Thursday, July 24, 2008

More unity

Save this TPM page, which appeared just a few days ago. It explains why Obama has lost ground in Ohio, Florida, Colorado, Michigan and other states over the past week -- a week which should have had the opposite effect.

During that time, McCain has received mostly unflattering coverage while this nation's "journalists" have performed non-stop verbal fellatio on the O-Man during his "presidential" tour. And yet Obama keeps shedding support in the purple states, and in the head-to-head national polls. (Ignore this outlier, which comes to us via -- but of course! -- MSNBC.)

On the other end of the TPM link, Greg Sargent reprints (without much comment) the instantly-notorious Fowler/Germond attack on the Clinton donors. Anyone with any understanding of human psychology will instantly see that Fowler and Germond's bullying words could only have the opposite of the intended effect.

Sargent's post provoked interesting responses. The TPM commenters prove that Obots do NOT want unity. What they want is the emotional satisfaction that comes from projecting all of their personal frustrations and petty resentments onto anyone named Clinton. They prefer wallowing in CDS to victory.
Obama needs to focus on McCain, not on the traitors behind him. We need a unified party, and if you are not willing to be part of the unified party, then GET YOUR ASS OUT OF HERE, and FAST! We are SERIOUSLY TIRED of WHINING HILLARY-WACKS.
I pledge to NEVER VOTE FOR ANY WOMAN FOR POTUS if Obama is not elected.
It's about time the leadership of the DNC grew even the beginnings of a backbone - and started calling out those HillBillies who remain ensconced in their own fantasy world.
If you support Obama, good, you are welcome. If you do not, fuck off, asshole. Go and vote for McCain
Uh huh. I get it: You don't need the PUMAs. You hate them. Fine. One question: Why are DNC bigwigs asking them for money?
Hillary lost 5 months ago and is now self-destructing. Had she demonstrated she was a team player and worked to re-unite the Democratic party, she might have been an acceptable VP by convention time, but she made only two (2) appearances with Obama and is clearly not supporting him in private with her supporters either. By November, I doubt she will be able to win a Democratic primary for ANY office.
Judging from the droopy polls, Obama is the one doing the self-destructing. But hey -- it's all Hillary's fault, even though she has behaved with faultless party loyalty. Isn't it nice to have a scapegoat?

Prediction: Hillary Clinton will stay in the Senate as long as she likes. Obama will lose in November and will lose his Senate seat in 2010 or 2016.
embittered old corpse:

Boy, you're really hanging in there. Thought you'd have dropped over dead by now! Fingers still seem to be working though the synapses in that brain are clearly no longer firing! You must be some sorta' medical miracle! Now that I think of it - maybe a freak.
Now that's a unifying sentiment if ever I heard one.
Those PUMAs aren't really Democrats that a disinterested observer would recognize. They are all wealthy, and I assume largely apolitical...
Ah yes. The Cannon fortune is indeed legendary. And my years of blogging prove my apolitical nature.

I've made this suggestion before, but let's repeat it: If you really think that big GOP funders are behind the PUMA movement, put your paranoia to the test. Open up a PUMA site. If you pilfer lots of material, you can have an impressive-looking operation up and running in a few hours. Then ask Team McCain for some cash.

You won't get a dime.

And you won't get a dime from Hillary, either. In fact, the money flow has gone in the other direction. Meanwhile, Moulitsas, Stassinopoulos, Marshall, and Sullivan have barrels of cash.
The fact that the Clintons chief contribution to the Democratic Party was their rejection of traditional Democratic constituencies (e.g., African-Americans and Labor) only makes them more appealing to this group of supporters, who really do deserve the name "Limousine Liberals."
Get a clue, clown: Hillary had the majority of the black vote until Obama smeared her with false accusations of racism. No Democrat -- of any sort -- would ever be so stupid as to reject the black vote, the Latino vote, the Jewish vote or any other traditional group of supporters. Over the course of the past year, all (all) polls and pundits have agreed that Hillary appealed primarily to working class voters. Obama catered to the affluent -- and to what has been called "the creative class," which has neither creativity nor class.

What amuses me about this commenter is the arrogance of nescience. He actually thinks he knows something about politics!
It is time for PUMAs to SIT DOWN and SHUT UP.

But they can take out their checkbooks and make a contribution to Obama first.
Yeah, that approach will open up lots of wallets. You think this guy works in sales? "Buy this car, you ugly motherfucker!"
Either work with Obama or don't, but stop undermining the party. It's beyond annoying.
Why shouldn't we undermine the party? The Obots kicked us out of it! To wit:
At the end of WWII, all the French whores who serviced the Germans were rounded up. Their heads were shaved, and they were tarred and feathered.

At the end of a war, the victorious side settles its debts. If you helped, you get a reward. If you did not help, you are in serious trouble.
I like the shaven head and tar and feathering idea for Clintonistas!!
These idiots actually think that making threats of violence will impel us to send money to Obama. In any American schoolyard, that sort of behavior is called bullying.

And yet these monsters -- these vile, toxic, odious agglomerations of ambulatory sub-human fecal matter -- actually blame us for disuniting the Democratic party.

We created the rift, y'see. We didn't say "thank you" while they flogged us.

Obot insults have now gone too deep, and can never be retracted.

As long-time readers know, I was never a big fan of Hillary Clinton. As long-time readers know, I don't like John McCain and have never agreed with most Republican principles. I am, at heart, an FDR-revering, pro-big-guvamint lifelong Dem.

But thanks to the arrogance of the Obots, I would vote for John McCain even if he came out in favor of theocratic feudalism. I would vote for John McCain even if he espoused dropping nuclear weapons on California. I would vote for John McCain even if he killed my beloved dog with his bare hands.

Keep up the "unity" campaign, Obots. Keep piling on the hatred and the insults. You are doing a great job.


Hadrian said...

I cannot foresee a good outcome from all of this. The Democratic party has been shattered forever by this two bit huskster and his gangsta crowd. I'm with you; even if McCain torched my house, strangled my wife and kids, shot my cats and dogs, he would still get my vote.

Anonymous said...

This gets more and more incredible. The idea that you insult someone to the rafters and then expect that same voting block to whip out their checkbooks is about as delusional as this entire campaign. I'm sick to death of being called a racist because I will not suppot this outright fraud, yet these Obamatrons have no compunction about using the "C" word on me and every other woman who dares oppose them.

I never thought I'd hear myself say this but McCain is beginning to look like King Arthur in comparison. I hope McCain makes a solid and wise VP selection [meaning no one so far right that they still argue evolution]. If he does, he'll get my vote, not because I agree with all his positions [but I do agree with some], but because I will not support the idiotic and destructive manner in which the DNC leadership has run this election cycle.

It saddens me to say this, but the Party I've always supported, deserves to lose, big time.

Anonymous said...

Surely something like 99.99 percent of these infantile remarks are attempts at imitating the insult lingo the 'writers' have grown up hearing on their teevees. Whatever, we are doomed as doomed can be.

Ed Grimley

Anonymous said...

That's the way I feel too. I feel kicked and spit upon. My party left me and I changed Party affiliation on June 2nd, May 31st RBC was the tipping point, and my attitude toward the Democratic party has went downhill fast. I despise that The O and his cult have driven me to agree with Republicans in conversations.

CognitiveDissonance said...

Yeah, I'm kinda warming up to "theocratic feudalism" myself.

Anonymous said...

I agree- they really don't have a clue.
They just can't stop insulting us even when it defeats their purpose. Obama and his supporters need to be defeated and learn some humility.

madamab said...

You suck, you're ugly and your momma wears combat boots!

Now, give me $10,000 and do whatever I want!

---Obot Idiot

Anonymous said...

the comments from the OFB sound very much like 7th graders I used to teach. I think Axelrod decided early on that these were the most impressionable people and played it to them. But it was the DNC that enabled them--it is a 'Lord of the Flies' moment.

Check out the symptoms of narcissism and I think this staging will begin to make sense.

Anonymous said...

I have never for one minute been affected by insults from the Obama supporters. I am long past the days when someone trying to project their negativity, or insecurity, could cause a reaction from me.

As egotistical as it might sound, I learned long ago who I am and what I stand for, and such knowledge has served me well. I happen to like me, and what I have accomplished in life. I am inured as to allowing the discomfiture of others to impact upon my principles, or position, regarding anything.

For the majority of my life, those whose judgement I trusted most were my family elders, male and female. They were the wisest, most rational, common-sense oriented people I have ever known, though I have known many knowledgeable individuals outside that realm.

Today, given the passing of those trusted family elders, I trust my personal judgement more than that of anyone, based on what they taught me, and my life experiences.

Said judgement caused me to immediately dislike, and distrust Barack Obama from the first time I heard him "speechify" his hope and change mantra. I could see and hear nothing but a con-man trying to sell me something that did not exist.

Then, and now, my disdain for him was all about Barack Obama, not about HRC, not about race, not about religion, not about anything other than personally, and inescapably, seeing him as an enigmatic, inexperienced, manipulative, well-spoken con-artist.

I write all of this, with apologies and embarrassment re the egotistical sounding elements and the length, to point out that the Obama harassers, and insulters, are truly clueless as to who we who oppose him are, why we oppose him, and how unmovable we really are.

They, for the most part, seem to be so vacuous, so mesmerized, so vulnerable to group-think, and so easily herded into a lock-step formation, that they think we are as irrationally susceptible to out-side influence as they are.

Hence, the generic, one-size-fits-all insults and threats they constantly regurgitate toward us.

If they can be so easily swayed, led, and influenced to disregard reality, ignore the fact that Obama is a chameleon, and turn a blind eye to his turning his back on all they originally thought he stood for, then surely we can be similarly swayed, or perhaps brow-beaten into abandoning our stance.

They are wrong. We are voters who have arrived at a decision based on our own varied reasons and conclusions, and are determined to stand by our personal principles, either individually or collectively, despite all of the various machinations directed toward us.

We are thinking in terms of our country, and perhaps what is best in the short term regarding the long term. They are thinking in terms of what is best for their messiah, and what they consider to be their exclusive Democratic party.

We are engaged in a struggle for the future of our country. May the most principled and egalitarian voters be victorious!

Perry Logan said...

The nastiness of the Obamites puzzles me. We aren't even drafting their sorry asses.

Anonymous said...

" would vote for John McCain even if he espoused dropping nuclear weapons on California."

I would vote for John McCain ESPECIALLY if he espoused dropping nuclear weapons on California.

Just jokin'!!

But seriously folks, I speak as one in a blueblue state, so I guess I can afford to be flippant, but I don't see what's so bad about a moderately Republican, aging, enfeebled one-term Prez hemmed in by a Democratic congress.

Not that that Democratic congress has done shit, mind you.......

Anonymous said...

Such classy supporters for a super classy candidate.