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Hillary Clinton has inspired a great many conspiracy theories. Obviously, we can dismiss most of them -- but can we dismiss all of them? Apparently, this story about Hillary Clinton, by a writer previously unknown to me, has been gaining quite a bit of attention in progressive circles. X-Files creator Chris Carter couldn't have come up with a more outlandish and intriguing scenario.

The truly stunning thing about this new conspiracy theory is that -- outrageous as it seems at first -- I cannot immediately disprove it. I should be able to, but I can't. Perhaps you can do the honors...?

The author, one Leo B. Harley, has set out to prove that a young college student named Hillary Clinton participated in efforts to cover up the 1963 murder of upcoming actress Karen "Cookie" Kupcinet, daughter of the famed Chicago columnist Irv Kupcinet. For many years, the conspiratorial rumor mills have linked this unsolved killing to the assassination of John Kennedy, which occurred a week earlier.

I know what you're thinking: It can't be. Hillary was too young.

Indeed, she was only 16 in 1963. But the cover-up extended well beyond that point. I have been able to find independent verification for much -- but not all -- of this new thesis. What follows are choice excerpts from a very lengthy, convoluted, and -- I must confess -- compelling narrative. Please note, though, that "compelling" does not necessarily mean "convincing."

This one has me torn. On the one hand, I'm suspicious (even phobic) when it comes to most Clinton conspiracy theories. On the other hand, I do have a longstanding interest in JFK material, and this writer does appear to have done his homework.

You be the judge:
Karyn had befriended actor Mark Goddard and his wife Marcia. He later became well-known for his role in the science fiction television series Lost in Space, and his wife Marcia. Later still, Goddard became a university professor.

On the last day of her life, Karyn had Thanksgiving Eve dinner at the Goddard home in Beverly Hills. The Goddards noticed that her behavior seemed odd: Her speech was faltering and her manner distracted. It remains unknown whether this behavior was due to emotional turmoil or to prescription drugs. Many theorize that she took pills in order to cope with a stressful situation.

According to Mark Goddard, Karyn had related a fanciful story about an abandoned baby being placed on her doorstep that very day, a tale which no doubt carried a certain symbolic truth. She left the Goddards by taxicab at 8:30, promising to call her friends to assure them of her safety...

Within the hour, Karyn was at her apartment and in the company of two other friends, writer Edward Stephen Rubin and actor Robert Hathaway. By this point, she appeared to have regained her normal state of mind. The trio watched television until she fell asleep on the sofa. After she awoke briefly and transferred herself to her room, the two men lowered the television volume and left. The time was shortly after 11:00. They went to Hathaway's home and were joined by Karyn's on-and-off boyfriend, Andrew Prine, a successful television actor. The three men socialized until 3:00 a.m.

So, at least, they told the police. The statements of Rubin and Hathaway thus provided an alibi for Prine, with whom Karyn had a tempestuous relationship.

Karyn had promised to telephone the Goddards to assure them that she was safe and in good health. After more than a day had passed with no contact, the Goddards became anxious and visited the apartment. It is worth noting that they entered without a key. Goddard said that the door just "popped open" -- even though Rubin and Hathaway adamantly told the authorities that they had locked the door behind them. (An acquaintance named David Lange had earlier tried the door and found it unlocked. But he did not enter.)

Karyn's nude body was lying on the sofa, even though she had gone into her room on the night of the 28th. The Goddards initially presumed that she had died of an overdose.

Coroner Harold Kade found a broken hyoid bone in her throat. The examination concluded that Karyn Kupcinet had died of strangulation on the night of the 28th, shortly after her friends had left the apartment.
At this point, you must be asking: Very intriguing, but what does any of this have to do with the JFK assassination and with Hillary Clinton?

For years, theorists have identified Kupcinet with an unknown southern California woman who warned a telephone operator of the Preisdent's death some twenty minutes before the event. Harley explores the evidence for this scenario, and seems to dismiss it in favor of a more complex series of events.

Kupcinet, he says (and this point is verified, in substantial part, by others) attended college in Wellesley, Massachusetts. There, the beautiful young lady was inveigled into joining a ring of gorgeous "escorts" run by LBJ's corrupt aide Bobby Baker, who used the women to help entertain VIPs. Kupcinet had two friends in this operation -- Baker's girlfriend Nancy Tyler and Mary Jo Kopechne.

In 1965, Nancy quarreled with Baker, decided to spill the beans about his illegal activities, and soon died in a plane crash. We all know what happened to Mary Jo.
After the assassination, Irv Kupcinet went scurrying after the scoop of a lifetime. The famed, extremely well-connected columnist formulated the goal of telling the true story of the JFK murder. He was uniquely well-situated to get at the truth: At some point before the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald, he put a call through to his old associate Jack Ruby, nicknamed "Sparky." In a sense, this communication both endangered and saved the columnist's life:
Had they killed Irv Kupcinet, people would connect it to the Assassination and Ruby.
While some suspect that the motive for Karyn's murder was to distract, my own sourcing suggests that the motive was to send the elder Kupcinet a message. Killing Karyn had "the added benefit of having her most prominent columnist/talk show host father, Irv, get off the Ruby case. He wouldn't be in any shape to investigate Jack Ruby or Mobsters."

I would add: He would not be able to investigate the Bobby Baker angle, about which Karyn could have provided inside information.
Enter Hillary Clinton.
Early in 1965, Hillary Clinton -- who, while in high school, had already established herself as an active supporter of Republican Barry Goldwater -- entered Wellesley, where she quickly became the president of the Young Republicans. (She says that the debates over Vietnam and Civil Rights eventually caused her to switch affiliations.)...

Although Hillary may not seem a likely candidate for this operation, photos from her first year at Wellesley depict an attractive, elegant, well-groomed young lady, fresh out of high school. Moreover, her commitment to right-wing causes could easily put prominent conservatives at ease. Her ambition made her trustworthy.

A Wellesley classmate, whom I will here call F, confirms that Hillary Clinton came to know an older student connected to the Baker operation -- a woman I will call K. At the time, K was widely rumored to be Hillary's first lesbian lover. Although some incautious researchers have privately linked Hillary with Nancy Tyler, these reports are almost certainly erroneous; Tyler, as you will recall, met her premature end in 1965, and I know of no evidence indicating that she had communicated with Hillary Clinton before her fatal airplane trip. K, whose full name I will be at liberty to reveal only after her death (although it has already appeared in at least one biographical study), later went on to form an even more remarkable association with John Gittinger of the CIA. She initiated Hillary Clinton into this world of intrigue, guiding her well-crafted segue from "Goldwater girl" to student radical.

The ties between the two women cannot be understood without some knowledge of the student organizations operating at that college. A sorority at Wellesley actually refers to itself, in a jocular vein, as the Secret Society. Previously, it went by other titles, although the insignia has always consisted of a skull and crossbones overlaid with a pink bow. (The pink ribbon presumably serves a humorous purpose, although, as we shall see, the effect can at times be anything but funny.) Their current web page includes the following information:
The Secret Society will work to foster social opportunities at Wellesley College and strive to forward a lifestyle that balances academics with social opportunities on campus.
Listed activities include "TAG/Assassin" and "Spooky World trip." Again, these terms are meant to present a jovial external face to the world -- but they also hint at the darker secrets known only to the upper echelons. This inner grouping operates, in turn, within the shadowy Phi Sigma sorority.

Although I have no evidence that Clinton ever joined Phi Sigma, I do know that K was a leading member. These seemingly innocuous sororities have served as "feeders" for intelligence community personnel. The Skull and Bones fraternity at Yale (which Clinton also attended) performs a cognate function.

Thus it was that Hillary Clinton was tasked with an important assignment: She was to deliver a message to columnist Irv Kupcinet.

Kupcinet, after he had somewhat recovered from the shock of his daughter's death, had tentatively decided to return to a study of the JFK assassiantion after his old friend Jack Ruby had died of a strangely rapid cancer. (Ruby had been under the care of Doctor Louis Jolyon West of the CIA.) Another famed reporter, Dorothy Kilgallen, met with an untimely death after interviewing Ruby in 1965. A transcript of that interview has never been made available.) Kilgallen had once said, vis-a-vis the assassination, "That story isn't going to die as long as there's a real reporter alive, and there are a lot of them alive." Kupcinet considered himself just such a figure.

In 1970, Kupcinet had an unusual guest on his popular television program: Hillary Rodham, then an unknown student at Yale, later the first lady of the United States. Why did a major broadcaster in Chicago pay such undue attention to an obscure young lady from Connecticut? The more one mulls over the scenario, the less likely it seems.

In fact, a member of the Kupcinet production staff arranged for the guest spot. Hillary's appearance no doubt came as something of a surprise to the host of the show.

But the true jolt came when arrived in the studio wearing a pink ribbon.

The interview became more unnerving as it progressed. Repeatedly, Hillary Clinton made pointed and deliberate use of the phrase "That's the way the Cookie crumbles." (As you will recall, "Cookie" was Karyn Kupcinet's nickname.) Those reviewing the tape will not miss the elder Kupcinet's visible nervousness every time Hillary utters the word "Cookie."

No further words were necessary. She did not need to deliver any obvious threats. Indeed, it is very likely that Hillary Clinton herself had no awareness of the import of her words. She may not have known who or what "Cookie" meant. She was simply given a line to say, and she said it -- to devastating effect.

Irv Kupcinet abandoned his search for the truth. He never wrote another word about the JFK assassination -- not until Oliver Stone came out with his 1991 film JFK. At that time, Kupcinet sent out a message angrily denouncing any conspiracy theories touching upon the death of his beloved daughter. He was, of course, worried about the safety of other family members.

I have no doubt that Kupcinet family will continue to denounce or to detract from any objective investigation into these areas. Who can blame them? The image of young Hillary Clinton -- wearing that bow, saying those words -- probably remains forever seared into their consciousness.
Well, interesting as this thesis may be, it is hardly probative. I've heard dark rumors about the sororities at Wellesley, but I know of no hard evidence of anything truly sinister. The Clinton/Kupcinet interview is quite real. But the interpretation given here is really quite subjective -- the pink bow may simply have been Hillary's idea of couture.

Until firmer evidence presents itself, and until Harley's source comes forward, I would advise taking a cautious stance. We may be dealing with clever disinformation from the Obama camp.


John said...


"The Ticking Clock" is Jeremy Lowe's latest re-incarnation. You surely remember Jeremy - fablecrusaders, the Jeff Fisher crap from late 2004, later known as Roger Rancourt, and many Jeff Fisher imitations. Jeremy had been going after Al Gore for over a year, until he finally stopped after I notified his mom on three occasions that he was screwing around with people.

The reason I know this is Jeremy, besides the fact that I have been tracking his disinformation since late 2004, is because he screwed up - again lol.

At the link I just provided, Jeremy has written about Hopsicker being a government mole. When Jeremy was Roger Rancourt, he did the same thing, and used some of the exact same words...for example, "MOLE MESSIAH."

There was a time when I thought Jeremy was just plain nuts, as well as on drugs (background check shows he was busted for them), but these days, it sure looks like he might earn a living with his nutty stuff.

Looks like I will have to contact "mom" again and let her know Jeremy is up to new tricks.


Anonymous said...

Chicago elites vs. southern elites. Got to love all of this COINTEL bullshit floating around on the web these days! Makin' my head dizzy!

AitchD said...

One of the first assignments Bill gave to Web Hubbell (associate attorney general) was to look into the JFK assassination (either Hubbell said that or Bill said it).

One of these days I'll play The Godfather, Part II thru QuickTime so I can do a Harry Caul slowdown of the backstage scene when Vito's friend's actress/girlfriend is threatened by Fanucci's knife at her throat - I'm pretty sure her father says (in Sicilian) "... my daughter ..." which sounds like "mafia" in his dialect. You know? And Appolonia in GF1. I mean, GF1 BEGINS with the revenge of Bonasera's daughter. It ends (nearly) with Connie calling Mikey a bastard. Also Kitty Genovese. My dad grew up in Williamsburg and knew those other guys. Lansky was a visitor. Danny Ka(minsk)y[e] slept on the couch at my grandparents' house.

Super duper blog, dude! You're too young to know those sixties freakout times. Any chance you'll look into Manson being a Manchurian Candidate? A week before Woodstock! Vince his prosecutor says Oswald acted alone. Harley's piece links to a YouTube of an older Kup (1989), where a sidebar YouTube coincidentally has Sharon Tate on Playboy After Dark. I hope Margaret Atwood reads you!

Anonymous said...

"One of the first assignments Bill gave to Web Hubbell (associate attorney general) was to look into the JFK assassination (either Hubbell said that or Bill said it)."

It'S Hubbell who said that. He also says that Clinton asked him about UFOs in the same request (it's not a joke, I would do the same if I became POTUS even if I already know some answers and how the UFO phenomena was used by the CIA for a long time as a psychop / cover tool).

Anonymous said...

Except for the legs, Hillary Rodham was an entrancingly pretty young woman.

Turning up these old photos does her no harm.

Anonymous said...

The pink bow is a breast cancer support sign.

I'm very disappointed in you, Joe. This is horseshit, pure and simple. Shame on you for giving it any credit whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

D Day revisited.
Yaaaaaaay! we are finally getting on to the high ground with this blog.
Mr. Cannon, (slap on the back), any attempt to clarify the calamity that this nation suffered from, and still suffers from, on that November day in Dallas, is an effort spent that will reap eventual rewards (if not in this lifetime then certainly in the next)
That fateful, fear filled, Dallas, sun drenched Day, signaled, with gunpowder "plotted" explosions and copper tipped missiles, shot from several strategic positions, the existence and the public emergence of our illegal (unelected) and still secret governing body, (better named "cabal" after Cabell,the Mayor of Dallas that dreadful and "Damnable" Day, and the brother of the CIA, Bay of Pigs, bigwig, that Kennedy had fired, and escorted out of their Largely laboratory, alongside that other big D, Dulles, who assisted in the coverup of the conspiratorial con-job)
Kudos to you Mr Cannon, keep going, the merry go round is still spinning and the golden ring is within your reach.
There is much work to be done, but what fun.


Anonymous said...

"The pink bow is a breast cancer support sign."

Maybe nowadays, but not back then.

"This is horseshit, pure and simple."

I should have figured someone like you would say that. This site finally prints some TRUTH about the Clinton/Bush crime cartel, and you try to shut it down.

Glad to see you're starting to see the light, joe. Or did you publish this as a warning shot because your check from the Clinton campaign was late?

-- belladonna

gary said...

I am reminded of a joke I once heard:

Three JFK conspiracy researchers are in Dallas for the big convention and are killed in an auto accident. They find themselves in Heaven, facing God Himself. One of them says, "At last, can you finally tell us the truth about the Kennedy assassination?" God replies, "Lee Harvey Oswald did it, acting alone." The second researcher exlaims, "This goes higher than we thought!"

(In another version of this, God answers "You know, I have a theory about that.")

Now, if you can just link Hillary to Lee Harvey Oswald.

Assassination trivia: John Wayne was once photographed with Oswald.

Jackie knew George de Mohrenschildt, Oswald's "best friend" in Dallas. So, of course, did George Bush Sr.

Anonymous said...

You can at least imagine that Clinton was involved in this but cannot accept even the possibility that Bill Clinton was reducing Obama to just another black-
also- ran when he compared Obama winning S. Carolina to Jesse Jackson's win?

Then you say tht the Obama camp could be responsible for the disinformation in your story.


Anonymous said...

"The pink bow is a breast cancer support sign."

Maybe nowadays, but not back then.

Then why the campaign picture of Hillary with the sign? This is an attempt to link two utterly innocuous things from different eras.

"This is horseshit, pure and simple.

I should have figured someone like you would say that. This site finally prints some TRUTH about the Clinton/Bush crime cartel, and you try to shut it down."

Joe, welcome to your new fans. As for me, I'm over and out.

It was nice while it lasted.

Nancy said...

Just found you recently. I've been waiting (and waiting)for that expose on Obama's lies. Instead you bring this hit piece on Clinton. Cripes. Next thing, you'll be claiming that she's hiding the Lindburgh baby on her campaign bus. Wow. See Ya.

AitchD said...

Found this today at

Remember Senator Mike Gravel? He's still running for POTUS. When he was in the Senate he ensured that the Pentagon Papers (from Ellsberg) would see the light of day by reading some 4,000 pages into the record.

The video reminds me of a wordless documentary, "Dominoes", from 1990.

Anonymous said...

I am speechless and I wasn't going to comment on any of this (this is all too weird for me) but what do I see in Huffingtonpost (a site I never comment on-censoring and weirdo readers)?
British Sex Scandal: The Obvious Hillary Connection
(Jonah Goldberg's new brainf...)
What are you up to Joe? Are you trying to give us a preview of what's coming in November? Or are trying to diversify your readership (did you miss the trannies)?

Anonymous said...

compared to the lame one by Jen that was only a decoy, this is the real April's fool.

Nunzia Rider said...

lordy, joe. all these people taking this seriously. thank god for anonymous.

thanks, man. i read this today, and it's a good start for the day.

Anonymous said...

OK. So it's a April 1 joke. So it wasn't up on April 1 and this is the 2nd. Your a jerk.

Anonymous said...

if you look at the date anonymous, it's published april 1st. so you're the jerk.

Anonymous said...

It was published after 10 PM on April 1, so almost no one would see it till April 2.
But it also has a source connected with it and he is not joking or playing April fool.

Anonymous said...

Good grief. This stuff has as much value as the continually flowed digital dollars from the fedreserve bank.

John, in the first comment, first of his links, takes us to a page in the source of this story's site (the "he screwed up" link), where Mr/Ms source of the story has digitally "exposed" Hopsicker a disinformation agent. At very bottom of same page, this genius, patriot and dedicated researcher ends with, "PLEASE COPY ARCHIVE AND REPOST EVERYWHERE."

If I gotta explain this, you're not gonna understand anyway.

We should have better things to do with our time.

Gary McGowan

Anonymous said...

Look, it's a simple matter. Simply take a look at the video of Clinton on the Kupcinet show. That's quite real, and you'll note that NO-ONE has said that it isn't EXACTLY as described.

It all suddenly makes sense now that Mr. Harley has published his expose. Fine work! And shame on Joe for trying to place it in a skeptical light. Disinformation, anyone?

-- belladonna

gary said...

Well, the video was exactly as described except that Hillary wasn't in it.

Anonymous said...

The link is wrong. I'm sure they'll fix it. Ask around. The guys who know about the JFK assassination know all about it. Try Jim Fetzer or Jim Marrs or one of the other real experts (not the disinfo agents).

-- belladonna

Anonymous said...

O Lord, I just looked at the date.

As Emily Litella said, "never mind!"

Anonymous said...

Which reminds us of a young man working at getting into politics who once drove a political figure to the airport. The political figure was a former Warren Commission member turned skeptic/critic of the SBT (single bullet theory, aka magic bullet), one Hale Boggs. His private plane flight to Alaska crashed, and according to the official story, was never found. (Other sources disagree and say the wreckage was found, but the discovery was suppressed.)

That young man? Bill Clinton. Some pad out his brief involvement in driving Boggs to include his personal involvement with sabotaging that small plane. (I find that suggestion absurd.)

So, just as "George W. Bush of the CIA" (identified in a J. Edgar Hoover memo of the day) made his bones and later political career by his association with the 'Texans' (around the Mossbacher connection) and managing certain aspects of the JFK assassination, so too did both Clintons, both alleged CIA assets, break into the pathway of national political prominence by participating in its coverup as teenagers?

Lordy, that's a bridge too far for even this crazed CT/CD advocate (yours truly).

Also, Hillary Rodham's alleged efforts on the House committee to block Nixon's impeachment are not consistent with this claim, IMO.

For the CIA was apparently at odds with RMN, and itself the proximate cause of his impeachment, through James McCord's studied 'incompetence' managing the Watergate break-in.


Joseph Cannon said...

sofla, that is NOT what the recent story concerning Hillary's Watergate days is about. Neither is that story accurate.

One man (who may be a political enemy) says that Hillary was part of a team of individuals who thought that Nixon was not required to have counsel during an impeachment proceeding.

Robbing the president of his lawyer is hardly the same thing as blocking impeachment! Seems to me like it was a way to railroad through an impeachment. You've got it bass-ackward!

Zeifman's speculation as to WHY this team wanted no counsel for impeachment is, in my view, absurd. And I doubt that anyone else from those days will second it.

Supposedly, sez Zeifman, Nixon was to go lawyer-free to suppress cross-examination of Hunt, who knew all sorts of dark and evil things done by JFK that Must Never Come Out. Cah-MON, think about it: Republicans in congress still would have asked the same damn questions! And if Hunt knew all those horrible things about JFK -- why didn't he spill those beans over the course of his long life?

Zeifman says that the biggest of those beans concerned the assassination plots against Castro. But Kennedy did not order those plots and did not know about them. I realize that that this assertion goes against received wisdom, but that was the bottom line presented in the CIA's IG report to LBJ on the Castro assassination plots, which was compiled in 1967 and made available ONLY to the president. I once edited a version of this document for publication. The book never appeared, alas. As I distinctly recall, in the final summary, the authors seemed miffed that the Castro plot could not be blamed on JFK.

1967 was the year Jack Anderson published the truth about the assassination plots. How he learned was a very involved an weird story -- involving Dan Rowan, of all people.

It was old news by the time of Watergate!

Zeifman's views would make sense only to someone who doesn't know the chronology or the facts.

gary said...

And who appeared on Dan Rowan's tv program? Richard Nixon. And Nixon knew George Bush, who knew George deMorhrenschildt, who knew Lee Harvey Oswald. It's all coming together.

Anonymous said...

This Hillary and Bobby Baker connection to the death of Karyn Kupcinet is crap, pure and simple. This is disinformation at its worst. I'd like to see the tape of Kup's Show with Hillary on it as a teenager. I don't think it exists. This is made-up stuff.