Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Letting Bin Laden go

You would think that this would be bigger news in the U.S., but it isn't.
Donald Rumsfeld had the chance when he was US defence secretary in December 2001 to make sure Osama bin Laden was killed or captured, but let him slip through his hands, a Senate report has found.

The report by the Senate foreign relations committee is damning of the way George Bush's administration conducted the aftermath of its bombing campaign in Afghanistan, saying it amounted to a "lost opportunity".
But even this may be a cover story. The important documentary 9/11: Press for Truth (included below) offers good evidence that many Al Qaeda fighters were allowed to escape to Pakistan -- or were actually flown to Pakistan.

This film should have changed this country's perceptions of political reality. That's why covert operatives, following the usual CIA playbook, made sure that enormous publicity was given to all of the more nonsensical theories of 9/11, such as that "bombs in the building" crap, or the "missile hit the Pentagon" bullshit, or the assertion that Bush knew in advance. (God, if I have to hear one more word about Building Fucking Seven...!)

Important note: I know that some of you "sealions" out there are dying to debate me. You won't be published, or even read, so don't bother writing. I know how you fuckers are: If I allow even one of you to get a foot in the door, dozens of you will charge right in and try to take the place over. That's what happened back in 2006. It was infuriating to wake up each day afraid to look at my own damned website.

All of that "controlled demolition" crap was an obvious disinformation campaign intended to distract the public and to destroy the credibility of anyone addressing the real issues. (And if you want to know what I consider "the real issues," watch the film embedded below). Just because you were dumb enough to fall for The World's Stupidest Conspiracy Theory doesn't mean that I owe you a platform. It's a big internet, and you have many other places to go.


Anonymous said...

The Tora Bora situation is even worse than it was portrayed in Press for Truth.

The Christian Science Monitor had some good reporting that may still be available on the net.

The US assigned only 36 soldiers to guarding Tora Bora. There were more journalists than American soldiers up there.

Most of the guard duty was assigned to two local warlords. A CSM reporter overheard al Qaeda representatives buying letters of transit from the warlords in the lobby of a Jalalabad hotel. At one point the warlords' men held US soldiers at gunpoint while al Qaeda personnel moved their position.

There were two trails out to Pakistan, but only one of them was bombed. The trail crossed a highway, so troops could have been brought up to that point from J'bad, but it wasn't done.

A Delta Force guy writing as "Dalton Fury" claimed that he had proposed that his team be permitted to assault Tora Bora from the back side, but his plan was rejected by higher-ups.

A team of British soldiers claimed that they were half an hour behind Osama when he was on the move. They said they stepped aside to let the Americans have the honor of capturing him, and the Americans did nothing.

A Fox news military analyst. Col. David Hunt, claimed in October of 2007 that the military had spotted Osama a few months earlier moving south from Tora Bora--and had done nothing.

Anonymous said...

The best research resource on 9/11 is the website's Complete 9/11 Timeline, all of it sourced in mainstream news.