Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sibel speaks

I had planned to leave my post on Sibel Edmonds' interview with the Sunday Times to stay on top for awhile, but new material has come forward. (Read or skim the story below before dealing with this one.)

The former FBI translator has named all the individuals who -- she says -- played a role in the convoluted tale of treasonous activity that she uncovered while working for the Bureau. The information comes to us in an interesting way: She provided photos, and lukery provides names. As added value, I'm including a few biographical details. (Larisa Alexandrovna offers her own list here.)

Here they are:

1. Pentagon and State Department officials...

Richard Perle: Chairman of the Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee (2001-2003), leading member of neocon groups PNAC, JINSA and WINEP.(He's a registered Democrat, believe it or not, out of respect for Scoop Jackson.)

Douglas Feith: Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, 2001-2005; head of the Office of Special Plans (Pentagon intel/propaganda unit accused of using forged evidence); JINSA.

Eric Edelman: Principal Deputy Assistant to the Vice President for National Security Affairs (2001-2003); former U.S. Ambassador to Turkey (2003-2005); current Under Secretary of Defense for Policy.

Marc Grossman: United States Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs (2001-2005) Met with Pakistan's notorious intelligence head, General Mahmoud Ahmed, just before September 11, 2001.

Brent Scowcroft: Chairman of the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (2001-2005). Founder of the Scowcroft Group and The Forum for International Policy.

Larry Franklin: Officer in the Office of Special Plans, guilty to disclosing classified information to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)

2. Congress-critters...

Dennis Hastert: R-IL. House Speaker 1999-2005. (The only Speaker to last longer in the job than -- urp! -- Joseph Cannon.) Connected to Abramoff scandal.

Roy Blunt:
R-MO. House member from 1997; current House Minority Whip. Heavily tied to the tobacco industry nand to Tom Delay; considered one of the most corrupt members of Congress.

Dan Burton: R-IN. House member since 1983. Notorious for going on lobbyist-funded golf junkets and for voting against bills that would prevent lobbyist bribery. (He once recommended placing an aircraft carrier off the coast of Bolivia, a land-locked country.)

Tom Lantos: D-CA. Representing San Mateo in the House since 1981; will soon step down due to illness. Holocaust survivor and fighter in the anti-Nazi underground. Chairman of the United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Bob Livingston: R-LA. House Member 1977-1999; resigned over revelation of extramarital affairs. Since then, he has been a lobbyist, operating on behalf of Turkey.

Stephen Solarz: D-NY. House member 1975–1993; National Democratic Institute for International Affairs; Intellibridge.

3. Think tankers -- primarily the Washington Institute on Near East Policy, WINEP...

Graham E. Fuller: RAND. (I'm not sure of the role played by RAND in Sibel's story, but Larisa has advised readers to pay special attention here.) From this bio: "an independent writer, analyst, lecturer and consultant on Muslim World affairs and Adjunct Professor of History at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver."

David Makovsky: WINEP. CFR. American scholar and Israeli journalist. Former editor of The Jerusalem Post. Bio here. "In March 1995, with assistance from U.S. officials, Mr. Makovsky was given unprecedented permission to file reports for an Israeli publication from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Alan Makovsky: WINEP. (Not sure of his relationship to David.) State Department veteran; specialist in Turkish affairs.

Yusuf Turani:
This bio is pretty fascinating. He grew up under harsh conditions in a labor camp in Eastern Turkistan, which was under the control of China. He later stayed in Saudi Arabia and Turkey, then moved to the United States, where he became a physics teacher and a musician. He has devoted himself to freeing his homeland.

Professor Sabri Sayari: Georgetown, WINEP, RAND. Executive Director of the Institute of Turkish Studies and a Research Professor in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.

Mehmet Eymur: Connected to the MIT, Turkey's National Intelligence Organization (Turkey's CIA). Lukery incorrectly labels him the former head of the MIT; he actually directed the Department for Counter-Espionage. Forced out in 1987. Accused of involvement in the bloody Taksim Square Massacre of May 1 1977 and the March 30, 1972 Kizildere massacre. Linked with Operation Gladio, the Grey Wolves and other Turkish ultra-nationalist groups; see here, where he is accused of heading an "illegal group" within MIT. (I'm not nearly as informed on Tukish history as I ought to be; however, I am reminded of the parallel situation in Italy's SISMI.)

In this group, the haunting names are Tom Lantos (who has acted quite courageously on Darfur and who has always been quite good on domestic issues) and Yusuf Tarani, about whom I would like to know more. At this point, nothing said about guys like Hastert or Edelman or Feith could possibly surprise me.

Larisa lists various groups worthy of study, including the Grey Wolves. This was the fascist Turkish party which counted Mehmet Ali Agca -- the guy who shot the Pope -- among its members. Some of the neocons currently troubling the world conspired to spread the lie that Agca did what he did on behalf of the KGB; naturally, they covered up his Grey Wolves background.

Allow me to quote a bit from Larisa's own comments on the Sibel affair:
I have tried getting someone in broadcast and print media to run this story. My sources did not include Edmonds, but because of the sensitive nature of the information, I was concerned that she would go to jail anyway, unless I proved she was not a source - which would require me to reveal my sources.

I thought if I approached a big enough news outlet, the pressure generated by the public response would spare Edmonds jail time and I would not be pressured to reveal sources - something I would not have done anyway. Even a former high ranking CIA officer offered to byline the article with me if that would help sell a broadcaster/publication on running the story. No one was interested.
The media's response has indeed been infuriating. No American publication has touched the story. You can't even get the internet publications to talk about this stuff -- not Salon, not Slate, not TPM, not the larger bloggers.

Yet the story has been covered by Haaretz in Israel, by the Times of India, by The Australian, and even by Pakistan's Daily Times.

I guess Americans aren't supposed to know about treason committed by American officials.


Anonymous said...

The Somali Garowe Online has picked up the story. Yes, Somalia, a country wracked by war and anarchy, has scooped the United States.

AitchD said...

Not getting your money's worth from your commercial information outlets? Do what my neighbor does: she pays for cable (Time-Warner) and for newspaper delivery with her credit card; she buys news magazines as single issues and pays by credit card. If she believes that the product or service is damaged or defective, or a flagrant misrepresentation, she doesn't pay the credit card's charge for it because the bank grants her that good-faith option. She's a guerrilla warrior. What else can one person do?

Anonymous said...

I don't know how far to push it as a theory, but some of those names are suggestive of pan-Turanism -- a type of Turkic ultra-nationalism espoused by the Grey Wolves -- as well as of the Bernard Lewis strategy of using pan-Turanism (also called pan-Turanianism) as a means of encircling, containing, and even nibbling away at both Russia and China (not to mention Iran).

East Turkistan, of which Turani styles himself the prime minister in exile, is an old name for Xinjiang, China's easternmost region -- and is obviously a custom-made target for this pan-Turanian strategy. Graham Fuller is also known for having taken an interest in that region.

All of Central Asia is full of militant groups which appear to be allied with both the US and al Qaeda simultaneously -- which is either a really neat trick or an indication that the 80's strategy of using al Qaeda to beat back the Russians never really ended. This may explain why there have been a couple of dozen Uighurs -- Xinjiang natives -- held at Guantanamo under what appears to be a somewhat ambiguous status.

And then there's the Shanghai Cooperative Organization, which represents China's own best effort to make nice with the Central Asian 'stans and pry them away from the embrace of the US.

That's about the extent of my knowledge of these things. Basically, I know enough to be aware that much of what Sibel says should be viewed in a context of the kind of geostrategic games they like to play over at CSIS (where Brent Scowcroft, current chairman of the American Turkish Council, is a big wheel) -- but not much more than that.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce.

Anonymous said...

joe, that photo that lukery says is brent scowcroft actually appears to be steve friedman! i noted that in a comment on his site, and then checked it out. the photo itself is director of the national economic council, formerly of goldman sachs.

don't know how scowcroft's name got attached to that photo, but it is NOT him. y

lukery said...

Dr E - thanks.

To be clear, the problem was with the photo.

The photo has been fixed - and is now clearly brent scowcroft.

He is the Chairman of the ATC.

Anonymous said...

I've known for years that the Israeli's had infiltrated our government. They're like a fucking parasite.

Anyone with dual citizenship (US/Israeli, US/Turk, etc) should be barred from holding any sort of clearance in the US government.

Jamie in Boston

Antifascist said...

As far the neo-fascist Grey Wolves go, check out the highly-informative 1997 piece by Martin A. Lee on Bob Parry's excellent

"On the Trail of Turkey's Terrorist Grey Wolves," June 16, 1997,

I don't know if this is on-line any longer but Covert Action Quarterly ran an excellent piece on Turkey's Counter-Guerrilla networks (Turkish Gladio): Ertugrul Kurkcu, "Turkey: Tarpped in a Web of Covert Killers," Summer 1997, Number 61.

and from Glasgow:

"United States and NATO Inspired 'Psychological Warfare Operations' Against The 'Kurdish Communist Threat' in Turkey," Desmond Fernandes and Iskender Ozden, Variant 12, Spring 2001,

As detailed in the articles above as well as in Martin A. Lee's essential book, The Beast Reawakens, Pan-Turkish nationalism was a significant ideological hook for fascist and Nazi-minded nationalists during the Cold War...and beyond.

I can't stress enough: neo-Nazi as well as far-right Islamist intelligence assets of the "Gladio" variety in Italy and Belgium and/or the Afghan/Arab database al-Qaeda are merely the hammers used to strike enemies de joure by imperialism. And, like all assets, they are neither puppets nor fools (though some, not all, undoubtedly are). Often double or even triple agents (Ali Mohammed) they can just as easily strike their "masters" (9/11) as their masters' targets: Bosnia, Kosovo, Italian leftists, etc.

The significance of Sibel Edmonds latest revelations is that she has torn back the curtain on the inner workings of "global Gladio", the paymasters - or what investigative journalist Philip Willan in his landmark study of Italian Gladio's machinations termed the "Puppetmasters." This makes her revelations very dangerous.

Anonymous said...
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