Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Call the Donald

Remember when Donald Trump, in a characteristically vulgar moment, gave out Lindsay Graham's cell phone number? Trump's number is 917-756-8000.

I tried it. A woman's voice told me to leave a message, but did not identify the man behind the number. The mailbox was full.

Long-time readers may recall the time when Ann Coulter gave out the private phone number of someone she considered an enemy. Soon thereafter, a source told me Coulter's own number. I never dialed it. Just for giggles, my ladyfriend kept the number on her own cell phone, to show to her friends. It was a constant temptation.

Must you sink to Trump's level?
Off topic but a funny one about politicians and popularity. A Ukraine patriotic website "Week.ua" reportedly recently ran a poll asking people "Which politician would you trust to run your country?"

Of the 41,664 people who replied 84% of them voted for Valdimir Putin! Poroshenko got 1%.
Kelly Osbourne makes some excellent and well-expressed points about Donald Trump's vile racist comments and plans aimed at Mexicans, and she gets called a racist!

She said:

"In what way does he think that people are going to vote for them after he's just called them rapists and murderers?"


"If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilet, Donald Trump?"

Fucking well said, Kelly! She has apologised for the words she chose, but in my book she shouldn't have done, because she chose them well.

It brings home just how fucked up some middle class lefties are in the US if they think she was looking down on Latino people saying they are a bunch of "toilet cleaners". It was Donald Trump, not her, who spoke about Latino people in a disgusting derogatory and racist way. She was just saying that a hefty proportion of the shit work in the US, such as cleaning toilets, is done by Latino people, and she gets called a "racist" for making that true observation!
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