Friday, February 29, 2008

Renzi and Cunningham: Converging scandals?

In previous posts, we have discussed Arizona's Rick Renzi, the indicted congressman widely thought to have a "spooky" history. Renzi voted in favor of bills that could benefit a defense contractor named ManTech, which employed his recently-deceased father as a Vice President.

A reader sent me some interesting info about ManTech. It was founded by a fellow named George Pederson, who "always wanted to run a $1 billion company." They do work for a variety of government entities, including the DOD, Homeland Security, and even the U.S. Marshall's service.

One problem facing many up-and-comers in the defense world is the acquisition of clearances. Pederson:
“A key example is in 1980, when we were primarily a Navy contractor and really tried to penetrate the intelligence community. When you don’t have a contract, you can’t get the clearance. When you can’t get the clearance, you can’t have a contract.
One solution to that conundrum: Acquire a company which already possesses those clearances. Gray Hawk was one such firm.
With its work force of 500, many of whom have top security clearances, Grayhawk gave ManTech a foray into highly classified areas
The purchase occurred in 2004.

According to a 2006 U.S. News and World Report story, Gray Hawk played a major role in the Cunnigham/Wilkes/MZM scandal. Before proceeding, please recall that, in his letter from prison, the disgraced former congressman "Duke" Cunningham said that Mitchell Wade of MZM was a far more egregious briber than was Brent Wilkes:
Wade's close ties to former senior officials of a Pentagon agency, the Counterintelligence Field Activity, or CIFA, which helps identify and thwart terrorists and spies, are also being examined. So is his relationship with a defense contractor called Gray Hawk Systems Inc. Gray Hawk obtained several lucrative and questionable contracts from CIFA, which it then shared with MZM. Three senior CIFA officials with influence over the contracting process left the agency and joined Gray Hawk. The company's owner, Harry "Pete" Howton, sold it last year for $100 million cash and has since created a new company, Kingfisher Systems Inc.

Through Gray Hawk, Wade won tens of millions of dollars in subcontracts on CIFA work. Investigators believe Wade sought out insiders at CIFA for tips on upcoming agency projects, which he then used to craft earmarks for Cunningham, who allegedly inserted them into appropriations bills and then pressured Pentagon officials to award the contracts to Gray Hawk and MZM. Howton, the former CEO of Gray Hawk and current CEO of Kingfisher, did not return phone calls seeking comment.

Wade's security violations are extraordinarily serious, given CIFA's sensitive mission and the fact that officials from foreign countries came to MZM to do business. "You are throwing chum out there to attract the sharks, who are going to prey on what you are doing," says the former head of the Justice Department's counterespionage section, John Martin. "And you are inviting penetrations of your company."
The director of CIFA was a man named Dave Burtt. He didn't like Mitchell Wade, but felt that he had to do business with him. After all, Wade had a congressman in his pocket.

Gray Hawk installed computer networks for CIFA. And it seems that they did a very "iffy" job of it.
Defense Department rules require that even its unclassified day-to-day business must be handled within the Pentagon's secure .mil domain. But the evaluation team learned that Gray Hawk had built a .net commercial-type intranet instead. Separately, the team also discovered that most CIFA intelligence analysts lacked access to classified intelligence data, including situation reports of potential terrorist threats, stored in secured classified networks.
That's all very well, you may be saying, but it's history.

After all, Gray Hawk was sold.

To ManTech.

Which employed a Major General named Renzi. Whose son was a congressman, who voted on bills that gave work to Man-Tech/Gray Hawk.

And so the merry-go-round goes round and round...


Anonymous said...

Joseph, another great article and after briefly going through it, I plan on spending more time tonight getting into the juicy detail.

From my experience in the “Political Mafia” group associated with my ex-wife’s family – “Adreani”, this is only the tip of a very huge iceberg with finding links. Believing that such a huge criminal system can actually exist will be most shocking, so prepare your selves.

Another great yet not widely published group of scandals that need your focus is what is happening in Illinois. Although all of the elements involved aren’t published as being linked together, maybe later it’ll finally show itself as having value. Thus far, Daley’s admin has gone through a huge cleaning involving most everyone surrounding him. Now the attention is focused on Rezko who has connections that may pop your eyes out. Governor Rod Blagojevich is mentioned in the Indictment as Public Person A as announced by the Judge. However he is crying his fool head off that he isn’t involved! Go figure!

My ex-wife’s family is involved with Rezko and my youngest son is directly linked to his investments. Besides Rezko and the Governor, they moved former Governor Ryan today to another Prison. Besides all of these Public people, there’s perhas thousands of others linked to this who sit in various positions through out Illinois in Public office AND Corporations that are linked as well.

While married, we all had low number special license plates. That ended up being a scandal earlier on. My Northbrook home as an example, when built had Chicago City Asphalt used for my three car wide driveway. In 1990 I wanted to Incorporate and go into business. My father-in-law and his two sons went nuts and tried talking me into going into a business like Gus Boulis had in Florida. He actually started in Toronto Canada then sold and moved down to Florida and started up again. But Gus was well known throughout the criminal system as someone who has the “golden touch”. Everything he did or discussed was watched closely by the criminal system. Actually I’m a technical person and making sandwiches doesn’t appeal to me plus the family seemed to go crazy and that made me wonder about what was behind their interests. When I questioned any one of them about different things, they just told me to not worry about anything. They actually had a trip setup for me where I would meet Gus and spend some time with him up to a week in early 1990. I’m still thankful to this day that I didn’t go along with their requests. With what the family is all about, I would have ended up like Gus.

In 1996, the family was approached to join Gus in a business deal involving Casino Boats in New York, but the family really wanted his business in Florida instead. After many months had passed they turned down the offer. Gus didn’t expand his business in New York either and there’s a whole huge story about this that I won’t go into.

It was much later that Abramoff and his pal bought Gus’s Casino business in Florida. Gus had to sell it because he was setup and forced out of business. Guess who was behind that? This is another story that shows how huge this criminal system is. I’ve already connected New York, Florida with Chicago and my ex-wife’s family and Abramoff. But it gets larger still as there are banks involved and others that I could mention experiences about. Unfortunately Gus was murdered in a Mob hit days before he was to drag Abramoff and his pal to court because they weren’t paying him his money. Somewhere I have links if you want them.

At home, the family constantly talked about Gus’s business’s as if he was raking in millions. Gus dominated most of the conversations in the family at times. From how Gus’s situation turned out, it appears he actually ran a tight business. It was the criminal system with their deceptive eye towards corruption and stealing that felt what ever Gus did had to be a gold mine.

Joseph, an earlier article talked about “Silver Dollar” and Argenshow with laundering drug and arms money. These two groups were a favorite topic in the family as well. I’m still reading your detail and may have more to talk about another time regarding this.

Sometime ago, I mentioned about a huge Mega Church called “Willow Creek” in South Barrington that’s involved. Guess where my ex-wife’s family went to arrange their first murder? Guess who seduced them into getting involved with laundering Drug and Gun Running Money? With what I know about Willow Creek, it isn’t really a church. So is Willow linked to Daley and the Governor? I know the answer but maybe it would be more fun to watch closely to see what develops in the Rezko trial and afterwards. You’re going to be amazed and as time goes by, you’re also going to be astonished and it’s all happening right under our noses! By the way, Mayor Daley owns property in corruption Laundromats. His son recently was caught red handed with another scandal. I think this was published in the Tribune. Like father, like son!

And while we’re at it, let us not forget about where most of our tax money went earlier -- Mandarin Oriental Group. Per the family this is a good place to check out. Who owns it is "Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum", does anyone remember what happened earlier on with Dubai Ports World of Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co when wanting to purchase out Sea Ports? It just keeps on getting bigger. Look at whom else is involved in the Rezko trial – “Tony Rezko's billionaire buddy” - Nadhmi Auchi,CST-NWS-watchdog28.article
It would be wise to focus in on what’s happening in Illinois.

But there’s even more!!! If you look at Illinois, you’ll find that everyone loves Former Governor James Thompson. He left Public life and managed a law firm that now has more than 900 lawyers. But look at the type of work they do then add that I know from the family that he is directly involved in the Drug and Arms criminal systems plus other activities including the Coup! Some of these ties go back to the Sun-Times as they were board members. But if you look closely at whom else were board members, you’ll see well known people such as Richard N. Perle, Conrad Black, Henry Kissinger and Donald Rumsfeld (I think Rummy was on the Tribune board but I’m not sure). And OH, by the way --- Chiquita Brands was indicted for Gun Running. It’s also known by me to be involved in World Wide Drug Distribution is one of the Sun-Time’s company’s among others who are equally suspicious. The family often talked about the Sun-times and their involvement and I met Thompson at Maryville run by the Archdiocese of Chicago which was probed by the DCFS for a variety of things. The two managing Priests were found to have personal banking accounts exceeding $100K. Priests are paid $20K/year for personal expenses. The Archdiocese of Chicago stated that they didn’t have a good accounting system – yeah right. I could say a lot about this but won’t, it’s more important to focus in on what’s happening in Illinois as that will explain many things especially how the criminal system gets embedded into the Political system.

While reading, try to maintain an open mind that the drug system is vital to the Political Mafia system as it supports the White House Coup. Keeping it running and protected is important. Realize the link with Mexico as for many decades (before the drug planes) this was the main route that I’m aware of to bring drugs in. There’s more here too but I’ll leave this one alone for now. This post is already too large anyway. Sorry Joseph.

One important point that needs to be made to everyone is that all of these criminal operations do require some type of security. Otherwise anyone could pickup on something and then it would be over in a heart beat. I personally know that some of the people in Daley and the Governor’s admin are involved in other more serious criminal activities that include others. I don’t know if or when these activities will surface but beware, they exist. What’s interesting is all of the murders I’m aware of were labeled as an accident! Now start thinking of who else could be involved to make that happen? It keeps on getting bigger all the time doesn’t it?

Marty Didier
Northbrook, IL

Antifascist said...

Good info, Joe. It reminds me of the Idira Singh info on the dodgy Ptech Corp prior to 9/11. You wouldn't think they'd "permit" an unsecured computer network handling classified info (and spying on antiwar activists as part of its "counterterrorism mission," to boot) well, think again!

Criminal networks have a funny way of perpetuating themselves, especially when hefty dollops of boodle are in play... but that's why they're called the ruling class.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Something that has gone unnoticed is that the indictment of Renzi and the opening of a sealed indictment against Michael Lauer of Lancer hedge funds occurred on the same day. A few years ago, Forbes Magazine reported that Lauer was rumored to be affiliated with the CIA. Lancer was also a significant investor in Titan at one time.

I wonder if the two cases are related. This, of course, is complete speculation on my part.


Anonymous said...

From researching, I've also surfaced MANY links (some appear to be direct) to the CIA with the involvements of my ex-wife's family. AND THIS GOES WAY BACK!!! I'll post it another time.

Marty Didier
Northbrook, IL

Anonymous said...

Joseph has e-mail, Marty. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Jen said:
"Joseph has e-mail, Marty. Just sayin'."

Jen, I'm assuming that you may want to connect. Daniel Hopsicker from has my email address and had forwarded it to Joe some time ago. Unfortunately, I never got around to join Josephs blog so hopefully he still has my email address. It's OK to connect.

Normally I'm here daily in the early afternoon. Just sayin'.

Marty Didier
Northbrook, IL

Anonymous said...

Mr. Didier, I encountered a strange, scruffy wheelchaired character on Inauguration Day in 2001 who bragged to me that his DRUG TRAFFICKING parents assured him that "George W. Bush was a good guy"! Gee, why would brazen gangsters openly endorse a "law and order Christian fundie"? Is the Prez their GODFATHER-in Chief?? I had been out for hours in the miserable cold drizzle with other Bush-bashing protestors and needed to call a friend around 6:00 PM. When I got to the public phones in the Hechts Dept. store subway entrance, this loudmouth was using one of the phones. Because he was so loud, I waited for him to finish. When he finally wheeled away, he chirped: "Do you want to get it on with me?--I swing both ways!" My jaw dropped in shock, but he persisted in conversation which turned to politics. He said he was injured on the job and the family business of trucking involved drugs because of the money. He had no foreign or regional accent, appeared white and middle-aged. His drug trafficking parents would have to be senior citizens. He kept defending Bush and I declined his invitation. I sensed I met a major player and will someday see his mug shot in the news. While it's probably a long shot, I'm wondering if this guy matches anyone you came across?--Heil Mary

Anonymous said...

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