Friday, July 25, 2014

That's rich

Slate has an article up about the phenomenon many are talking about: Republicans have decided to attack Dem candidates for having, and making, money. Here's the bit that stood out for me:
In Wisconsin, Gov. Scott Walker has been attacking the business record of his opponent, former Trek bicycle executive, Mary Burke. The Walker campaign ran an ad claiming that Burke made millions by shipping jobs overseas to countries where the minimum wage was as low as $2 an hour. Walker says it’s hypocritical since Burke is pushing for a minimum wage hike in Wisconsin.
So minimum wage workers are supposed to feel better with Walker? Are they really supposed to vote for a libertarian Republican who opposes a minimum wage hike -- and probably the very notion of a minimum wage? Are working people really supposed to support a governor who curtailed collective bargaining rights? (Worth noting: Walker increased his state's deficit. Compare to Jerry Brown.)

Are there any Republicans these days who would support using tarrifs/duties/import restrictions to combat the outsourcing of American jobs? The dismantling of American industry has pretty much killed Baltimore, although Republicans prefer to blame Democratic governance.

Our political system has come to a strange place. Either you vote for the hypocritical Dem, or you vote for a Republican who is candid and consistent in his heartlessness.

Added note: Directly after writing the above, I came across the following in Naked Capitalism...
The Administration has released a proposal to change the classification of American firms that send production offshore as “factoryless goods” producers, which would also make them manufacturers.
Is Obama a hypocrite on this score? You betcha. He never would have won the nomination if he had not pretended to be against the outsourcing of American jobs, yet he has promoted unbridled free trade throughout his presidency.

On the other hand, the primary opponents of this proposal are Representatives Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut and George Miller of California -- both Democrats. So far, no Republican has criticized this scheme. Will Scott Walker complain about it?

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