Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin: Bring on that Moulitsas-brand misogyny!

From a tactical point of view, Governor Sarah Palin was the best choice available to John McCain.

Her negatives -- the relative inexperience, the brother-in-law thing -- won't matter to swing voters. Experience matters more to voters when they look to the top of the ticket. Frankly, the idea of Obama calling her or anyone else "corrupt" is hilarious -- he has committed the same political sins that put Duke Cunningham in jail. The fact is, she has helped to expose corrupt Republicans in her state.

She'll thrill the fundamentalists, and even those who disagree with her views on abortion must admire her devotion to principle. She does not support same-sex marriage but implemented same-sex benefits in Alaska -- which means that her position essentially mirrors that of John Kerry. (Added note: Her position also matches the current stance of Barack Obama. Which, to be fair, he may change again tomorrow.)

Her personal story is certainly more impressive Obama's. She achieved a powerful office while raising five children, including one with Down's syndrome. By contrast, Obama was told: "Here's a pot of money; take 18 months to write a book." And even then, he dawdled. In school, he once took a year to write a 25 page paper. He never contributed to the Harvard Law Review, even when he was its president. The only struggle Barack Obama has known is the struggle with writer's block.

The Obots made a big mistake -- bigger than they could have guessed -- when they made this election about identity politics. To put the matter crudely, there are more women than African Americans in this country. The Democratic party has taken both groups for granted for too long. Now they may lose one -- the larger one.

All that is necessary is for Cheeto-head "progressives" to continue alienating Clinton supporters by indulging in loud misogyny. And lo! They are doing just that.
what creepy eyes that woman has!
Straight Outta' Stepford, baby.
What a witch.
pouty lips..She probably had her lips Lipoed !
Blond No.3
Palin, the Trophy Veep
Have you seen her Vogue cover? Your ta tas don't look like that.
check off the MILF box...
I can't stand her politics but imagining her as a Dominatrix is kinda hot.
She'll win the swimsuit portion of the debate
Sure to bring in the Hillary supporters... She does have a vagina, after all.
Yeah, that's the way to bring 'em on board: Insult them! (By the way, if the PUMAs are numerically insignificant, as the progs claim, why do the Kossacks talk about them incessantly?)
she has boobs so women will vote for her.
Anybody for muff-diving ??? Third favorite indoor sport for Alaskans. Its winter.
McKen and Barbie!!!!!!!
McKen and Barbie, and Cindy Stepford. :)
Second runner-up for Miss Alaska? That's like being the best gymnast in Samoa...
Keep it up, guys. Keep it up!

By the way:
The Kossacks are sounding this theme quite a bit:
We're back to LANDSLIDE folks... we'll win West Virginia, Mississippi, Georgia....
Let's see -- where have I heard that kind of bluster before?

Oh yeah -- HERE. When Wright gave his disastrous "apologia" at the National Press Club, the progressives were not appalled. In fact, they thought Wright was lovable and brilliant. They thought Wright-mania would sweep the nation. Remember?
"Senator Obama can sweep this nation with the largest landslide in US History."
I wonder if we can carry Idaho!
Those were not "outlier" views in prog-land. "Wright is America's pastor!" became the standard lefty response to that appearance at the National Press Club. For a day.

Then the national cry of revulsion caused Obama to quit his church and toss Wright under that well-known bus with the blood-caked transaxle.

Have progressives always been this clueless and tone-deaf? I have not stood outside the party since 1980 -- and back then I was too distracted by personal issues to pay much attention to politics. Have Dems always been this dorky, or is it just this cycle?


Paul Shetler said...

the obots are back to their misogynist insults. it's unbelievable.

watch as they go down in flames big time.

Citizen K said...

SNL needs to get Tina Fey back!

Citizen K said...

Now playing on Daily Kos re what to do about Palin:

"Thats why we have Hillary
Hillary can say and do as she pleases, and she will"


"Didn't think I'd say this (But thank god for Hillary."

Anonymous said...

the witch comment is about Cindy-here's the entire comment:

Just ignore those two half-sisters I don't even acknowledge exist and have cut off from any money from our father's estate. Family values? Have an affair and steal another woman's husband. No problem.

What a witch.

Cindy is not a nice person, and let's not forget that she is refusing to disclose her tax returns, even if McCain is elected. Talk about skeletons in the closet.

But- that's not something you would care about probably.
As far as Daily Kos- I never really liked that site anyway, so your criticism doesn't really phase me- it's petty forum bitching-done on most forum type sites. The lowest common denominator rears its ugly head 90% of the time. From what I have seen it is purely a battleground for propaganda....the gloves come off and the fair play is left at login.
I am surprised you haven't seen this before the election.
Oh well.
Don't think I will bother reading more on that site....load of bs -always has been. Try not to let it get you down.

OTE admin said...

It was always very clear Kos was never a Democrat. The minute he started praising Howard Dean about going off of public financing, it was clear Kos didn't give a rip about Democratic Party principles.

Anonymous said...

Her personal story is certainly more impressive Obama's. She achieved a powerful office while raising five children, including one with Down's syndrome

She was elected to office December 4th, 2006.

From Wikipedia:

On April 18, 2008, while in office as governor, Palin gave birth to her second son and fifth child, Trig Paxson Van Palin, who prenatal genetic testing showed would have Down syndrome.

Just clarifying for the sake of accuracy.

Twilight said...

I agree that Palin was a fine choice - a great one infact. She's an admirable lady, but she won't persuade me to vote for McCain in the way Joe Biden persuaded me that I'll vote for Obama (much as I doubt him).
A Republican is a Republican is a Republican, and she is one.

I think most people who want to show their disaffection with the DNC would have voted for McCain anyway, this will just give then an excuse to salve their conscience if Republicans win again and the country goes right down the tubes.

Sorry to be out of step with the majority, but that's how I feel.

Anonymous said...

Walk me through the thinking here.

As governor, Palin appointed to the position of Commissioner of Public Safety a guy who was reprimanded for sexual harassment in his previous job. He grabbed a female employee - against her will - and hugged and kissed her.

So please explain why this woman - who wants to strip women of their right to choose - is some kind of reason why women might vote for McCain?

Anonymous said...

No doubt McCain knew this would happen when he chose Palin. The crap Cindy's been subjected to has been bad enough.

Anonymous said...

I find it all reprehensible and am disgusted with this campaign season, but c'mon, "McKen and Barbie" hilarious. I wish I'd thought of that.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:17:

The presence of a woman on the Republican ticket will allow women who still NEED to vote for the patriarchal GOP candidate to rationalize those votes, despite the threat McCain poses to their rights. Few will care about Palin's appointments, they'll simply think, "But he's running with a Mom—how bad can he be? Now I don't have to make the hard choice and risk losing Daddy's approval!"

It isn't logical, but the maneuver isn't designed to appeal to logic.

Anonymous said...

Many of the most staunch supporters of Obama were never progressives. I think that this became apparent when reports surfaced about how Obama was skirting his promise to take money from lobbyists, when he voted for the FISA bill, and when he backtracked on any number of other issues, yet they were still rabidly supportive of him. The single-minded support of their chosen one was more about how they viewed themselves - evolved to such a degree that they could champion a black candidate, one who was just too cool, just like themselves. I think that this is why they so venomously attacked other candidates and their supporters - anyone who didn't see the absolute "greatness" of their candidate (and, by extension, themselves) had to be cut down.

Hillary represented the biggest threat to Obama getting the nomination. The easiest way (and laziest, since it required no logical argument) to express their anger at the threat she posed to "robbing" Obama of the nomination was to attack her and her women supporters on the basis of their gender. The companion to all of the gender insults was the accusation of racism (used when gender could not be determined).

old dem

Anonymous said...

This pick is one that will keep on giving.

If McCain wins, she becomes the logical frontrunner when he retires in 4-8 years

Anonymous said...

At what ungodly hour in Alaska did Sarah, Todd, the three daughters and baby son get up to make it to Dayton by noon? It was all surreal, no? Yes? She had to read off the teleprompters something she didn't write. She didn't look comfortable, maybe she can write better was how she looked. Or, Is this what it means to go down to the crossroads and get down on your knees?

At this hour (Gallup called me last hour) unfathomable amounts of data are being collected, and by Tuesday, those who need to know will know all they need to know about what we think of Sarah Palin. Not only was I asked what I think about Sarah Palin, but 10 minutes later I was also asked if in the last 30 days I've experienced any severe neck pain or back and shoulder pain. It was like a 3-part survey. Hey, these guys know where my credit card has been. Maybe they're inquiring about a food-borne thing going around. Those datamining programs from Stanford get smarter every nanosecond. "Did you smile or laugh today?" he asked me. Am I a Democrat, Republican, or Independent? Early on: "If the Election Were Held Today..."; yet half the questions had to do with how I feel about my health, have I been to a dentist, does anyone take care of me or my needs, or have I helped others; am I comfortable, happy, worried, diagnosed with something awful?

Governor Palin reminds me a little of Dirty Harry. Could be I'm confusing her with Clint Eastwood, who was mayor of Carmel. She was born like 2 days after The Beatles were on The Ed Sullivan Show. can you imagine? When John met Paul and they started playing together, the US flag had 48 stars, and the Professional Golfers Association admitted only male Caucasians. I just realized that word has 'asian' in it.


Anonymous said...

More Palin-directed misogyny here.

You'll learn what the expression "donkey punch" means. And you'll wish you hadn't.

Gary McGowan said...

"Have Dems always been this dorky, or is it just this cycle?"

Let's see now... Could this have anything to do with what's happening?

* the Presidential campaigns are being shaped to prevent any FDR-style economic recovery movement

* we are witnessing relentless implementation of police-state measures

* the FDIC's just-released second-quarter report:

** its Deposit Insurance Fund held $45 billion in mid-June, against insured deposits of $4.5 trillion. That's about a penny on the dollar.

** there are another $4.1 trillion of uninsured deposits in the banks. Roughly half of all deposits are uninsured, and the rest are backed by a penny on the dollar. What could possibly go wrong?

** net income reported (e.g., claimed) by FDIC-insured commercial banks and savings institutions was just $5 billion, 87% below the second quarter of 2007.

** the notional amount of banks' derivatives holdings is now $183 trillion

* Lehman Brothers (investment bank, as opposed to above state or federal chartered banks) has been shopping itself around looking for a savior, and proposed to sell a big chunk of itself to South Korea's government-owned Korean Development Bank. "After a review of its [Lehman's] account book, we found that its insolvency was serious," a senior government official stated, according to the Aug. 22 English-language edition of the Chosun Ilbo. A number of papers carried the Chosun Ilbo story, until Reuters propaganda outlet issued a false story claiming that KDB was considering buying Lehman anyway. The original true story quickly disappeared only to send Lehman's stock soaring. ...Just another day at the office for the spin doctors.

[aside, from the Bard: "I say,
Confusion now hath made his masterpiece!
And many think with brain as dry as the remainder biscuit after a voyage.
Dull and muddy-mettled rascals,
They speak unskilfully: or, if their knowledge be more,
It is much darkened in their malice."]

* The Federal Government, can always borrow more money for bail outs, right? But under our current unconstitutional central banking monetary system, it borrows that money by issuing bonds, which are sold through the Federal Reserve into the financial markets. That is, it is borrowing money from the very financial markets it is attempting to bail out. Pure genius.

* There is no financial solution to the current crisis; There are only political solutions.

* The solutions -- no quick fix, but the way out of this insanity for ourselves and our "posterity," the little human beings who are, we presume, going to be here after we pass away, are clearly defined and logical, by economist Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. who people should stop speaking in derogatory terms about and watch this video, freely available at this page:

Or, don't think, be terrified (or angry, or whatever), and let the "experts" decide your future.

That's the plan, and it will work, unless we stop it.

{The Bard: "People,
Thou hath not so much brain as ear wax.
Hast thou never an eye in thy head?
Did they teach you how you should forget to think?"

Please watch the video.

Gary McGowan said...

As a follow up to my above
comment, please know that over the counter derivatives (what Warren Buffet called a "Mountain of Garbage") generally have the following characteristics:

# Without regulation.

# Without listing on public exchanges.

# Without standards.

# Therefore not in the least bit transparent.

# Therefore without an open market of the bid/ask type.

# Dealt in by private treaty negotiations.

# Without a clearinghouse.

# Unfunded without financial guarantee of any kind.

# Functioning as contracts of specific performance.

# Financial character or ability to perform is totally dependent on the balance sheet of the loser in the arrangement.

# Evaluated by computer assumptions made by geek, non market experienced mathematicians who assume religiously that all markets return to their normal relationships regardless of disruptions.

# Now in the credit and default category alone considered by accepted authorities as totaling more than USD$20 trillion in notional value. [That's a year ago -- it is way,way beyond that now.]

# Notional value [as assets on the books] becomes real value when the agreement is forced to find a real market for ending the obligation.

- courtesy of Jim Sinclair, who knows more about them than almost anybody. Among many other qualifications, He was, for example, a General Partner and Member of the Executive Committee of two New York Stock Exchange firms and President of Sinclair Global Clearing Corporation (commodity clearing firm) and Global Arbitrage (derivative dealer in metals and currencies).

Our whole world's monetary - markets - monetarist-economics system is incendiary garbage. There IS a cure. Lincoln and FDR, to name two that should be familiar to everyone, well-knew the principles involved. Could they be called progressives in principle?

Please watch the video. Please.

Or, if you simpy will not, go look into The Derivative Beast's Cave,
and tell me we are not headed off a cliff.

I reemphasize: there IS a Constitutional, way out of this.

Anonymous said...

Obama broke 1,000,000 over at the real-time poll McCain is finally over 400,000. Was that Dick Cheney bouncing by?

Anonymous said...

totally agree- have lefties always been this looney? I too thought I was a "progressive" and that the Dem party was the party. Then I see that these lefty lunatics are as bad, maybe worse, than freepers! The party and Obama supporters have disgusted me.

Gary McGowan said...

Well, the Party has apparently been shattered into impotency, hasn't it? By accident or intention? How could the principal pieces be characterized?

(It's probably already been done and a database is being updated as we read. Heh. Fat chance we will get a peek at it.)

How many voted for John Kerry? Take that as a base figure and start brainstorming categories where they now lay...

Not having watched TV for about eight centuries now, I may have a different (which is not necessarily to say more accurate) view than those who still indulge, but I'm inclined to think there are tons more pissed off and knocked-down dumbfounded and in shock than there are sickos barfing out such insanities as quoted (I'm also inclined to suspect that crud is more orchestrated than appearances suggest. Didn't someone comment to the effect that it could be digitally automated a month or two ago?)

I mean how many people voted for Clinton in their primaries and then went back to their two or three jobs to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads? Are there even a tenth of that number producing mindless vile comments on the internet? Maybe it's just 43 computer programs and another 8,241 living idiots. Or even 60,000.

In any case, my hypothesis is that we are being conned.

I don't suppose the Ford foundation or Rockefeller Foundation is going to support any research into it though.

What a fine mess we are in. Our minds have been looted and we have peacefully succumbed to being herded and entertained to death. And there are 10,000 of us for every one of them.

Anna Belle said...

I'm feeling kind of the same way. It's like I have new eyes and ears, and now I see the Church of the Left. And here I thought I wasn't a religious person. Well, I'm not now, though I might have been happy to stay in the Dem's rhetorical cage if they hadn't so been utterly not-Democratic. I've been writing about how this plays into my decision to support McCain/Palin.

I so love your site, Joseph. Your fearlessness and unapologetic tone are truly inspiring.

Anonymous said...

They will never get this. I've been trying to explain this to Obamabots on for months and months and months. All they do is keep pushing me further and further away from Obama. I never in a million years would have thought that I'd feel more respected by Republicans than I do from Dems.