Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Obots dare to lecture US on "unity"?

I just deleted a large number of the most hate-filled comments imaginable. All of these comments were directed at the PUMA movement and at myself.

These Obots actually dared to lecture me on the need for unity -- even after I documented the many, many times they told non-worshipers of the Lightbringer to leave the party.

Not only do these individuals lack all sense of self-awareness, they have proven themselves to be genetically incapable of refraining from insult, even when insults will only harm their cause. The Obots don't want unity. If they did, they would apologize. They would show some humility.

To prove the point, check out these excerpts from a letter sent by DNC bigwigs Don Fowler and Alice Germond. They want Hillary supporters to pony up some dough for the Lightbringer.

Do Fowler and Germond offer even a hint of repentance for the incessant Obot smears against Hillary and her followers? Do they apologize for the fact that Hillary's voters were repeatedly told to leave their party?


Instead, we see these outrageous, bullying sentiments:
I must confess a bit of fatigue and irritation with people who continue to carp, complain, and criticize the results of the primary and lay down conditions for their support. The Los Angeles Lakers didn’t establish conditions to recognize the Boston Celtics as NBA Champions; Roger Federer did not demand concessions before recognizing that Rafael Nadal defeated him at Wimbledon.

It is time to act in a mature and resourceful fashion. It’s time to put the primaries behind us. It’s time to support Barack Obama without conditions or demands.
"Fatigue and irritation"? "Without conditions or demands"?

Let's take a few further trips down memory lane. For six straight months, we were subjected on a daily basis to messages like these...
The menses makes the ladies crazy and unhinged. That's why we can never have a woman as president. They'd get all PMS-ish and start a nuclear war.
yes, she is the ultimate fag hag, isn't she?...

and her campaign in pennsylvania proved many of the gay men in the midstate (100% of whom support her) are a bunch of racist queens...
The good news is if Clinton wins (steals) the presidency she will likely be assassinated within a week. She is a total lying gas bag hag and deserves to [go to] her maker for what will only be described as a truly karmic moment which will last for all eternity. Seriously- how in the hell did this manipulative press whore make it this far?
Time to board the O-train, ladies
Gee, that's not condescending, is it?
Hillary is divisive. She is polarizing the democratic party in the same manner in which she has polarized the nation. She is a divider, not a uniter.
The people who claim most loudly that Hillary would never murder a human being for her own power forgive and applaud her enthusiastic murder of a million innocent Iraqis for the same end. To her and them, it would be just one more, and since it's not even a white person, it doesn't even count towards getting into heaven.
Hillary Clinton is a monster, and a bitter hag.
Geeze, they weren't kidding when they said Hillary was pulling the uneducated vote.
The heinous Hillary hag with a bullseye on her forehead is reason enough to vote for Obama.
It's amazing how many times the "progressive" blogmasters printed calls for Hillary's death.
And a Drive-By Won't Be Out of the Question. What goes around, comes around. The stupid fucking bitch !!
Talk About WHITE TRASH that bitch better keep looking over her shoulder.
The worthless hag is finished
From a discussion of a possible Clinton campaign theme song:
How about "Arkansas Uber Alles"? Seig Heil to Mrs Clinton!
thanks to her fucking ovaries (and her last name, let's be honest here), while she continually refuses to concede — at the expense of the entire Democratic Party, and women's credibility in politics throughout the nation, even after Obama secured enough delegates to clinch the nomination — her rabid supporters stick by her like glue.
These people are like the candidate they backed: they have the emotional maturity of an 8-year-old.
Maybe Hillary should comment on her supporters being complete idiots?
Fucking idiots, all of them. But it's not big deal, just a little reminder that, as Sven said, 5% of the population is unhinged, and a decent chunk of that crowd are/were Clinton supporters.
Right. It's the Hillary voters who got a rep for fanaticism. Never mind the fact that Obama's supporters have been known to issue death threats. To wit:
if hillary is elected we're gonna be stuck with whomever she picks as a running mate for the remainder of the term after she gets assasinated.
Hillary is in this for her own personal power trip, and a sense of entitlement.
"Entitlement." This, from a supporter of the guy who put the presidential seal on his podium before securing the nomination, and who insists on giving his acceptance speech in a football stadium.
Hillary's gonna lose you feminazi cunts. Do the math, it's over.
Hillary is a liar and a cunt
One Salon correspondent wrote the following last January:
I've been seeing the word "cunt" in blogs and email to a staggering degree, all from men I thought were reasonable people. It seems like there's been a pent up need to describe women as a set of genitals again and has been released via some kind of tipping point.
The Obot response: Hillary deserves to be called a cunt.
It is less than misogyny. It is politically incorrect slamming of HRC, which many people think she well deserves.
Thus, the correct response to Jeremiah Wright's famous declaration is this: Obama ain't never been called a cunt. (I doubt that he has ever been called a "nigger," frankly.)
They're all crazy cunts,taze them all!!!!!!
Cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt CUNT cunt cunt cunt CUNT cunt cunt cunt CUNT CUNT CUNT CUNT . . .

Yo! Cunt!
the Clinton's squirm and look like the reactionary idiots they are
it is really the Bush/Clinton crime family.
Note: That last one is from der Cheeto, not some wacky conspiracy site. The following is from Huffington Post:
Serves you right for putting your faith in the Bush Clinton Crime Family.
To Bill Clinton (after yet another Arrianist smear):
Maybe if Huffington Post existed in 1992 and Americans, especially ALL Democrats were able to understand who and what you are and represent, you would never have become our President. You, sir, are unquestionably, A DOUCHEBAG and a criminal one at that.
Again, this stuff doesn't come from sites run by Alex Jones or any of his ilk. From Democratic Underground -- just a few weeks ago:
Bush Clinton crime family must be eradicated.

8 years of being sold out by a DINO clinton is more than enough.

It has nothing to do with her being a woman, it has nothing to do with feminism, and everything to do with the clintonian, rovian campaign she ran and the damage she is still doing to the Democratic Party.
Incidentally, testimony in the Rezko trial established that the Illinois Combine -- the criminal conspiracy in which Obama played a key role -- has direct ties to the Bush White House.

On the April 10, 2008 Top 10 Conservative Idiots list, DU slammed a couple of right-wing radio yakkers for spreading yarns about "the brutal murder of Vince Foster."

What hypocrisy! In recent months, the one-stop-shopping resource for Clintonian conspiracy crankishness has been none other than Democratic Underground.

Here, several DUmmies blames Bill Clinton for the 1972 air disaster which killed congressman Hale Boggs. But that's not all:
I thought Vince Foster was on the Clinton Body Count list
The Clinton death list

The following is a partial list of deaths of persons connected to President Clinton during his tenure as Governor of Arkansas and/or while President of the United States and thereafter. Read the list and judge for yourself...
The list begins with Barbara Olson, who was killed during 9/11. Implication: Clinton did it!
Poll question: Did Hillary Clinton murder Benzir Bhutto as some rival campaigns suggest?
The poll results: Of 38 respondents, 95% said that Clinton killed Bhutto; five percent said that she did not. Comments in that thread:
i think she needs to come clean on where the bodies are
Unfortunately, many of the choicest bits of lunacy on DU are being wiped out of existence; on other sites, you can find references documenting what was said.

From Kos:
The Vince Foster Issue Should Be Investigated Again. Clintons just showed that their ambitions know no limit.
This one's from Huffington Post:
The Clintons and their surrogates are sounding and acting more and more like the mafioso. Now I'm really beginning to question all that I used to defend about the clintons -- Vince Foster, Whitewater, etc etc etc....Vast right wing conspiracy?? Methinks not!
From Crooks and Liars:
Unfortunately, very little if anything has been heard about the bizarre death of Vince Foster, Hillary’s sniper fire lie, and Whitewater
On Alternet:
Watch the 'The Clinton Chronicles', free on Google Video! A tale of cocaine Trafficing and murder in Arkansas!
Vince Foster, Vince Foster, Vince Foster
Remember: These sites were (usually) very careful to censor pro-Hillary sentiments. Thus, we know that these comments appeared only because the blog proprietors wanted them to appear. The "big bloggers" chose to spread right-wing conspiracy claims.

The following appeared in a newspaper, not a progblog, but I cannot resist quoting it here:
Hilliary is a LIAR, PERJURER AND SHE LAUGHS AT ALL OF YOU DUMMIES EACH TIME SHE LEAVES A RALLY.The Clintons shoud have been arrested long ago; Travelgate, Whitewater, Vince Foster's supposed suicide, the disappearance of files from his law office when investigators arrived there only to surface suddenly 2 years later, Republican files found all over her Whitehouse office that must have walked there, Jennifer Flowers, Monica, her refusal to make her financial statements available as required by law, their (Clintons) refusal to release the papers dealing with Hilliary's years as first lady and on and on. Where there is smoke there is usually fire. There is no smoke around Obama, only rumors deliberate started by the Clinton group. People, are you that dumb?
This is from Barack Obama's site.
McCain and Bill Clinton cut from the same mold!
Talk about projection:
Since then, Hillary has done nothing of note in the Senate except to vote for the Iraq War, a position she has since disavowed, and to win the applause of her colleagues for not being partisan and obstinate. Her main efforts have been directed at raising massive sums of money for herself and her colleagues and making a lot from writing and selling her memoirs.
I'll match Hillary Clinton's Senate record against that of Barack "Present!" Obama any day of the week. As we have seen, Obama raised more money -- from mysterious sources. And his main source of income (legit income, not counting the pay-to-play bribes he got as part of the Illinois Combine) came from selling his memoirs.
Have you ever noticed how the Clinton's surround themselves with less than savory characters?
Oh, pul-LEEZE! Rezko, Blagojevich, Daley, Auchi, Ata, Ayers, Wright, Pfleger...

This is unprecedented. In no previous primary campaign has any Democrat routinely allowed crap like this to appear in an official publication or website.

Let's never forget this popular item:
Does Hillary want to murder Obama? Probably not with her own two hands but one thing for sure: HILLARY WANTS BARACK OBAMA DEAD
Kay has a list of dead peoples somehow related to Clintons
Have we mentioned yet the established "fact" that Hillary appeals to bigots?
Just like she dog whistled to all her racist friends in WV and KY
Has Hillary ever denouced the bigots who support her?
(That was a Kos headline.)
Her strategy is CLEARLY to try to amplify racial tensions so she can get more votes. Hillary = Palpatine.
Not voting for Hillary is blatantly sexist. But voting for her because you just won't vote for a black man is not racist at all. Didn't you get the memo?
Hillary is enabling racism which is why I could not vote for her. As a black person...it would be like voting for a Nazi sympathizer and apologist if I were a Jew. What amount of self-hatred would I have to have to do that?
She "enabled" no such thing, of course. Still, this misguided comment raises a good point. Some insults really do cut so deeply that one must vote against the nominee of one's party. So why do the Obots think we have to put up with their continuous insults? If the commenter prefers McCain over Hillary Clinton, then the PUMAs may surely pursue a similar strategy.
That racist block is the constituency that is keeping her fight alive.
Get the message, PUMAs? You're all racists!By the way, that same Kos thread has this laff riot:
Barack is all about unity -- he talks about it all the time, so there's no question about whether he wants people who foster divisions associated with his campaign. The thing is, Barack doesn't SAY one thing and ACT in a way that doesn't fit what he said.
FISA, anyone? Campaign finance? The Goolsbee "back channel" to Canada on NAFTA? Has Mr. Unity been "single faced" on any issue?

Back to "Hillbots are racists" meme:
Hillary proved that the White in American racism trumps the FEMaleness in Feminism.

When the dirty dealing 'sack Barack attack' was launched in New Hampshire and got shifted into high gear in OHIO, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton went fishing in the waters of the KKK and the Aryan nation's pool of most eligibles. Feminism and the Fem movement were the least thing on their Wealthy, White, Elitist, little minds.
Speaking of elitism, this one is classic:
President Elect Obama dose not need Hillary's Help
And yet these fools accused Hillary of operating with a sense of entitlement!
You and Salon are absolutely wrong to claim that Hillary's appeal is strong.

Many of her later votes were Rush Limbaugh fans. Others were people voting for her simply because she was white. She played on both of these to the maximum extent possible.
Her complicite votes, her silence, Her Campaign tactics all point to the fact they are nothing more then covert operatives for the Corps. Once I pulled Up a List of DLC members, I was able to decipher their coded agenda.... Honestly the Clintons cause me as much concern as do the Neo Cons.Their allegiences are the Same and their under handed tactics come from the same playbook (because they are One in the Same).
She certainly has not been acting like a Democrat. Neither has her husband. I do think she'll try to pull a Lieberman.
Let's take a closer look at the big Limbaugh lie:
There is all kinds of evidence suggesting that Limbaugh's legions of mouth-breathing morons made the popular vote difference in Ohio and Texas, at least.
Of course, no evidence suggests that anyone voted for Hillary on the basis of any statement by Rush Limbaugh. But, as we have seen in previous posts, the GOP began rooting for Obama to win after the Wright fiasco showed how vulnerable the Lightbringer truly was.

This blogger offered a previous collection of choice anti-Clintonisms. This list is more concise than mine:
She’s a monster who just won’t die. In fact, she really should just die. You can buy a urinal target with her face on it to express what you really think of her. OMG she’s got claws! She’s crazy. In fact, she’s a lunatic. She’s petty and vindictive and entitled. She’s a washed-up old hag. She’s “everybody’s first wifestanding outside probate court.” She’s a “scolding mother.” She’s shrillshrillshrill. She can’t take it when people are mean to her. She’s a “hellish housewife.” She’s Tanya Harding. She CAN’T be President, what with the mood swings and the menses.Any woman who votes for her is voting with her vagina, not her brain. Women only like Hillary because she’s a fellow Vagina-American. And because they vote with their feelings. Frankly, anyone who still thinks we need “feminine role models” should get over it and move on, already. Oh, and men who supporther are castratos in the eunuch chorus
It doesn't even occur to people like Don Fowler and Alice Germond that those "vagina-Americans" and "castratos in the eunuch chorus" might not want to shell out some unity dough until the Lightbringer's minions to show some remorse.

Fowler and Germond, you will recall, were the two DNCers who demanded that the pro-Hillary crowd demonstrate their "unity" by ponying up the dough. Their haughty, imperious attitude proves that the Democratic leadership doesn't give a damn about unity. They don't care about money. They don't really care about defeating McCain.

If they did, they would at least learn to feign humility. They would apologize for the nonstop smear campaign against the Clintons and their voters.

Pride prevents the Dem leaders from offering such an apology, even though doing so would be prudent from a purely tactical point of view.

These people are all about ego. They don't want unity. They want you to dine on their shit.

If Team Obama and the DNC finally do apologize: Look out for weasel words, and refuse any apology that minimizes the problem or pretends that both sides were equally at fault. Snub any apology that includes the words "Some" or "sometimes" or "little." As in:

"Sometimes in the heat of a campaign, some of the rhetoric gets a little out of hand."

Any such apology, if it comes, should be considered an insult. The division created by the Obots in 2008 was unique and monstrous, and nothing short of grovelling will begin to heal the wound.


Anonymous said...

Even grovelling will not entice me to vote for Obama. Nobama, no way.

I was first for Biden, then Edwards. Then I carefully LOOKED at candidates HRC and BO. I will not vote for him under any circumstances, with or without appologies or grovelling.

Perry Logan said...

Show me a Clinton-hater and I'll show you a douchebag.

Anonymous said...

Edwards was the last best hope for the impossible.

Joe, if you lived in the New South, you'd hear middle-class white people say 'nigger' without thinking who it might offend or shock.

Are you familiar with IOwnMyVote.com? Yesterday I got an email from her (?) about Germond and Fowler's shakedown, plus this shining brilliance:

[quote]Nuremberg Redux and How a Stadium Rally Stops Dissent

Searching for answers for why Obama's acceptance speech is suddenly being turned into a stadium rally for 75,000 people? Creeped out by the parallel to that other famous stadium party rally, the 1934 party rally at Nuremberg that was documented in "Triumph of the Will?"

Look no further. It's your fault. As Steven Stark explains:

"Before the change, Obama was scheduled to give his speech in a hall half full of hardcore Hillary Clinton supporters who don't particularly like him. So odds are that Obama was looking for a larger venue in which Clinton's supporters would be only a small portion of the crowd."

What are we to do about this? In all likelihood the Obama campaign is going to fly in volunteers from all over the country, put them up in hotels somewhere within 150 miles of Denver, administer loyalty oaths and then bus the supporters to the stadium.

In the short run, the best we can do is sign up to find out what b.s. screening method they are using to keep us out. So take part in the experiment and sign up for the so-called "open convention" mailing list. I know it will be pretty annoying to receive e-mails from BHO, but you can always opt out once we know what's going on.

Pass this message on [to] ten of your friends and tell them to sign the Pledge at www.IOwnMyVote.com. [quote]


Anonymous said...

I swear... you are quickly becoming my favorite stop on the blog circuit.

I am gonna xpost and see if i can send you some traffic. everyone should read these posts.

Texas Hill Country

unityindiversity said...

Good idea re the Convention in comment above.

Thank you for posting this important piece exposing the scum who support obama.

Yesterday, NQ posted my article on "Media Summer Two Step..." (from my blog at SPIRITED POLITICS.

Last night I received an email sent by some non-pronouncable German name. Warned me:


Then wanted me to open some link- probably to input a virus in my computer. I am going to the public library to open the link - and let them destroy government property.

Just before that all my PUMA emails were blocked and my internet was crashed- a screen popped up out of nowhere, insisting I needed to download some spyware. When I clicked NO, it started to scan my computer. Had to do a quick forced shut-down.

SCUM - will save your post, Cannonfire, for inclusion as link in a forthcoming article. We need the US public to see what obama really represents!

Anonymous said...

They would have to put a gun in my mouth to get me to vote for them and their pig candidate. Come to think of it, a gun in the mouth is not beyond the realm of possibility with these beasts.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you are en fuego!!!

Keep it coming. Print every nasty, dirty, scurillous, sleazy, sexist, misogynist, chauvanist, blood-thirsty, racist, ageist, classist, eliminationist, exterminationist, slanderous, autoritarian, fascist, right-wing, statement made by every O-bot from every to Changeville. Let every hill and dale ring with their bile. Let every Democrat, Hillary supporter or not, shoot, let every American, Democrat or not, hear exactly the kind of "hope" and "unity" and "new kind of politics" the Lightbringer inspires in his deranged, Hitler-youth-like followers. Expose these pocket edition storm troopers for just what they are. Let them condemn themselves with their own words.

Now they want my vote? And my money? Hah! I would rather vote for the pig the Yippies nominated in 1968 than this POS!

Anonymous said...

....and all I want now is an "Obama ain't never been called a cunt" T-shirt

(maybe with a little Wright at the bottom screaming these words?

Anonymous said...

I love your site, but I cannot get through all of the Clinton hating trash without becoming ill.

Anonymous said...

The very real fact of the matter is, the well-known struggle between Democrats and Republicans is one that can be characterized by dramatic posturing and pulled punches. The ruse is instantly apparent to anyone with even a casual interest in US politics. It continues due only to the vast amount of voter ignorance and apathy. The apathy exists for good reason - politics are as exciting now as comparing the respective market strategies of Coke and Pepsi. There is nothing new being said, nothing creative being done - just endless reverberations in an echo chamber.

Democrats and Republicans pay attention solely to their differences, and the media outlets and general public willingly follow suit. The real issues that divide the two parties are minuscule, but this fact is covered over because both emphasize so-called "wedge" issue, and in doing so emphasize those things that divide them while obscuring their similarities - similarities that ensure the continuing dominance of the nation by the elites.

tetedur said...

Thank you so much Joseph for posting these. I was hoping someone would. I notice there are no O-bots on this thread. Indefensible.

Anonymous said...

What is this, a political movement or a cult? The language in those comments suggests a dangerous psychosis.

But this is the right way to deal with it. Expose it. Expose the threats and intimidation and the hack attacks and everything else they do to try to shut people up. Expose them for what they are.

madamab said...

Excellent post.

They do not want Unity, they want Submission. And they'll keep screaming and bullying and denigrating in order to get it.

Sorry folks, we are not as weak-minded as you are. The Jedi Mind Tricks don't work. We won't vote for Obama.

Get ready for President McCain. You broke it, you own it.

Anonymous said...

Obama said today,
"A nuclear Cannon would pose a dire threat to the world"

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how these Hillary haters don't realize that they are victims of the continuous Clinton right-wing smears from the 90's moving forward.

So, they are embracing right wing edicts.

Until I realized how sexist democrats are, I actually looked at the democratic party as open-minded and pure of heart.

What a laugh.

Last night I was at my womens' softball game (most voted for Hillary) and someone said something about voting for Obama.

I said, "I won't vote for him." One lady, in particular, said all the typical things "That's a vote for McCain" "Playing into the right wing world", etc.

But she ended with "That is ignorant." I replied, "No, that's consequences."

I quit the democrats.

Anonymous said...

Reading through all those Obot comments leaves me thinking that these violent emotional outbursts are not much different from the emotional violence of rape.

I feel violated, soiled, spat upon, trampled underfoot by those comments.

I will never vote for the mindset that gives rise to such violence.