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War in July? A big Snowden blowout release

My vacation from writing (and reading) has been pleasant. I've taken this opportunity to engage in some personal growth -- by which I mean pizza and ice cream and a need to buy new pants.

Alas, a new story forces a return to blogging. A story about war. Or at least, rumors of war.

Cryptome has issued cryptic promises/warnings that all of the remaining Snowden documents will be released very soon. However, the people behind Cryptome insist that they will not be the ones publishing this material, although they will "aid and abet" publication.

What does that mean? I'm not sure.

Moreover, Cryptome says that the documents are coming out in order to prevent a war that is being planned for later this month. See here:
July is when war begins unless headed off by Snowden full release of crippling intel. After war begins not a chance of release.
Not a chance of release? By anyone? Anywhere in the world? Uhhhh....just what kind of war are we talking about...?

Also see here:
Only way war can be avoided. Warmongerers are on a rampage. So, yes, citizens holding Snowden docs will do the right thing.
And here:
@Cryptomeorg Looks like a military build-up is planned for the Asia Pacific. Page 3, paragraph 2.
Is this a stunt? Cryptome isn't known for leg-pulls and mind-screws. So what the hell is going on?

As you will recall, Glenn Greenwald has claimed for a while that he was saving the most important Snowden-related story for last. He was all set to publish something big yesterday but backed down at the last moment:
After 3 months working on our story, USG today suddenly began making new last-minute claims which we intend to investigate before publishing
Naturally, these words are being interpreted in the worst possible way by Greenwald's enemies on the left (some of whom, I am convinced, are ratfuckers working for the intel community). Very likely, he was told that the planned revelation could place lives in danger. Those who voiced outrage over the outing of Valerie Plame/Wilson have no standing to criticize Greenwald's caution now.

But what's all this about a possible war?

So far, Obama's great saving grace has been his avoidance of new military engagements. Of course, forces within the intelligence community could have hopes of forcing Obama into a fight he does not want. (See: Allen Dulles and the Bay of Pigs.)

Where would such a war be fought, and what would be the casus belli?

The semi-mysterious Mint News has more:
Something transparency advocates are particularly excited about regarding the release of these documents is that the documents reportedly contain information that has been described as being powerful enough to prevent a war by creating public distrust toward government and their respective intelligence communities.

Cryptome‬ f‪o‬under J‪o‬hn Y‪o‬ung has said that the war that could potentially be stopped by the documents is related to the expansion of the war on terror, but there is no clear indication of how these documents would prevent such a war or which countries would be involved.
How do we put all this together? Here are the main clues: 1. The alleged war seems to be related to the war on terror, and 2. it can be prevented by public "distrust" of the intel community.

It seems reasonable to suspect that we're talking about a possible staged terrorist event.

If so, then planning must have started some time ago. Yet none of the heretofore released Snowden documents speak of specific covert actions. So far, the documents have given general descriptions of the NSA's capabilities -- and that's very different. A covert op designed to gin up a war is not the sort of thing that is normally within the NSA's purview.

Alternative scenario: Let us presume that Cryptome is correct -- that there is a big war in the offing. (I do not consider this a safe presumption, but let's play with the idea nonetheless.) Perhaps the upcoming Snowden release does not pertain directly to the casus belli. However, perhaps Crytome (or someone else) believes that the information in this final release may be so explosive as to demolish the American government's credibility.

I note that Greenwald isn't hinting at any big war. So how did the folks at Cryptome learn of such a thing? From a source? From documents? Or is this war talk just surmise?

Aside from Greenwald, who has the documents?
Joseph; When GG accommodated USdotgov by delaying release it was a form of 'prior restraint' of a voluntary kind we've seen more often lately. Remember Guardian was quite compliant about destroying the hard drives. Intercept has been a disappointment and this may be a threat to FLook to 'publish or perish'. I doubt they have the reputed information regardless of Cyrptome's claims, but I agree something is afoot wrt War.

Fleshing out some details here.

When tney raided the guardian it was revealed that they had copies stashed all over the world. Anyone could have access.

On the other hand it all seems like bullshit to me, this war talk. No-one's starting a war in the pacific. Too much trade between the US and China. You can't even keep your fighters flying without Chinese imports, clearly any hazard to those trade routes would be unacceptable.
Here's a conspiracy theory with absolutely no evidence:

(1) US and Chinese banks are both holding trillions in bad loans, which have remained hidden for several years by QE and extend-and-pretend.

(2) Many previously respectable American economists and pundits have openly declared that the permanent fix for our economy is a war, which will hide the transfer of those bad loans from the banks to the general populace, and then force a painful reset.

(3) The Chinese are thinking the same thing.

(4) US and Chinese leaders know that the only war that will make their people accept a reset is a BIG war.

(5) The only BIG war the US and China can have is against each other.

(6) Therefore the US and China plan to have a mutually beneficial war, with total deaths in the low five figures, enough to justify reduced standards of living with minimal resistance.
So Glenn Greenwald is "saving the most important Snowden-related story for last"?

Could it be Google?

As far as I am aware, Germany is the only major western country that has complained about Google sending vehicles along every street to photograph everyone's house and a lot more besides. (The British SAS special forces regiment complained when their base got snapped, but their complaint doesn't seem to have led anywhere).

Most of the western media ran headlines talking about a German "ban" - as if restricting this kind of foreign snooping amounts to clamping down on the abstract item called 'freedom'. Older hands will remember how leading Hollywood figures condemned the German government's policy on Scientology as oh so very Nazi.

Google have also been caught conducting surveillance of other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum than visible light. They said it was an accident, but if you believe that, you'll believe anything.

The company has been explicit about what it wants to bring about in the future: total technofascist surveillance and control, sold as freedom.

Meanwhile, earlier this week, Germany arrested a fellow from its own foreign intelligence agency, the BND, for allegedly spying for the US on the Bundestag committee inquiring into the activities of the NSA.
b, I don't think it's Google. But...who knows?

(By the way, are you the b now writing for Moon of Alabama? That blog has done superb work recently.)

When the big Snowden secret is finally unveiled, I suspect that people will be disappointed. You'll hear all sorts of charges leveled against Greenwald: "He's hiding the REAL secret!" Some blog commenters seem to expect the truth about 9/11 or UFOs or the JFK assassination. As if anything like THAT would be covered in an NSA powerpoint presentation!
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