq war disaster are making it difficult for the neocons to push the U.S. into war with Iran. Parry focuses on Washington Post editorial page editor Fred Hiatt, a notorious booster of the Iraq debacle. Hiatt says that anyone who brings up his past is a meanie who won't play fair. On the topic of Iraq, Hiatt sounds like he's trying out for the broadway version of Duck Soup: "To war, to war, to war we're going to go..."
Hiatt also faults Obama for not issuing a serious war threat to Iran, a missing ultimatum that explains why the nuclear agreement falls “so far short.” Hiatt adds: “war is not always avoidable, and the judicious use of force early in a crisis, or even the threat of force, can sometimes forestall worse bloodshed later.”
Good god. This man is a maniac.

Why shouldn't we maintain the peace with Iran? The Iranians are not bellicose. The last time they started a war, men in this country were still wearing tricorner hats.

Parry reminds his readers of the shameful role Hiatt played in the Joe Wilson/Valerie Plame affair: When Wilson and his wife would not go along with the Bush administration's program of deception, Hiatt made it his personal crusade to drive the couple out of DC. Why didn't Hiatt lose his job years ago? And why do criminally insane deception agents like Fred Hiatt continue to have listeners? Are memories really so short?

Emptywheel on Hillary.
The always-superb Marcy Wheeler checks out the Hillary email story, and arrives at pretty much the same conclusions that I came to: This is a Nothingburger dipped in Nothingsauce on a Nothingseed bun, with a side order of fried Nothing. And a Coke Zero.
Again, nothing obviates all the blame that Hillary chose to rely on an unclassified email system, but it’s one thing if Hillary were sending Top Secret information across an unprotected server, and yet another thing if she received emails that might have been derived from Top Secret information, but were not marked as such or even evidently sourced from Top Secret information. Or even — given that some of the people and agencies in question aren’t entirely trustworthy when they make claims of secrecy — that publicly available information was deemed Top Secret.

At least according to the AP (in a story sourced to US officials, so potentially some people in DiFi’s immediate vicinity), that’s what happened.
A while back in a comment I wrote in this blog I said I was afraid bigotry may have some to do with the world's reaction to Isis. Because its victim are ethnically and religiously don't belong to favored ones, the reaction is timid. Girls as young as 13 has been raped and sold and used in the most inhumane ways since isis came to be. Now since a white non muslim turn out to be treated the same way that is different.
Bob Woodward has compared Hillary's e-mail debacle to the Nixon tapes. His comment: "this will go on for a long time, and the results won't be pretty." The mantle of inevitability has been removed from Ms. Clinton, and the comparisons to her and the actions of Bradley Manning have already surfaced. At least we know what classified materials Pvt. Manning mishandled and revealed, and we know why he/she is being tortured with solitary confinement and a 35 year prison sentence. Hillary is still stonewalling the investigation with her scrubbed server that she just handed over, the electronic equivalent of an empty box.
Ah, Muffy! So glad you showed up. I was starting to think that my blog no longer mattered. You're welcome here anytime.

If you run into the "hasbara sealions," can you tell them to start barking again? I miss them. Hell, I may even print them.
All this ISIS shit is propaganda unless we have evidence otherwise. And you haven't provided any.
Well, don't get too excited've only had one or two sock puppets show up in the past week or two. Not like on some past posts of yours (usually about trivial crap like Anthony Wiener and the like). Still, they aren't completely ignoring you, so that's something.

Anon 4:48......I think he put the onus on YOU to provide the proof. Though I tend to agree with you that is propaganda, but I don't have proof of that.
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