Tuesday, July 22, 2014


So the American people, laudably and understandably, want peace -- but they think a Republican congress is more likely to keep us out of war? (From here.)

Has 2003 become a distant memory? Have Americans gone insane?

The poll question is a simple sounding question that contains many interpretations.

Americans probably believe that republicans will keep the flow of oil coming more reliably than Barack Obama and the democrats.

Since there seems to be no sense of urgency to get energy alternatives up and running, the republicans gain an edge.

Most libertarians are Republican and some have been passionate and vocal about non-intervention abroad. It follows that from the view of a person in a particular congressional district, the GOP candidate may be a superior peace candidate than the Democrat, even if they Republican party as a whole is worse.
I think the telling stat is 28% are 'unsure' though I agree that citing Republicans [a party the Politico deems 'modestly' more hawkish than Dems] is a sign of utter confusion.

Have the respondents forgotten so easily? Are they insane?

Yes & yes. The psychosis that appears to be spreading.

Given that the margin of error is plus or minus 4.1 points, I think it's fair to state that Americans think both legacy parties are incompetent, and that the incumbent party (whoever that may be at the moment) might be slightlymore incompetent. A perfectly reasonable attitude in my book. After all, a system that selects political leaders on the basis of their skill in contribution fundraising is pretty much guaranteed to annoy niggling little details like competence in foreign policy.
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