Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Absolutely brilliant. Here's the website. Yes, John Oliver's new church will accept actual cash donations. However, he makes it clear that the "church" will shut down soon and that all donations will be passed along to Doctors Without Borders.

I still have enough of the conspiracy crackpot in me to note that the preachers targeted by Oliver have "spooky" last names: John Tilton and Miles Copeland were among the more notorious operatives of a Certain Interesting Agency. Could family connections play a role here?

Although lists of the ten wealthiest televangelists do not agree, most such lists include a surprising number of Nigerians: Bishop David Oyedepo (who is not an actual bishop), Pastor E A Adeboye, Matthew Ashimolowo, Chris Oyakhilome and Temitope Joshua. That's half your top ten right there: All Africans. Why didn't Oliver target any of these guys for ridicule? I suspect that the visuals might have made his audience feel icky.

Understandable. But the ax of truth should swing at all deserving targets.
"Understandable. But the ax of truth should swing at all deserving targets."

Yes, I agree. Target all the gold-diggers who preach false hope. These preachers, pastors, bishops, deacons and other demonic entities masquerading as messengers of light and “ true-gospel prosperity doctrines “, are worshipers of gold and silver – an abominable form of idolatry.
Sometimes it takes coarse language to effectively send a simple message to simple minds. j ;

In order to have freedom of religion and speech, one must be able to preach LIES. Otherwise governments and religious organizations will define what you say as lies and blasphemy and administer punishment including death.

The power to tax is the power to destroy, which is why we make an exception for religious organization. But governments can regulate and tax commerce, even when that commerce is performed by a religious organization.

Commerce regulation can also apply to false advertising and non-compliance with FDA regulation.

As with the IRS Tea Party "scandal" it will take political courage to enforce the rules.
I'm struck by the choice of graphic. Notice it says "church" not "televangelism" even though Oliver is not attacking churches generally. If Fox News wants to misrepresent the segment, rant about liberals cheering the segment, how convenient that they'll be able to show Oliver with that graphic behind him.
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