Friday, June 01, 2007


Brad Friedman and Greg Palast have produced a must-read article. Remember Tim Griffin, the close Rove friend who became the U.S. Attorney in Arkansas after the honest and effective Bud Cummins was "axed" to leave? (Cummins had been looking into G.O.P. corruption.) Well, Congressman John Conyers requested Palast's evidence that Tim Griffin was involved in "caging" voters. (Slate has a great new piece on caging.) Within hours of that request, Griffin quit. He may play a role in Fred Thompson's campaign.

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Anonymous said...

In your Hopsicker rendition below, you say, "6. The United States government has given Agape special permission to make regular flights to Cuba."
Lets tie that in with where Fred "Reagan" Thompsons cigars come from.
Why Not ?
It would make for some interesting campaign comedy.