Thursday, September 11, 2014

Obama at Fort McHenry

President Obama will be touring Fort McHenry tomorrow, in honor of the bicentennial of the battle that gave birth to The Star Spangled Banner. I had hoped to take some video, but there's an entrance fee and the security restrictions are truly beyond insane.The only bags allowed on the premises will be small, clear freezer bags.

Of course, everyone is worried about the possibility of something bad happening (especially after last night's speech), so the security concerns are understandable. I'm going to try to take shots of the tall ships from a location not burdened by such stringent rules.

Added note: I just found out that Obama won't be speaking on Friday. Just touring. Biden, however, will be giving some sort of speech on Saturday.
Maybe you should fly one of those quadrocopter video drones in to get some video. If the Secret Service shoots a citizen's drone down that might help change the parameters of the drone debate.
If only I could afford one!

I'm not saying I'd use one. But I'd like to AFFORD one.
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