Sunday, October 05, 2014

GOP leader says we should kill everyone who comes into contact with Ebola

As Jason Mantzoukas might put it: This is next-level bonkers. South Carolina GOP leader Todd Kincannon has been tweeting about the need to "humanely" put down anyone who might have come in contact with Ebola.
The protocol for a positive Ebola test should be immediate humane execution and sanitization of the whole area. That will save lives.
Ebola has a strong transmission vector through health care personnel. No effective way to contain while treating.
I wonder what Dr. Kent Brantly -- who contracted Ebola, underwent Zmapp therapy and survived to testify before Congress -- would say about Kincannon's approach to public health.

Finding himself in a hole, Kincannon kept digging and digging...
The people of Africa are to blame for why it's so shitty. They could stop eating each other and learn calculus at any time.
I'll be very surprised if Kincannon knows long division, let alone calculus. So tell me, Todd: Why is South Carolina so shitty?
There's just no other way with Ebola. We need to be napalming villages from the air right now.
In a way, I'm glad that Todd Kincannon keeps making these insane pronouncements. There's an election around the corner, and the wit and wisdom of Todd Kincannon will remind people that, however disappointing the Democrats may be, the Republicans are far worse. The DNC should put Kincannon on retainer.

By the way: Isn't it a betrayal of libertarian principles for the government to kill Ebola victims? Napalming villages...murdering health care workers... Aren't these decisions best left to the free market? What's with all the socialism, Comrade Kincannon?
Wow. We're going to 'put down', humanely execute Ebola-infected individuals??? What is wrong with this picture? And where is the Republican 'right to life' passion that the GOP wants to smash in our faces [liberal faces, that is; women specifically but end of life advocates, as well].

I thought the craziest was the Missouri physician carping about lax CDC standards on his flight from Guatemala [those S.America ports could be teaming with Ebola, doncha know].

But euthanasia of anyone exposed or infected?

I suspect Mad Cow disease seeping into the GOP hive mind. Are these people crazed, diseased or what?

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