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Bush, Cheney, sex and scandal

You probably already know by now that rumor connects Dick Cheney with the "DC Madam" scandal. As near as I can tell, all of these reports stem from Wayne Madsen.

Madsen -- let us put this politely -- has a problematical reputation. He is, for example, the only source for the tabloid rumor that Laura wants a divorce and has moved out of the White House. He is right maybe half the time, but deciding which half is which requires more talent than I possess.

Does anyone know of any other source for the Cheney tale?

On another front (so to speak): I am aware that Leola McConnell (the BDSM diva who claims to have witnessed a liaison between Dubya and Victor Ashe) was featured in the Globe tabloid, although I've not yet read the story. I have tried to get her to speak to me, but so far, no luck...

While researching the Cheney thing, I stumbled across a columnist who poses an interesting question:
But what’s more interesting than the names of the big spenders are the women who worked for Palfrey, the $300-an-hour club. I’ve never paid for sex (only because I didn’t know where to find it when I was 15), but in the marketplace, I assume $300 gets you the Ferrari, or at least the Corvette. But the questions remain: What does a $300-an-hour prostitute look like? What do you get for the money? Is there a charge by the minute?
Your Friend and Humble Narrator may be a rotter and a cad, but he is also a man of the world. So allow me to attempt an answer.

I used to know a wonderful lady who had, not many years previous, made a tidy pile as an upscale escort. We are not talking $300 a visit: We are talking $3000. The fellow quoted above will probably presume that that kind of money gets you not a Corvette, not a Ferrari, but a faster-than-light spaceship hand-crafted by leprechauns.

(I met her after she had embarked on a new career as a writer. She's brilliant.)

She was and is very pretty, but -- you may be surprised to learn -- the business, on that level, is not about "pretty." It's about attitude. She was advised to convey the impression that she just might decide to say "no" and walk right out of the room at any moment.

Certain men pay an awful lot of money for the possibility of that "no."

The trade, even at its most lucrative, has no glamor. She became convinced that the high-powered individuals she saw (she did not name any names and I did not press) were possessed by demons. Literally. She was so persuasive that I could not bring myself to disbelieve her -- and I'm not the kind of guy who buys into tales about demons.

Most of the girls she worked with died young.

(I miss her. She's a lovely lady -- "lovely" in the highest sense of the word -- who had the misfortune to encounter me at a horrible time in my life. I will repay her one day for the help she gave me.)

Don't get me wrong: There are some exquisite-looking $300 escorts out there. Even so, I suspect a Haliburton CEO would operate somewhere above and beyond the $300 realm. Most people don't even know that there are realms beyond that.

A.K. -- you may fill out the rest of the name; I've used it often in previous posts -- has been known to connect powerful and wealthy men with women who inhabit an amorphous, unnamed region between "escort" and "mistress." A relationship of this sort lasts days or weeks or even months, not hours. I've talked to one of these women. The participants convince themselves that sex on this level really is not prostitution. Perhaps it isn't, and perhaps it is; I'll leave that question to the philosophers.

Palfrey's ladies may well have been used for entrapment purposes. Many foreign VIPs (diplomats, spooks, department heads, military officers, etc) come to DC and NY expecting entertainment. Hidden cameras have been known to play a role in such scenarios.

In the past, I've discussed the case of Xaviera Hollander, who had a camera placed in her bedroom while she entertained Arab dignitaries -- who did not know that she is Jewish. Explains a lot of history, eh?
A girl I knew (who dabbled in the business) escorted a well-known CEO for a weekend at the Beverly Wilshire. At the end, he sent her home with a Steuben glass figure identical to the one he had given to Leonid Brezhnev. Not cash, but a gift. So you could hardly call it prostitution, could you?

It isn't clear from what I've read about Palfrey whether her escorts were actually escorts (and at $300/hour an evening can get very expensive), or whether they just did outcall tricks, which, as you say, is relatively inexpensive for a place like DC.
Gross! On to the next item, pronto, please! Just as disgusting, mind you, is the story of domesticated ruinous romance I ran last week. I mean, specifically, the inside dope I've been delivering regarding Laura Bush, First Lady of the U.Es., not exactly residing at the White House right now. Scuttlebutt being—according to prominent and knowledgeable Washington know-it-everythings—Laura moved into the ritzy Hay-Adams hotel, because she couldn't stand Dubya's drinkin' no more. The White House refused comment. Repeatedly. Meaning, I called over. A lot. Most-heard excuse by moi was that everybody had "stepped out,"! ; so claimed "Sarah" from "Mrs. Bush's press office," as she identified herself. I declare. Sarah, as well as the folks over at Mr. Bush's media corral, really do need to come to Hollywood for a quick course in how to best bulls--t during calls from journalists. "I can't reach Mrs. Bush right now," or even a simple, "I'll pass along your message," would have sufficed beautifully. Instead, Laura Bush's silence to my inquiries (yes, the First Lady is entitled to privacy, but hell, if she's checked out of 1600 Pennsylvania due to the leader of the free world's imbibing, that's news) combined with her spokesperson's nervous Nellie uttering, I smell somethin' bad. Additionally, my trusty and, like, totally connected Desk Dee Cee reports further 80-proof suspicions from Potomacville, regarding whether or not the Prez (who once abstained from alcohol) is drinking again: Desk D.C. is one of those who hang and socializ! e at the White House. Desk Dee say s fellow hangers and members there report that when they gab with G.W.B., "There is definite slurrage...not just the regular word mangling, eliding and grammar screwups when he speaks off the cuff, but real slurring in speeches and interviews." Could any of this above crap have anything to do with why Bush keeps making hideous state decision after another, and I'm not just talkin' Iraq?
Bottoms Down!

“She’s still there.”That's my erstwhile, crackerjack (not cracked out) Desk DeeCee, regarding Laura Bush's escape from the White House to the posh Hay-Adams, due to Dubya's excessive drinking. Just didn't want anybody to be fooled, since L. showed up at 1600 Pennsylvania (as she still does during office hours) to help G.W.B. host the Queen of England, Elizabeth II.And not to be a bitchy queen myself or anything, but I'm here to report that Desk Throne Room (yes, I actually have one, I kid you not, and I don't mean my cat Butch's litter box) tells me—quelle friggin' surprise—that Liz didn't exactly take to our current prez."Horrified," was the kindest reaction I could ferret out from my Buckingham Palace insiders, regarding Missus Windsor's interactions with the bumbling chief of state, who took potshots, in case you hadn't heard, at the British monarch's age.Oh, and not to be ageist myself or an 80-proof-snoop or anything, but did you all notice the size of the royal-razzing prez's double chin these days? What's causin' that, baby—high-caloric highballs or somethin'?
More details of the Bu$$h failed marriage, but not as much as Ken Starr.

The Globe divulges that gossip columnist Ted Casablanca, who writes The Awful Truth column for E! Online (oh, stop judging, you know you want to hear this), was told by "prominent and knowledgeable Washington sources" that Laura Bush is staying at the Hay-Adams Hotel following yet another "angry confrontation" with the president over "the state of their marriage."

The Globe reminds its readers that it has been reporting for twelve months that Laura has "battled to keep the marriage alive despite the president's drinking and her suspicions that he was cheating on her with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice."
Man, I love this stuff. I have no idea if it's on the level, but keep churning it out...
wow! it's like a B&W film noir movie in here (again) now u got Mr. T the awful truth casablanca reading and commenting on good 'ol cannonfire! wow Joe, u got cool readers :p
Seems like a person (in the D.C. area) could just go to the Hay-Adams and look: if there's a contingent of guys with sunglasses talking into their wrists, that'd answer the question, yes?
Cheney Blocks Record of Visitors to His Residence

A lawyer for Vice President Dick Cheney told the Secret Service last September to eliminate information on who visited him at his official residence, a newly disclosed letter states.

The Sept. 13 letter from Mr. Cheney’s lawyer says logs for his residence on the grounds of the Naval Observatory are subject to the Presidential Records Act. Such a designation prevents the public from learning who visited the vice president.
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