Friday, April 13, 2012

Romney and the dog-cooker

What is it with Romney and dogs?
Ann Romney’s Birthday Party to Be Hosted by a Dude Arrested for Barbecuing a Dog
Fred Malek III has had a long, illustrious career in politics— he's worked for President Nixon and the first, less-shitty of the Presidents Bush. In 2008, he served as the National Finance Co-Chair of John McCain's Presidential campaign. He's had a formidable business career as well, serving important roles with Mariott and the Carlyle Group and Northwest Airlines. But before any of this, he was just a young, drunk, blood-covered West Point graduate standing around a spit containing a slowly rotating, skinned dog.
Read the rest; it's pretty astounding stuff. But the writer doesn't know what I know about Malek.

Malek also has a problem with Jews. Under Nixon, he made list of people in the Bureau of Labor Statistics who (in Malek's view) were part of a "Jewish cabal" plotting against the president.

Under the elder Bush, in 1988, Malek put together the pro-Republican Heritage Group Council -- lovely name, that -- which was, in essence, a group of well-heeled old school fascists from Eastern Europe. I'm not using "fascist" in the modern sense of term; these days, too many people apply that word indiscriminately to anything or anyone that seems unpleasant. No, in this instance, I'm talking about real, honest-to-Adolf, Tomorrow-Belongs-To-Me, capital-F, WWII-era Fascists. Those guys were Malek's buds.

Also see here:
In 1971, the Washington Post reported that Malek had ordered the FBI to conduct an investigation of then-veteran CBS correspondent and Nixon critic Daniel Schorr.
That kind of Nixonian (or Malekian) crap is the reason why Congress tried to put some constraints on the FBI and the CIA. Those constraints were removed after 9/11, of course.

Malek was also the guy who tried his damnedest to push Sarah Palin into the presidency. If she had possessed a few more functioning brain cells, his plan might have worked.

And to top it off, Malek set up a group called the American Action Network, which targeted Russ Feingold, who ought to be president today. Feingold's great sin was to be the only Senator to vote against the Patriot Act.


dakinikat said...

The Republicans are now so far off the deep end I suggest we classify them as something other than a political party. I'm not sure if cult completely covers it. It's like the all exist in some mentally ill alternate reality.

Joseph Cannon said...

D, I'm glad to encounter another anti-Obama liberal who does not posit a false equivalence between the two parties. As bad as the Dems are, the Republicans remind me of the anti-Dreyfusards and similar outbreaks of political rabies.

Barbara Tuchmann had a quote about that. I'll have to look it up.

Anonymous said...

Russ Feingold.

A true American hero.


Anonymous said...

Democracy in america is lost if people dont stop seeing elections as popularity contests. You dont get a prize for voting on the winning team you know. Those terrible republicans are ordonary folks like you, equslly stupid, believing the other side is the dark side. The politicians really have you fooled. While you are inventing excuses to vote for someone you detest the banks and big corporations are stuffing their pockets with your pensions. But yeah, its the gop that is the problem with tjis country, lol.

Propertius said...

Romney's one saving grace is that he's not pretending to be a Democrat.

prowlerzee said...

Hm, maybe Mittwit should choose Huckabee for a running mate, if the theme is dog-abuse. Huckabee's sons also killed a dog for the heck of it. Not all Republicans abuse dogs, of course. Frist killed cats.

Propertius said...

So, at this point the legacy parties offer us a choice between someone who is acquainted with a dog cooker and someone who actually ate a dog.

This does not bode well our for our canine friends.