Friday, August 21, 2009

"The name's Obama -- BARACK Obama."

Of all the outside-the mainstream notions I've posited on this blog, the one that annoys the most people is my suggestion that the CIA recruited young Barack Obama during his days at Occidental College. I would further suggest that the Agency link runs in the family. I believe that, at an earlier time, the Agency (or some other branch of the intelligence community) may have recruited his mother, Ann Dunham.

For earlier posts in this series -- may I call it a series? -- see here, here, here and here.

And now we have this intriguing shard of additional data:

The eye-opener here concerns Obama's first job out of college. He was recruited by Business International Corporation, accused of functioning as a CIA front company.

You don't have to take the word of John Pilger, the man in the video. Here's Wikipedia:
The company has been identified as cover organization for the Central Intelligence Agency, e.g. see Lobster Magazine, issue 14 in 1987. According to a lengthy article in the New York Times in 1977, the co-founder of the company told the newspaper that "Eldridge Haynes [the other founder] had provided cover for four CIA employees in various countries between 1955 and 1960".
I see no reason to presume that the CIA/BIC relationship ended in 1960. Lobster is a quirky but reliable publication.

William Blum, a left-wing CIA expert, made the same catch:
In his autobiography, "Dreams From My Fathers", Barack Obama writes of taking a job at some point after graduating from Columbia University in 1983. He describes his employer as "a consulting house to multinational corporations" in New York City, and his functions as a "research assistant" and "financial writer".

The odd part of Obama's story is that he doesn't mention the name of his employer. However, a New York Times story of 2007 identifies the company as Business International Corporation.
In his book, not only doesn't Obama mention his employer's name; he fails to say when he worked there, or why he left the job.
Obama's bios are as important for what they leave out as for what they reveal. I first became suspicious of his now-infamous trip to Pakistan (which he took in the summer between Occidental and Columbia) because he refused to mention this adventure in his books.

Think of it: We are talking about a man who compiled not one but two autobiographical works before the age of 46. We are talking about an ambitious politician intent on establishing his foreign policy cred. Yet he refused to mention a dangerous trip to Pakistan which he made at a time when travel to that country was discouraged by the State Department. That country was then the focus of the CIA's largest covert operation, the supplying of the Afghan mujahadeen. While there, this callow college kid met with one of the most powerful men in Pakistan -- a meeting arranged by an unnamed personage with the American Embassy. (Spook-watchers know what that means.)

If the trip was a pleasure jaunt, why did Obama keep it a secret? And how did he pay for the journey?

This site encapsulates a series of points which I had earlier made at greater length:
Adding to the mix is the fact that Ann Dunham, Obama's mother, had visited at least 13 countries in her lifetime, and had worked for companies that required travel to Pakistan. Her employers appear to have included the U.S. Agency for International Development, the Ford Foundation, Women's World Bank, and the Asian Development Bank. Note that USAID and the Ford Foundation have (allegedly) been used as covers for CIA agents. . . .
Like mother, like son. Ann worked for at least two organizations notorious for providing CIA cover. Barack went straight from college to an organization known to provide CIA cover. Coincidence?

Let's put it this way: How often do such things happen in your family?

Supposedly, Ann was a leftist. Yet she married Lolo Sotero, a key intermediary between the American oil companies and Indonesian strongman Suharto, installed by the CIA in an extremely bloody coup. (Obama admits the CIA connection in his book.) No genuine lefty would have had anything to do with Suharto or his cronies.

I do not claim to have conclusive evidence. Then again, one must ask: When we try to sort out who's who and what's what in the clandestine world, what constitutes hard evidence? If you are emotionally invested in Obama, then no amount of proof will ever suffice -- except, perhaps, for a signed note by CIA director Panetta, saying "Yes, he worked for us."


Anonymous said...

Joseph, I have been a life long California liberal and I too have noticed many of the same discrepancies as you. I too have been aggressively attacked for my suspicions of Obama. I must say I was quite taken aback by the attacks as I never expected fellow liberals to be so brainwashed. Especially coming after suffering 8 years of Bush and the constant witnessing of brainwashed Bush-bots. I'd think after being so well aquainted with a typical close-minded Bush supporter, that my fellow liberals would not mimic many of the same traits. Go figure. Can you be more specific to the criticism you've received from Obama supporters?

Anne said...

Of all the outside-the mainstream notions I've posited on this blog, the one that annoys the most people is my suggestion that the CIA recruited young Barack Obama during his days at Occidental College

Joe, it annoys people because it's so obvious and they don't want to face it.

I always maintained Kove's defence with the Plame outing, that everyone ( who matters to them) knew already , had a shred of truth to it because after a certain level, everyone is CIA.... particularly overseas.

Why wouldn't they recruit an ambassador's wife who is working with imports? It would be a serious lapse if they didn't.

Over the years Obama and his mother, drifted in and out of hot spots with the ease Oswald went in and out of Russia and Cuba! lol. That should always raise eyebrows.

For years Ford Foundation, where Ann worked, has been thought of as a CIA front and Ann was married to a Indonesian oilman! If that was supposed to be a cover, it's threadbare to say the least.

But also Obama career took on booster rockets after Occidental that have no other real explanation since we are not even allowed to see those post Occidental records.

Obama as CIA spawn has to be on the table of consideration and not dismissed out of hand. imo

Anonymous said...

Good article Joseph. In the mid 90's while married, the family went into business with Clyde O'Connor (pilot and brother of my ex-brother-in-law's wife) to start a jet plane drug distribution business in Florida. The family had already been laundering and corruption money into property for years since the later 70's. Much of it was linked to CIA operations.

Meet the family:
Mexico drug plane used for US 'rendition' flights: report
Sep 4, 2008

The family leaders are well connected in Illinois with the Combine also known as the Shadow Government. At a known Law Firm linked with Rezko they worked with a young newly graduated Attorney named Barack Obama. He assisted them with preparing their business papers to start their Florida business. My ex-brother-in-law told me they have the "best" working on it (Obama).

Just to add another few comments made by the family at that time was in a joking way wondering how someone named Barack Obama would ever be in politics or even as our President. They laughed and thought it wouldn't work (mid-90's), but we all know it has!

Realize that the family considers themselves CIA Assets never to be prosecuted for anything even if it involved murder. And there have been a few murders too. If you look closely at the ~4Ton's of drugs, please realize that in the 90's the drug shipments coming into Chicago were in a Pepper Truck driven weekly from Texas. The DEA nailed this truck in 2004 with $92 million. The family told me in the 90's about the Pepper truck and the reason why Peppers were used was to cover up the drug smell from drug dogs. They also used a oil truck and stashed the huge shipments inbetween the double walls of the vessels.

Joe, be on notice that Obama is directly linked to the huge drug system and also realize that the drug shipments proceeds have a purpose to fund Block Ops for another White House Coup. This will surface later and I'm not allowed to talk about how I know.

Marty Didier
Northbrook, IL

Anonymous said...

I have been convinced that Obama was chosen by the PTB a long time before he became senator and any voter heard of him.
I have studied closely the assassination of rapper Tupac Shakur and came to the conclusion that it was politically motivated. I am also convinced that the death of JFK, Jr was an assassination, as well as the recent death of Michael Jackson.

What do the three have in common? They were potential political rivals. Even though Jackson had not voiced any ambition to run for office, he nevertheless wanted to devote his future efforts to the betterment of the black and other poor communities, which could have established a precedent against which Obama would not compare favorably.

Shakur wanted to create an independent political party for the disenfranchised of all races and colors and JFK, Jr wanted to run for the presidency and get to the bottom of his father's assassination.

Obama running against any of them didn't stand a chance. That's why all three were eliminated before the motive became obvious.

the quiet psychic said...

The relationship between the intelligence communities and...just about everything in this country is the most taboo current events topic of all. That's the only explanation I have to why do many people are blind to the obvious when it comes to Barack Obama.

Oh, and Marty, for god's sake, elaborate. We don't need to know how you know. Howzabout some suggestion about when (or if) any action will be taken to expose the president and which scandal it will be? Personally, I thought "they" would go with a campaign finance scandal first. Now I'm wondering if the birther nonsense might be roped in somehow (might his enemies be looking for an angle to discuss the real mysteries about his identity?). No need to be coy, really. This blog has seen a lot scarier.

Zee said...

Can't get enough of this story, Joseph...and very cute title, btw!

glennmcgahee said...

Joseph, what you propose is impossible. Obama was raised in Kansas, with Kansas values while his mom got food stamps. I know this because Michelle told us all about it.

Interested said...

Note the following description from the book 'The Strawberry Statement'. Business International is described as the 'the left wing of the ruling class' and as financing radical organizations. This was published in 1970:

"Also at the convention, men from Business International Roundtables - the meetings sponsored by Business International for their client groups and heads of government - tried to buy up a few radicals. These men are the world's leading industrialists and they convene to decide how our lives are going to go. These are the boys who wrote the Alliance for Progress. They're the left wing of the ruling class.

"They agreed with us on black control and student control. They were for kicking out Kirk. Only thing they disagree with us on was imperialism. They figure we've got the technology the world needs, and we ought to have some control over where it goes and for what.

"They want [Gene] McCarthy in. They see fascism as the threat, see it coming from Wallace. The only way McCarthy could win is if the crazies and young radicals act up and make Gene look more reasonable. They offered to finance our demonstrations in Chicago.

"We were also offered Esso (Rockefeller) money. They want us to make a lot of radical commotion so they can look more in the center as they move to the left."

Anonymous said...

the quiet psychic said...
"Oh, and Marty, for god's sake, elaborate."

Unfortunately I'd be expected to be way ahead of the curve and under orders not to discuss the details of anything until it comes out. It's interesting that a long time ago while starting to post about my life's experiences no one wanted to know anything. But now that more has surfaced supporting what I've been talking about and continue to expand on, people have questions with wanting to know more. Frankly, I'm all in favor of being as truthful as I can be simply because for me, it's good therapy. Having had to carry around all of this evil knowledge for all these years has been the pits. If I had to choose a different life with knowing something else I wuold have wanting something simpler. It's been hell and also personally costly with much loss.

I'm sure when this comes out, what I just said above might be another story too.

To get down and dirty, realize that we are in the midst of something bigger than huge and there is a major fight happening before our eyes. It's all out there but it's so huge you won't be able to understand what it is.

I welcome your questions and will say as much as I am allowed to.

Marty Didier
Northbrook, IL

Anonymous said...

"Oh, and Marty, for god's sake, elaborate"

Something else that goes way back. Remember the scandal with Abramoff? Also add Gus boulis's mob hit linked to the law suit brough on by Gus for not being paid.

In 1990 the family wanted me to fly down to Florida and spend a week with their connection people (Shadow Government) and meet Gus and spend time with him. Their interest was to start a sandwich business in the Chicago modeled after Gus's success. Politely I declined the offer (whew). The family and the Shadow Government people they link with in Illinois were obsessed with Gus's ability to turn anything into gold. They followed him like no other. It was often the talk at family gatherings.

However Gus went to New York to talk to the five families in 1996 for hiring them to offer security for his Casino Boat business planned in New York. He had a fleet of 10 boats in Florida that were doing well. Word came all the way from New York to the family I was in about an invitation to become Gus's investor or partner in the New York Venture. The family didn't want it and tried to make a deal that gave them the Florida Casino Boat business Gus had but he declined and nothing in New York happened. All through 1996 all we heard within the family were updates on their thoughts of the deal. Then later it was decided not to do anything and the matter was dropped. The other partners wanting to buy into Gus's business were Abramoff and Kidan (if my memory serves me well) among a few banks as well.

If you read the history of what happened to Gus's Casino boat business in Florida you'll learn a few interesting things. One was that he was forced to sell his business over a year or two period and the deal he made with the Attorney General was to be kept secret! Abramoff and Kidan didn't have any money and when it got down and dirty Gus was murdered.

But back to me! You have no idea how lucky I feel with turning down the family's request to go visit Gus and their Shadow people. I already know about too many murders that happened around me with these people. There is one that really disturbs me a great deal and involves how they saturate your life with organized gangs and use the most devious deceitful methods known to man just to steer you into your doom.

Marty Didier
Northbrook, IL

Anonymous said...

@ glennmcgahee re: Obama and Kansas. Too funny. On a slow day read a transcript of the speech Obama gave at the 2004 Democratic Convention. It was a masterpiece in the art of introducing a new product.

Anonymous said...

@ Marty, re: "how they saturate your life with organized gangs and use the most devious deceitful methods known to man just to steer you into your doom."

Could you please take a look at what happenend to me in "Operation Roadkill" on my website and tell me by email what you think of this m.o.? I have a sense of personal déjà vu in what you said about the mob-CIA connection and mob impunity.

Anonymous said...

"Could you please take a look at what happenend to me in "Operation Roadkill""

Sent out an email today to make sure it's you.

What in particular may you be looking for?

Marty Didier
Northbrook, IL

Anne said...

I have no doubt the mob, the CIA and the upper crust work as one dysfunctional family . I can't see them missing that chance.

Anonymous said...

Annie said: "the mob, the CIA and the upper crust work as one dysfunctional family"

Today's problem includes many others as well who may fall into your "Upper Crust" area. However I know for fact they do work as a huge dysfunctional family. But to add to the list of who is in the upper crust, read about what they tried to do in 1933. Today's problem although very complex is mixed with many goals. But their main goal is a White House Coup. Read on the internet "The Business Plot" 1933. This will add the financial area, or well known to be "The Big Banks". Realize that we are ruled by "Power Groups".

The family I was in have a directl link with these poeple.

Marty Didier
Northrnook, IL

profwatson said...

shocking just shocking, who would have believed? People in the know, knew this sometime ago, if you only knew where to look.
Regardless, look at his actions. Doesn't matter one's history or background. Where are they today? What is he doing today? Who are the puppet masters and the people behind the throne? Very interesting.