Monday, April 16, 2007

Blogging the massacre (ADDED NOTES 1 and 2)

Here is a list of student blogs offering on-the-scene, unfiltered-by-cameras coverage of the Virginia Tech shooting.

Still no explanation as to why the campus was not locked down after the first shooting. Still no explanation for initial reports of an arrest after the first shooting.

The best continuing coverage comes from the Collegiate Times, the university's newspaper. Their server went down, so what you see here is an impromptu blog.

Added note: From ABC News...
According to Dr. Charles Steger, president of Virginia Tech, the administration locked down Ambler Johnston Hall dormitory after the first shooting. But classes weren't cancelled because it was believed to be a domestic dispute and campus police thought that the shooter had left the campus.
This makes no sense. We don't have any idea who this guy was -- at least nobody has released that information at this writing. How can anyone have determined that a shooting was a domestic dispute without identification? Why did the cops think the shooter had left campus? And even if the dispute were domestic, two murders had been committed not long after 7 a.m., and the killer was uncaught. Isn't that sufficient reason for canceling classes?

ADDED NOTE 2: Here is a collection of emails sent out to students as events unfolded. Here's the earliest -- about an hour after the first shooting:
8:14 AM entitled "Emergency" from my RA: (Resident Advisor)


Hey what's up due to an unforeseen emergency I ask that you all remain in AJ and specifically in your room as there is a situation that requires you not leave the building. Questions or concerns email me or call but I am being told that you should not exit the building.

Thank ou,

Gee, you'd think D could have mentioned something about the dead people -- just to drive home that this was important.

Meanwhile, Alex Jones's "Prison Planet" has already published the conspiracy version of these events. And right-wing blogs are castigating left-wing blogs for using this tragedy as an excuse for spreading conspiracy stories -- as though Alex Jones and his "comrades" constituted some kind of Democratic party cell. See why I don't like the "Prison Planet" crowd?
this is a terrible tragedy for all those died today and their families and friends.

However, a big story like pushes off other growing stories like the 5 million missing WH emails, or that the US Postal service is on the verge of putting out of business small print magazines/newspapers who depend upon being able to send via media rate.

There are several other big WH stories that are getting pushed off such as Gonzales having played a far bigger role with the firings of the US Attorneys. Or how the new HOLT election reform bill if approved provides the WhiteHouse with more control over our elections by giving a much bigger role to Bush's Election Assistance Committee (EAC).

all of these stories get pushed to the side and may not resurface as the media and the nation gets obsessed with the who dunit and why did they do this sort of questions.

There are probably even more stories about to break that now won't see the light of day.
Prison Planet are coming out with the mad line that the government did it because they want to introduce 'mass gun control'. Don't tell the NRA, huh? Yeah and all the bankers are secret communists too. Loonies!

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