Monday, April 14, 2014

What is WITH these people?

In the past, we've talked about the creepy guys at Pando. They are the ones trying to slam Glenn Greenwald on the grounds that he's working for a new journalistic enterprise funded by an alleged libertarian named Pierre Omidyar. Of course, the hypocrisy here is mind-boggling, since Pando itself is funded by a real libertarian (as in total hard-core dickishness) named Peter Thiel.

The Pando-ites are now saying that The Intercept has stopped publishing. They also say that Marcy Wheeler has stopped all professional association with them.

Oh really?

Guys, there's this thing called journalism. You may want to try your hand at it one of these days. Journalism involves checking things out with sources. Even I, lazy bastard that I am, have been known to do that sort of thing from time to time, and I'm just a blogger in an attic who thought he'd get in a quick post before making the dog's dinner.

I checked Greenwald's site, and guess what? The Intercept is still publishing.

I checked with Marcy. She's still in. Nothing has changed.

So why is Thiel's operation so hell-bent on destroying the reputations of people like Glenn Greenwald and Marcy Wheeler? In my opinion, those two are doing the best reporting on national security issues since the heyday of CAIB. (You probably have to be as grey-haired as I to know what those initials mean.)

The Pando folk would have you believe that only the paranoid or the purchased would dare to question Theil's operation. They also want you to think that if you say anything positive about Greenwald or Snowden, commies are gonna getcha. It's not that simple.

Here's the truth about Thiel:
He's a libertarian. But he has also funded the secretive data-mining company Palantir, which works for the FBI and the CIA.
Palantir is now worth billions. Serious intelligence reforms could cause that valuation to plummet.

Get the picture?
Oh my. Contracts with the intelligence community. Well that explains a lot!

In a similar vein, has anybody figured out yet why Josh Marshall of TPM is so hostile to Snowden, Greenwald et al? Just asking.
I'm not so sure Palantir would be affected by any reform in data collection. From what I've been able to gather from multiple videos of them talking to clients (at conferences) about what they do, it does things afterwards when the big data sets have already been acquired. It queries distributed databases and displays the results in an accessible and slick interface. The value is that they actually do things with the collated data from multiple sources and find patterns and links for further investigation.
Marcy Wheeler has tweeted, at least twice now, that her role with the Intercept is "limited". You claim otherwise. I'll believe her.

Theil has put $300K towards funding Pando, where he regularly gets excoriated. Omidyar is the publisher of First Look Media. He says he will invest a total of $250 million to create it. He's the owner/founder/publisher. It's his.

The only thing the Intercept has published in the last 11 days is a reply to Pando.
By all means, tov, write Marcy yourself, as I did. The fact that she never gave up her own blog indicates that her involvement was always limited, I should think. You're grasping at straws. And straw-grasping is another indicator of the paid propagandist -- right up there with the "any stick to beat a dog" thing.

You know what MIGHT fool people into thinking that you're honest? The "aw shucks" approach. As in "Well, I admit there's more than one way to look at this thing, and maybe I"m wrong. But it seems to me..."

Why don't more propagandists do it THAT way? There's a much greater chance you'll be granted credibility.

Just a suggestion. Improve your technique, tov.
Focus is on NSA docs. Site is a placeholder. Try to keep up will you.
Surprised Joseph that you did not talk about the op that Palantir launched against Greenwald. This is a grudge match, and of course they are working as proxies for the deep state.
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