Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Crisis of Palestine

I have seen only part of this video, but that segment was enough to convince me to share this with you.

Amazingly cogent speech and an amazing person.
I’m familiar with the many speeches of George Galloway.

At about 1:24:00 of the youtube clip, he suggests that a solution to the middle-east problem could be resolved by creating a single state, named either Israel-PLO or PLO-Israel. In my opinion, such a state would require a benevolent-dictator at the very least, or in the view of the PLO, a benevolent caliph.

The concept of a benevolent-caliph-dictator is described in religious texts, including those found within the Jewish, Islamic and Christian doctrines. The question is: From which religious persuasion should such a leader arise? Or could we entertain the possibility that such a leader will actually be created with a neutral religious proclivity, such as one using a combination of man and computer; i.e., trans-human-computer hybrid? Does this sound ridiculous? A hundred years ago, yes: A hundred years hence, no.

On a lighter note, I noticed a subliminal suggestion possibly rumbling through the mind of Galloway found in the same youtube clip at 35:24, at which point he says: “ Yes, sister at the back.” He takes his hand out of his pocket and then starts to stroke the shaft of his microphone in a manner that suggests he is having certain thoughts about the “sister” who is speaking. Perhaps Galloway’s subliminal and subtle suggestion was indicative of his true feelings about the PLO in general, and the PLO women in particular. ;) j
I speak to the one-state solution in the post preceding this one.

In the longer term, we need true democracy, not a dictatorship, benevolent or otherwise. In a novel I'm writing, a character says this about Napoleon III:

"Nobody likes an 'enlightened despot.' The right will hate him because he's enlightened, and everyone else will hate him because he's a despot."
Considering the advances and successes in applying Madison Avenue's psychology of persuasion to the art of politics, is it possible for a functional democracy to exist anymore? There are masters at gaming the system, but now they can game the human brain.
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