Thursday, April 18, 2013

Now I'm worried (2 updates)

Authorities are circulating an image of the men they feel may be responsible for the Boston bombings. They don't exactly look like American right-wing extremists.

Ms. Geller will be with you shortly. She's coming.

If these really are the guys, I hope to god they are not acting on behalf of any state. The moment we hear about any linkage -- however tenuous or implausible -- between the Boston attack and Iran, all of our lives could suddenly become very, very, very bad.

Update: (Thanks to reader Dan!) The infamous -- but in this case, quite useful -- 4chan site has published a series of photos showing suspicious men. This guy sure looks suspicious, although he isn't dressed like either of the two men pictured above.

And then there's this fellow, who looks like your standard-issue American Caucasian dude. The 4channers seem to feel that the grey stripe on his backpack resembles the stripe on the recovered remains of an exploded pack. (You'll need to click on the photo to see the details.)

And here's another shot of the two guys in our first picture...

Update 2: I'm informed by a reader that the guy in blue with the duffel bag has been cleared. I don't yet have a link confirming that information.

The right-wing conspiracy sites (Alex Jones, the Paultards, Michael Savage) are claiming that guys wearing Navy SEALs caps were photographed on the scene. Riiiight. Offhand, I can't think of anything more inane than the suggestion that a SEAL would wear an identifying cap while covertly perpetrating a terrorist outrage in Boston.

This scenario reminds me of an old Simpsons episode -- the one in which Homer joins the Witness Protection Program. To celebrate, he dons a t-shirt with the words "WITNESS PROTECTION PROGRAM" written across the front.

About the fertilizer plant explosion near Waco: So far, we still have no indication that this terrible event is anything other than an accident.
Uh NYPost is not to be trusted.
The photo, and another one showing the heavy bags, has been reproduced elsewhere.
Those photos have been reproduced elsewhere, however it doesn't change the fact that these two are not suspects and that the one in the blue jacket went to authorities to clear his name. Just read the link bourbaki posted. I, for one, am relieved that it wasn't these "Arab looking" guys (which doesn't mean it wasn't Arabs that did it, of course). What I find interesting is the guy with the navy seal special forces hat on, next to the guy in the black jacket. Both are carrying black backpacks and both have the same type pants and boots on (also worn by navy seals in other photos).

However, I'm just waiting to see how things play out because I know that in reality, I know absolutely nothing. Just like most of us.
The guy in blue is just some high school track student-and he went in directly to clear his name because of the questions of his ties to the bombing.

The Post is pretty eager to paint this all brown.
I'd be more inclined to term the fertilizer plant explosion "negligence" rather than "accident":

On the news:

Boston FBI has released photos of two suspects taken from surveillance videos.

I'm thinking Columbine types out to prove something as opposed to a militia or other group miking a statement.
Looks like everyone that they posted photos of is apparently innocent. They need to take all of those "suspicious" photos down from that website. FBI just released some photos of two "suspects" but who knows what the truth is? I am withholding judgment on anyone until the FBI provides some actual proof. I remember them absolutely ruin Richard Jewell's life when he was nothing but a true hero. Also, who caught McVeigh? Wasn't the FBI now was it?
If I was that kid in the blue track suit I'd say out of the public view until the real culprits are brought to justice. Some Second Amendment NRA type "hero" might do him violence.
Got to admit, I wonder what the SEALS - if that's what they were - had in their backpacks.

Can't they organise their leisure activities so they don't have to carry stuff when they don't want or need to?

At least one SEAL was in the race, but many special forces types take part in marathons. Maybe more were running under light cover. I doubt there would be anything unusual in that.

But spectating, carrying big backpacks? (scratches head)
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