Monday, April 16, 2007

More massacre info

We are told now that the still-unidentified shooter at Virginia Tech was a Chinese national who came here on a student visa last August. From the Daily Mail:
He was said to have quarrelled in a dormitory with his girlfriend, whom he believed had been seeing another man. A student adviser was called to sort out the row. But the killer produced a gun and shot dead both his girlfriend and the adviser.
Yet we are also told that the cops suspect that the bomb threats to the engineering building on the other side of campus -- where the second attacks took place -- were an attempt to test campus security.

Can we reconcile these two stories? Was he after the girl or the building?

Still no explanation for the original story of an arrest after the first murders...
Yes, we're being asked to buy the story that a Chinese National in Smalltown, USA somehow knew how to obtain massive amounts of ammo, be "lucky" enough to navigate a college campus without detection for two hours, breach building security, and shoot with enough accuracy to mortally wound most of his targets while reloading at least once - all without any help? How many things had to fall exactly in to place for this guy?

One more thing - It's not as unusual for multiple shooters to make suicide pacts. However, lone shooters usually don't go out without a fight.

Kim in PA
Ah, Chinese national. Nice. I suppose we are going to have to start hating the Chinese now that we will be at war with them after the bombs start falling on Tehran. How convenient. Kind of like when the Arab Nationals got us to start hating Arabs.

Notice that the Gonzalace hearings are off?
For the record, anon, I wasn't implying that we're "supposed" to hate any group of people of any nationality. I mentioned this because of the obvious difficulties one might have securing the means and opportunity to commit mass murder in a foreign country. I thought that was obvious.

And no, the Gonzalez hearing is not off. It has been postponed until Thursday - something else you may have noted if you had been listening or reading more carefully.

Kim in PA
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