Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Hey, look, another Orwellian moment!

Nibbles McGee here...

Yeah, yeah, what isn't an Orwellian moment these days?

As some of you already know, the Maryland PD had a bunch of anti-war activists' names in a database used to collect the names of people suspected of terrorist activity.   

Sure, they're taking them out. They even apologized for putting the names in there (sort of). But it's hard to see this shit going down in real time (again) and not wonder WHAT FUCKING UNIVERSE YOU LIVE IN.

Ahem. And the debate featured sad performances by both players, was of extremely poor quality generally, and made me ashamed to be an American citizen. That is all.


Anonymous said...


is what I think about last nights debate

Joseph Cannon said...

Nibbles, if you think THAT was bad, you should have seen Carter and Ford go at it in '76.

No, seriously. Two human beings with absolutely no concept of how to talk. The sound went out for twenty minutes during one debate and during all of that time, both men just stood there like grinning idiots, neither acknowledging the other. ObamUH may know a thing or two about inserting annoying pauses, but Jimmy Carter was the Master, the Ultimate Shatnerian. He was, in short, Jimmy. Car. ... Ter.

Ford thought it was Talk Like Lenny From "Of Mice and Men" Day. He looked like he would not have noticed it if you tossed a pipe wrench at his forehead. It wasn't just the fact that he pronounced "The Poles are free," it was the sheer brazen jackass self-confidence of his delivery. And he RE-asserted it when the moderator tried to give him an out.

You think Obama-McCain was a bad debate? Whippersnapper. In my day, young lady, we knew what a REAL bad debate looked like, by cracky.

Perry Logan said...

Laugh about it, shout about it,
When you've got to choose
Any way you look at it
You lose.

Anonymous said...

Unelected POTUS Ford got a bum rap after that debate for his foolish language about Poland's political status. But he wasn't in it to win. The next few years would be a financial disaster. Ford offered black folks Nixon's malicious 'benign neglect'; one (1) vote different per precinct, and Ford would have won.

Ford's inextricable anti-Communist views followed US official policy of not recognizing the Baltic states (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania) as republics of the Soviet Union, as they were so claimed by the USSR. His statement about Poland was a nuanced response made by a not-too-bright jock politician. Probably he confused the imagery of Soviet "domination" (as he put it) with 'dominion'.

McCain answered the questions, Obama didn't answer many. Obama also answered a previous question by mistake, and he screwed up the list of three items for prioritizing.

Actually, it was all one could do to try to follow Obama for all of his incoherent jabber (with worse grammar, if you will, than Palin's incoherence).

There's a horrible place in hell for humorless debaters.


Anonymous said...

I just knew you were going to bring up the Carter/Ford debates again, Joe. Just knew it.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

Let's start a pool.
Let's award a prize to the person who correctly selects the day that starving American citizens are machine-gunned by the Thousands of Troops Deployed on U.S. Streets Ready to Carry Out "Crowd Control".