Sunday, November 16, 2008

Savants in dialogue

(On Sundays, we sometimes address topics outside the realm of current events.)

In this video, two renown scholars -- Alex Jones and the entity known as Freeman -- discuss a novel thesis which first appeared here on Cannonfire on April 1, 2006. Strangely, neither researcher contacted me for further information. In fact, Freeman now seems to take credit for developing the thesis all by himself.

An entity called "Jonathan" also claims credit for words which I thought I had written. Foolish me. Glad to have that straightened out.

On Google, the phrase "Crowley Bush connection" conjures up 46,000 hits. No-one connected with any of those other sites contacted me. Incidentally, the initial Cannonfire post comes in at number ten on that list, just barely making the front page. Now I know how Charlie Chaplin felt when he lost a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest to a young Milton Berle.
Kenny Rogers lost a look-alike contest too.
I recall exactly where I was and what I was doing on 4/1/2006... sitting at the computer, reading Cannonfire. I'll never forget it.
I saw that video (all of it) with Freeman; and remembered your post; and realized that this "mainstream source" he speaks of, is you.

Actually, at some point during the interview Freeman says the evidence can be read at a post on his site. Here it is (right after the V for Vendetta pic). No doubt about it, he links you as his source. So, the "mainstream" evidence he alludes to on the show, was/is indeed you!

I remember that post well. Posts like that are what keeps me checking your blog every day. You're an original.

Boston Boomer
I did link you to the article. I'm sorry that in the rapid fire of my conversation with Alex, I did not mention you.
The topic actually came as a surprise to me when Alex asked me to be on the show. It was my hope to discuss the religion of the Freemasons which is hard to discuss within the Patriot movement. I am not claiming this to be my study. Actually, would you like to discuss it on my radio show?
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