Friday, October 05, 2007

More on Burma

The bloodshed in Burma continues and the soldiers control the streets of Rangoon. But the protest "remains strong." The Burmese bloggers who have provided information about the rebellion are no longer operating (here and here); one fears the worst. This site is still up. The protesters are considering a "stay at home" strike.

Meanwhile, life for the refugees is unspeakably miserable.

Burma's military rulers are worse than Saddam Hussein was, and far worse than the current rulers of Iran. What can you do? Put pressure on Burma's corporate enablers. Call them, write to them, Fax them. Write them a simple email -- "As long as you do business with Burma, I will do no business with you."

You will find all the contact info you need two posts down; please share that article with others. The job will take mere seconds -- and you will feel great afterwards.

(Note: When I wrote "Make Burma radioactive," I meant politically. I hope Cheney didn't read those words -- he might take them literally.)

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