Sunday, February 24, 2008


I have to give a shout out to an old high school friend, Christopher Rouse, who just won the Academy Award for best editing (for The Bourne Ultimatum). Last time I saw Chris was many years ago -- his hair was, er, a tad browner then. We were part of a group of buddies who had great dreams of making it in the business. Only Chris broke through.

In his acceptance speech, he referenced the Oscar given to his father, Russell Rouse. I still recall holding that Oscar and cockily announcing that I would one day have one of my own. (You think I'm an arrogant asshole now? Back then I was legendary.) The elder Rouse won that one for writing the screenplay for 1959's Pillow Talk. He should have won an award for writing and directing an under-appreciated 1951 film called The Well.

I think Chris is going to get more than one, since he has the rep of being a miracle worker. Congratulations, old sport. You deserve all the best.

(By the way, Chris exaggerates a bit in this interview. We usually sat about five rows back at the Cinerama Dome.)


Anonymous said...

Since you gave me the segue, speaking of Oscars...I seem to remember someone around here saying he was writing a screenplay a while ago. I hope that went/is going well.

Anonymous said...

lousy namedropper. well, its your party.

Joseph Cannon said...

The creeps are always anonymous. What the hell is wrong with me giving a high five to an old school chum?