Monday, November 12, 2007

"Dead in the woods like Dr Kelly"? Let's take a closer look... (UPDATE)

This comes to us by way of Kathy over on Larisa's blog:
An EU expert on biological warfare has told how she fears ending up 'dead in the woods' like scientist Dr David Kelly after an alleged campaign of intimidation by members of MI6 and the CIA.

Jill Dekker, a bio-defence expert based in Brussels, has reported a string of sinister incidents – including the parking of a hearse outside her house – after making a speech critical of British and American policy in the Middle East.
Dekker, an expert on Syria's weapons program, tells a strange story involving the creation of a smallpox vaccine. I thought we already had one! She claims that, while flying to an intelligence summit in Florida, she was subjected to heavy-handed interrogation by a suspected British spy. (And you thought sitting next to a crying baby was bad...!)
American-born Dr Dekker has been billed at security conferences as the director of the 'public health preparedness programme' at the European Homeland Security Association (EHSA), a security think tank.

She was placed under the protection of the Belgian government after reporting a series of sinister incidents earlier this year.

The Belgians confirm that they mounted a three-month protection operation earlier this year for Dr Dekker, who has advised the European Commission on bio-terrorism issues, but refuse to be drawn on the extent to which her fears were wellfounded or why the protection was eventually lifted.
Hmmm. Is Ms. Dekker all that she seems?
The EHSA bears many of the hallmarks of a 'front' organisation for espionage activities, although Dr Dekker refuses to say anything about it except that it answers to the French government.,,

It appears to exist only in cyberspace, with its staff, including its president, French career diplomat Richard Narich, only contactable by email.
Well. That sounds odd.

I can't spend much time looking into Dr. Dekkers' net trail, but I've found her praised on Israpundit, a truly obnoxious far-right Israeli site. (Their motto: "There is no diplomatic solution! There is only a military solution!") See here and here. Here's what she said at what I presume to be the summit mentioned above (put together by John "helper" Loftus, whom I do not trust):
She warned us of the depth of commitments of the Assad regime in Damascus and close cooperation with the Iranians, especially the military who control the CBW establishment. Dekker noted contrbutions made by Saddam Hussein’s CBW experts and the delivery of virulent toxins during the collapse of his regime under the onslaught of Operation Enduring Freedom. Dekker noted Russian, West German and even U.S. suppliers like bio pharma company Baxter International to the Syrian CBW establishment under the guise of pharmaceutical processing equipment.
This all has a rather familiar sound. Yellowcake, anyone? Perhaps Signor Farina is a-lurkin' inna da shadows...

Before proceeding, I should note that Baxter International -- accused here of selling CBW supplies to the Syrians -- once employed the very spooky Dr. Richard Fuisz, who played such a strange role in the manipulation of Susan Lindauer. When Baxter stood accused of pulling out of Israel in order to cooperate with the Arab boycott (which is against the law, believe it or not), Fuisz provided evidence against the company. It is fair to say that some Israelis may hold a grudge against Baxter.

Here's Dekker's page on the website of this "intelligence summit." Note the other speakers.

General Paul Vallely is, of course, the FOX News military analyst who toured Gitmo and reported that all reports of abuse were "myths" promulgated by the "left-wing press." (He also made apparent untrue statements about Joe Wilson.)

Former KGB Lieutenant Colonel Konstantin Preobrazhensky was a close friend of Alexander Litvinenko. After the latter's poisoning, Preobrazhensky went on CNN to proclaim that the culprit was Putin, not Berezovsky. I don't know how Preobrazhensky earns his egg-and-cheese money these days, but I'd guess that he works for some faction of American intelligence.

Richard Marcinko had an amazing career with the Navy SEALS (wouldn't wanna tangle with that guy!), and a controversial career as a right-wing talk-show host.

Colonel Bill Cowan is another FOX terrorism expert. His Wikipedia page has some points of interest. In Vietnam, "Most of his time was spent with small units and getting experience of intelligence gathering with the Central Intelligence Agency." Ah yes. Two words: Field telephones. Later...
He retired from the ISA [Intelligence Support Activity] after what he perceived as inaction by the Pentagon towards dealing with this incident. This inspired him to secretly organize a group that would work outside the government to help fight terrorism and other social problems worldwide.
He also put together a plan to rescue kidnapped CIA station chief Bill Buckley -- a plan scuttled, he says, by Oliver North. Newshounds calls Cowan an Iraq "war profiteer,"

Well, I could go on, but you get the picture. Our Jill has befriended a remarkable crew of plucky lads. Now, if I were of a paranoid turn of mind, I would say that some of these fellows would know how to stage the kind of incidents that once (but no longer) attracted the concern of the Belgian government. I'd be grateful to any reader who can explain to me why MI6 and the CIA would try to prevent someone from talking about Syrian chemical/biological weaponry.

Perhaps a faction within those services has had a snootful of people trying to gin up evidence for war...?

Added note: That "intelligence summit" now seems very important indeed. It was put together by Michael Chernoy (sometimes spelled Cherney), a Russian mobster turned Israeli citizen.

If you scroll down two posts, you'll find a story about the Great Coke Jet Mystery, in which we learn a great deal more about Chernoy. After you've taken in all of that material, check out this piece on Chernoy, the summit, and rigged WMD evidence against Saddam. Mind-blowing!


Anonymous said...

Does Dekher post at JOM as TSK9?

She sounds just like Plame, always wanting protection.

Anonymous said...

There's far more to be said about Loftus's Intelligence Summit -- not least being its sponsorship by Mikhail Chernoy/Michael Cherney, which caused even James Woolsey to think better of participating.

Among other things, it's where all the most extreme Iran hawks hang out -- such as Vallely and Cowan of the Iran Policy Committee, supporters of the terrorist MEK. As I recall, long-time Israeli propagandist Yossef Bodansky had some involvement at well.

That and Chernoy's own Jerusalem Summit -- both of which have conserable overlap with the client list of Benador Associates -- are well worth your attention.

Joseph Cannon said...

starroute, every day I half-decide to cut out commentary altogether. And then comes a response like yours.

You've taken me to school and I am very grateful for the lesson.