Thursday, September 25, 2014

Eric Holder stepping down

Eric Holder has announced that he will resign as Attorney General. I don't know why he is going and I'm not sure I care. NPR suggests that he may go back to the corporate law firm Covington & Burling, where he may root and snort with the pigs of the earth for the rest of his days..

History will be unkind to Holder, for reasons best given by Firedoglake:
Holder’s involvement with the war on whistleblowers, tracking and intimidating reporters, killing Americans without judicial review, and the abysmal failure to enforce the law against criminals in the financial services industry has left America a more divided and unjust society. Not a particularly good legacy to leave behind.

America not only saw a white collar crime wave go unpunished, but saw Holder himself announced a doctrine that has been called Too Big To Jail. Holder claimed in congressional testimony that some Wall Street banks could not be prosecuted because of their size, saying “If you do prosecute, if you do bring a criminal charge, it will have a negative impact on the national economy, perhaps even the world economy.”
Republicans have their own criticisms of Holder. Those criticisms are, of course, quite nutty -- a fact which does not make the man's sorry record any less sorry. When neither the right nor the left feel compelled to defend you, it's time to go.
So who cares, he goes back to a bigger office on corner this time so he can look down on the serfs below.
The revolving door at its best. He and Lanny Breuer can meet for cocktails and joke about how they really put one over on the rubes.
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