Friday, November 30, 2007

The stand-off (Updates 1 and 2)

You probably know about the hostage situation in Hillary Clinton's New Hampshire campaign HQ, still unresolved at this writing. The question: Right-wing nutjob, left-wing nutjob, or non-political nutjob?

We'll soon know. I'm predicting that he'll turn out to be a "progressive" crank. Or a tranny.

Update: They got 'em, just now. His name is Leeland Eisenberg, and so far we have no indication of a political motive. I wonder if he is the same as the "Leeland Eisenberg" who was the plaintiff in this court case back in 2002? That individual -- who avers that he was born Ralph Woodward -- claimed to have been abused by a priest. (The double-e "Leeland" spelling is unusual, the ages correspond, and Massachusetts is nearby.)

CNN reports that Eisenberg had been in contact with them and had complained that he had not received the mental health treatment he needed. Sad. A cry for help. He should not have had to do this.

Update 2: So which brand of inter-nut Hillary-hater reacted in an uglier fashion, right or left? Here's the word from the right:
LibocalypseNowMessage #13 11/30/07 01:12 PM No doubt this guy is just another Clinton News Network plant. How low will the corrupts Clintons stoop to grab that power? This is nothing more than another corrupt Clinton dirty trick. You can bet on it.

AlGoreMessage #17 11/30/07 01:20 PM The guy has every reason to be p i s s e d! Wouldn't you be .....if you found out Hillary's husband was doing your daughter?

LibocalypseNowMessage #20 11/30/07 01:27 PM Yea those corrupt Clintons will apparently do anything to get a bump in the polls. I guess the Clinton Boot-Lickers really will buy anything.
Now from the left:
Hillary is poison. No other candidate enables the whack jobs like she does.

We need to look elswhere. Not blaming this on Hillary at all, but the nutballs come out of the woodwork and she isn't even the nominee yet.
Moderators at "D"U had to remove a ton of messages from anti-Hillary lefties who thought that she had arranged this situation to gain sympathy. Good on Skinner. Of course, Think ProgressivePurist has no standards whatsoever:
Piping hot Talking Point:

Clinton Did It!
Not sure what you mean by that, but I do wonder whether this is a stunt by Hill’reh to disrupt her diving poll numbers.
Hill’reh lags behind Obama by 2 points in Iowa, and latest poll has Clinton lead in New Hampshire down to 7 from 20+ just weeks ago:
The winner? Well, we have to give it the righties. Rush Limbaugh said that Hillary brought this on herself -- and for sheer vile wackiness, you can't top that statement.


Anonymous said...

If it's a tranny, it's a right wing nutjob. Though not all trannies are right wing nutjobs. Left-wing trannies don't usually venture much further than their protective bubble, and most likely would have already demanded a book mobile to Cuba. But first we must define nut job :)

AitchD said...

Isn't New Hampshire the state where by law your license plate must show the motto "Live Free or Die"?

Here's your License Plate Bowl Toss-Up Question:

Which state's license plate has "First in Flight" on it, and which one has "Birthplace of Aviation"? Hint: their respective state quarters have "First Flight" and "Birthplace of Aviation", and the one that has "Birthplace of Aviation" has the Kitty Hawk flight embossed on it. Mint hint: the US Treasury can't sue itself for plagiarism, deceptive practices, or for portraying both the Wright Stuff and the Right Stuff on the same coin.

Anonymous said...

A little off-topic, but did I read that comment from one of the posters designated as a right-wing nut job correctly? Something accusing Bill Clinton of having sex with one of Al Gore's daughters?

Now, WHAT now? I thought I was abreast of all the RW beliefs about the Clintons, but I hadn't heard that one. Does anyone know if this claim is widely believed? How bizarre.

Joseph Cannon said...
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Joseph Cannon said...

jen, so nice to hear from you! You and doc elsewhere are the only ones who actually seem to like me, and when you're gone, this gig hardly seems worth the effort.

I think you misunderstood. The right-winger's comment needs a little context: Earlier today, Rush Limbaugh broadcast some blarney about the hostage-taker being upset because Bill Clinton had slept with the guy's daughter. I don't know if Rush was trying to be funny or not, but that is what he said. Pretty rancid, eh?

At any rate, it was not Al Gore's daughter who had received the fictional Clintonian ravage.

So show up more often, jen, please! Hell, you and doc e can take over the writing of this blog.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhh, okay.

And also—WHAT? Is Limbaugh hooked on Oxy again? That is insane.

I had this bad feeling that one of these days you would try to give me the blog.

John said...

Wow, I feel slanted. I even donated $100 to you when you had your dental problems (and never heard a word back).


Joseph Cannon said...

John, have at it. Judging by the reader comments -- you should see the stuff blocked by my "gatekeeping" -- I'm about as popular as a rat meat sandwich these days. Yet the readership numbers don't go down, despite all my efforts to alienate people.

I don't push the donations anymore, because it turned into a situation where anyone who gave me money felt that I should give them a chance to convert me to trannyism. Why do they fixate on me? There are trannies out there who are more obsessed with "turning" Cannon than with "turning" Congress!

Charles D said...

The nutjobs are out in force when Hillary is in the news, that's for sure.

What worries me here is the "security" problem we now seem to have with campaigns, the spectre of SWAT vehicles in front of Democratic campaign offices, reporters "embedded" with campaigns, lots of idle news chat about copycats, etc. The last thing we need is to get people worried about their personal safety when they are involved in the political process - or what's left of it.