Friday, April 13, 2007

Remember the Bush and Victor Ashe "thing"?

On another site, a commentator said that it looks like the only thing that could destroy Bush at this point is an old fashioned sex scandal. He has tried every other sort of scandal, and he's still there.

Leola McConnell, that noted Domina (the term she prefers to "Dominatrix") from Las Vegas, claims that she can provide just that in her new book, Lustful Utterances. McConnell claims that she personally witnessed a tryst between George W. Bush and Victor Ashe, our current ambassador to Poland.

Bush and Ashe were roommates together at Yale. And they were both male cheerleaders. Have I ever mentioned that before?

I've been trying to land an interview with McConnell, but she is playing a bit coy. She did send me the following, vis-a-vis Ann Coulter's infamous "faggot" remark:
If she [Ann Coulter] wants to have a conversation so badly about buggery, she needs to go over to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and have a sit down with the Decider in Chief and the American Ambassador to Poland [Victor Ashe] about the F word. He [Bush] knows a lot about buggery I can assure you. Little anorexic Annie needs her head slapped in a circle. I recall some guy tossed a pie at her, she looked like she was going to s**** herself from fright. Where was all that clever conversation she's so famous for then?
The image of Leola slapping Ann's head in a circle is -- you must admit -- kind of funny. Please understand: I am sure that she meant these words poetically; this blog does not advocate violence.

As for the Bush-Ashe accusation (which Leola is hardly the only one to make): The issue is not whether I believe it or you believe it -- but whether she (or anyone else) can deliver the details which will make a wide public believe it.


sunny said...

A "Is Bush Gay?" scandal would be a thing of beauty.

Not that I care, but the reaction from Bush cultists would be either:

1-Denial even in the face of photographic evidence, or
2-Liberal meanies hate gays

Anonymous said...

leola will probably have some sort of "tragic accident" before she gets a chance to speak in person. She probably knows this so probably procrastinates.

there was some young black woman in Texas who died shortly after filing suit against George Bush for raped.

You talk, you die. If you know too much and are considered a loose cannon, you'll die.

leola isn't considered too credible but if she follows thru on her promise for speaking in person, she'll have life shortened considerably by TPTB who back the bushies. they operate remarkably like any other mafia organization: keep information limited to a "need to know basis", destroy emails every 30 days, get rid of anyone who betrays their secrets or disobeys orders.

no one has ever followed up on the mysteriously death of Marvin Bush's family babysitter who died in the driveway after having been run over by her own car in Oct 2003.