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Did Cannonfire get "Megaphoned"?

As readers know, a rather innocuous recent post by dr. elsewhere on political problems within Israel, along with another post by yours truly on the Israeli "art students" and "movers" conundrum, led to a flurry of posts by people trying their damnedest to make both the doctor and myself out to be racists.

The accusations were quite bizarre: Apparently, referring to Jews as brothers is now considered "patronizing" and "contemptible." Of course, anyone intent on doing so can scry racism into any text. Fortunately, most rational people can recognize sophistry on sight.

Here's the odd part: A lot of these commenters seem unfamiliar with this blog. Take, for example this gem:
We in part were responding to your ludicrous attempt to give credibility to that outworn and hackneyed story of some "art students” (Jewish oh so very Jewish) dancing the Hora and giving each other high fives while Rom..Twin Towers burned. Oh those hateful jews must have planted the bombs inside all those really really tall buildings while peddling art inside then like all jews do.
Now, anyone who has spent any time here knows that I'm fairly notorious for my opposition to all "controlled demolition" (or CD) scenarios of 9/11. If I do not announce a delete-on-sight policy, the "trannies" (my derisive term for the CD aficionados) tend to take over the comments section every time I mention that date.

Just look at the phrases used by this commenter: "dancing the Hora," "hateful Jews," "Jewish oh so very Jewish," "like all jews do." Nothing here even remotely resembles what I actually wrote, nor does this bilge resemble the way I think. But these, alas, are the sentiments that certain lying bastards want to ascribe to me.

Am I angry? You bet.
Can you please list what you do like, appreciate, or respect about Jews? Just so we can all see that you really really do care about us. Otherwise you are a ahhhhhh stupid hare brained idiot and a jew "disliker".

What is a Trannie also?
Here we see another indication that we're dealing with an influx of newcomers who are too lazy to use the "search" function at the top of the page.

Of course, I'm being baited. When I talked about the Jews I've known, worked for, grew up with, had in my extended family, made love to and respected, I was called condescending. Now, we learn that anyone who does not talk about such things stands open to accusations of anti-Semitism. Ya can't win!

The people who offer these baiting remarks do so knowingly, in cold blood. They are not actually offended. They are pretending to be offended for tactical reasons. They are part of a team. We know who they are and what the plan is.

Thanks to a link provided by a reader named sunny, we learn Israeli students are using software expertise to search out blogs such as this one:
Israel’s Government has thrown its weight behind efforts by supporters to counter what it believes to be negative bias and a tide of pro-Arab propaganda. The Foreign Ministry has ordered trainee diplomats to track websites and chatrooms so that networks of US and European groups with hundreds of thousands of Jewish activists can place supportive messages.

In the past week nearly 5,000 members of the World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS) have downloaded special “megaphone” software that alerts them to anti-Israeli chatrooms or internet polls to enable them to post contrary viewpoints. A student team in Jerusalem combs the web in a host of different languages to flag the sites so that those who have signed up can influence an opinion survey or the course of a debate.
That's why newcomers to this blog suddenly showed up to make disgusting accusations.

The ploy is obvious: If any writer slams Israel -- or if someone does a little original research into something like the "movers" story -- hit 'em with charges of racism. It doesn't matter if the charges make any sense. The goal is to make the blogger sorry he even broached the topic.

I'm on to you, guys. And thanks to your efforts, I hereby promise 1. to keep this blog alive (I was hoping to shut it down soon) and 2. to spend more time criticizing Israel.

That "megaphone" just backfired right into your faces, didn't it?

Oh, one more word to our friends at the WUJS and elsewhere: The use of students in this "megaphone" network adds even more credibility to the well-documented story that Mossad used students to spy on DEA offices and, it seems, to track Atta's team. The problem with using student labor is that young people lack experience and cannot think more than one move ahead. That's why Suter's lads made such clunky, obvious and self-incriminating remarks on 9/11.
Did Cannonfire get "Megaphoned"?

You bet your ass you did, and I am SO glad to know you will be defiant in the face of such Nazi tactics.

We may disagree on some things, but when it comes to I/P, baby I gotcher back, and I know the doc does as well. Fairness, truth, and justice WILL prevail.

You want to know something else I recently learned that you may want to look into? Israel/Mossad may have killed Kennedy. Let's really get the bastards riled up, not to mention a goodly portion of US citizens.

Oh, and thanks for the h/t.
sunny, I am grateful for the link, but Mossad did not kill JFK. I have the Piper book and have even tried to read it, but every time I attempt to do so the stench overpowers.

Jeez, sometimes I think I'm an old fuddy-duddy for blaming the Mongoose team...
well, hallelujah and hosannah and praise the lord!! these wujs, whomsoever they may be - clearly not authentic whatsoever they may be - have succeeded where the rest of us have failed here at cannonfire!!

you, whomever you wujs may be, have succeeded in keeping joseph cannon in the blogsphere, and for that i am eternally grateful, and i know i am not alone!!

yes, it was even worth all that stupid and mindless babbling i suffered - IN GOOD FAITH, MIND YOU - when all the while it was nothing more than parroted reactionary poppycock. which is PRECISELY what it sounded like.

and i suffered, politely, even apologetically, mind you!!

well, i certainly cannot apologize for that; some folks are polite, courteous, and even apologetic for even perceived offenses.

while others, of course, are so thin-skinned they remove themselves from civilized discourse altogether and resort to bullying blitzkrieg tactics. and i use that image quite intentionally.

i vividly recall having similar conversations with my militant black friends in the 70s; it's one thing to sympathize with the anger, but quite another to condone the violent reaction. and quite another thing altogether to be called racist when you don't condone the violence. ridiculous.

though i appreciate the anonymous protection the net gives us all, i actually hate the fact that we have so many anons who don't differentiate, so my apologies - sincerely - to those who have expressed - sincerely - that they also despise the corrupt and genocidal tactics of this israeli goverment but don't appreciate being associated with that just because they might be jewish. however, i hasten to remind you that NOWHERE has that even been implied here, by either joe or myself. we are capable of making that distinction quite clearly, yet some are too thin-skinned to see anything BUT such a criticism.

dr. stern's memory of that warning - be careful that you don't become what you hate - applies to all you of the thin skin out there, yet again no matter your race, color, creed, religion, gender, party, or whatthehellEVER.

such clearly desperate measures as this megaphone insanity are only taken by desperate folks. i'll share a wisdom a fine friend shared with me about a similarly thin-skinned and reactionary individual, upon whom 'self-reflection was not wasted....'
such behavior does not merit anger; it only merits pity.

but, still; thanks again for this wonderful accomplishment of keeping joe on board!! and i join him in the intent and effort to keep this dialogue of truth about israel alive. i could not love jews any more than i love anyone else in this world, but the government of israel has become at least as criminal as our own; this, i despise.

and, as edith ann used to say, that's the truth.
Joe, baby, we luvs ya. Somehow we in this US have to learn how to discuss the Israeli/Palestine problem rationally and in context. That being as we would discuss any other foreign affair. Unfortunately, it still seems to carry the cache of discussing communism in the 50's: at one's peril. On another blog, a couple of Jews have posted about their belief that the Israeli government, and let me repeat, government, is bordering on fascism or totalitarianism and it causes them great concern and conflict. I think we must make the blogwaves safe for them and all others to explore alternatives. NO nation-state is free from error. We certainly have learned that lesson in the past 6 years.

Hey Joseph, I understand your reluctance toward Piper, but given the independantly verifiable information given at the link, I think it is safe to conclude:

1. Kennedy was dead-set against Israel obtaining nuclear weapons.

2. Ben Gurion was furious with JFK's intransigence, and was just as dead-set that Israel would have nuclear weapons.

3. After Kennedy's death, the US attitude toward Israel and the bomb changed, and they did eventually have the bomb.

Worth considering.
Joseph, I'm sorry it took a pack of trolls to keep you at the wheel, but I'm glad you're not walking away from the "conversation." You know, the kind of conversation that makes the DLC and friends seethe and claw.

We have to start separating the concerns of the Israeli people from their government, just as we have to separate Americans from the actions of their government. Both are misrepresented and endangered by highly corrupt leaders.

Discussing US and Israeli interests -vs- AIPAC interests is not longer easily dismissed as anti-Semitic. With the debate over the supplemental spending bill, questions about AIPAC are now in the open. The false tar of anti-Semitism is starting to lose its bite. WenG
Joseph, over at DemocraticUnderground, we recently actually found the megaphone type site that birddogs discussion of Israel. It is called, and it tracks discussion groups, blogs, etc. Go check if there is a thread about you. You'll be shocked by what you see there.
Correction to the above post. It's, not "underground." They organize raids on threads in other discussion sites. It seems pretty slick. I wonder who funds it?
ProSemiteUndercover owned by a guy named Donald Rosen, of Jacksonville, Alabama. I don't know anything else about him.

I spent a few minutes looking at that site and while I saw some posts I didn't agree with, very little pissed me off. Maybe I should spend more time looking.

At any rate, here's an instructive little game. Go to this ProSemiteUndercover page...

...and you will hear allegations that Saudi Arabia is paying Democratic Underground posters to present anti-Israel propaganda. Now, the original post in the thread may have been meant as a joke -- but it was, as they say, kidding on the sly.

Now go here:

One Robert Lindsey, previously unknown to me, avers:

"The conspiracy is working very well, as DU and LU are still under the death-grip of the Jewish Lobby. The Moral Left has a duty to take back these sites from these Jewish psychopaths, or, if not, to resign itself to the reality that US liberalism is morally bankrupt."

So. DU is in the hands of either Saudi Arabia or Israel. Take your pick.


Join the club. A few years back, some cretins like this hijacked an email listserve I was on.
They sent out hate mail to politicians and journalists in all of our names. I haven't stopped being critical of the rightwing fanatics since.
I'm gald you're staying in the fight. I'd miss you.
Xymphora has a particularly useful post today, the most eye-opening part of which is a quote from an article from 2002 pointing out that the real power of the Israel lobby is exerted not through voting blocs but through campaign donations funneled through astroturf groups. That is why the influence and policies of the lobby are so distinct from the actual attitudes and allegiances of most American Jews.

I'd noticed some of those oddly-named astroturf groups (like "St. Louisians for Better Government") on the OpenSecrets list of Hillary Clinton's major donors, under the heading "Pro-Israel," and had wondered what to make of them. Now I know.

What seems encouraging about this is that if it's a matter of astroturfed contributions and megaphoned blog posts (as opposed to a genuine grassroots movement), then it becomes possible to use standard methods of following the money, tracing domain registrations, and the like to make clear exactly what kind of critter we're dealing with.

I suspect it will turn out to be a reasonably compact, well-funded operation with close ties to Likud and the Republican Party -- that it will also encompass the AIPAC/ATC corruption Sibel Edmonds keeps trying to talk about -- and that it will be linked to a range of Israeli propaganda and surveillance operations within the US.

I would also guess that certain historical events in the US -- such as Bill Clinton's election in 1992 with Neocon support after Bush Sr. was perceived to be tilting too heavily towards the Saudis -- will become a lot clearer once we know the real meaning of the Israeli lobby.
ZoomInfo shows a Dr. Donald C. Rosen in Jacksonville, specializing in gastroenterology. Also a Dr. Lawrence S. Rosen at the same address, which is that of the Rosen Urology Center.
Good on you. Don't let these bastards win.
what is a jew?
wjat is a tarannie?
what is a nazi?
what is YHVH?
what is?
what isen't?
these questions demand answers before Judgement Day cuts off all discourse (and intercourse I might add)
Does Norman Mailer believe in the very devil?
Does Mel Gibson?
Did Jesus own anything?
Why did YHVH choose jews to act out the rest of us on the worlds stage?
Is YHVH a comedian? Is YHVH a masichist or a sdaist?
If you fail to give answers to these hardball questions you fail the test.
How would you like to start all over, fresh and tidy, alert and at the ready and full of "the ever present fullness"?
"Ye must be born again" (the words of a Jew a long time ago)

Burma Shave

Welcome to the power of the Israel Lobby. I suggest you read Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer's study to understand what you may be in for.

Nancy Pelosi got booed at the AIPAC conference and soon thereafter withdrew her condition that the President notify Congress in the event of an attack on Iran from the military appropriations bill. So you see the pwer they wield.

If, IF, an attack on Iran is forestalled until this summer - when former AIPAC honchos Rosen and Weissman go on trial - maybe then America will wake up to the influence the Lobby wields and how they and their sycophants are largely responsible for the Middle Eastern mess we have now.

Oy! Jeez! don't they ever quit (and by they i mean idiots, not any race/religion or sexual orientation)?? Joseph I was glad that you put the link last week to the Jews against this evil twist of theology geopolitics and ¿bloodlust?

I for one am sick and tired of being told i am a "Self Hating Jew" because i do not believe that fairy tales are a reason to kick people out of their homes. Because i don't believe that GOD is a real estate agent, and because i call em like i see 'em and see a lot more anti shem (the basis of that Antisemitizm slur) within the Jewish "community" than anywhere else... sure some idiot 22 year old skinhead just broke three Jewish windows in my city last week (Toronto)-- but that's nothing-- try being a 'Falasha' in the "Holy" land.. try being anything but a blue eyed ashkenazi in israel... or listen to some of the sibilant hatered of "arabs" that comes from AIPAC like creeps or dangerous circle-jerkers like Michael Ledeen.... whos the antisemite?

Fight back Joe, it's time to see all fanaticism as the same thing... i don't care how long your beard is or how long your 'peyis' are... if you go against uman nature and against human decency under the guise of godlyness you are useless. like an Ice Box or Leeches.... from another time, and hopefully soon to be seen as a quaint yest stupid way of life.... sorry for ranting, but next time you get told that you are an antisemite tell them "Gai kakhen afenyam" but first that their behavior is " "a shanda fur die goy" (a shameful behaviour that even the Goyim can see)
It is not anti-semitic to disagree with the policies of Israel.

The semitic people include Akkadians, Canaanites, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs. The US action in Iraq and Afghanistan could be considered anti-semitic.

The charge of racism holds no water as the Jews are not a race unto themselves, but a religion, ie a choice.

Keep digging Joe. I may not agree with you on everything but I'm glad that someone in your position is displaying an open mind.
Joseph the "highly intelligent" idiot says.."The problem with using student labor is that young people lack experience and cannot think more than one move ahead"
Thanks to the "student labor" movement of we who lack experience.. we stopped the fucking war in Vietnam and by God we are going to stop this one. Yes we lack the experience of headtrippers like you, all ginned up and pompous with your half baked opinions that keep you and your umbilical chord fastened to that computer instead of acting in the front lines on the streets and capitals of the world with our "inexperienced" bodies and passions.
All hail to old farts like you that are so intelligent that their brains drip glop, with cynicism and arrogance squared. (you are).
Joseph" Can Not See Fire Now" says.., “anyone who has spent any time here knows that I'm fairly notorious for my opposition to all "controlled demolition" (or CD) scenarios of 9/11. If I do not announce a delete-on-sight policy, the "trannies" (my derisive term for the CD aficionados) tend to take over the comments section every time I mention that date.

your critics need only be a few to "take over"since so many have left your blog.. it only takes a couple of us to "take over".(Quite laughable)
Also, your fascination with the “airplanes brought the buildings down” is so erroneous that the rest of your musings become lukewarm "rehashed” other, better brighter brains research.. Show some maturity and cease this stubborn, closed minded neurotic clinging to the big lie that Arab hijackers single-handedly brought down the United States.
Get real..snap out of it..shake your head..have a cup of french roast and look again with an "open mind" at that single event that triggered the current holocaust in Iraq and Afghanistan (the heroin cache for our "invisible government" that hijacked America with Nein One One.
Also..your lack of knowledge about the Palestinian/Israeli history keeps you from truly examining with the clear open mind necessary for objectivity.
The terrorists that have gradually taken over Palestine through the machinations of the Yasser Arafats of today. Arafat was trained by his uncle, “The Grand Mufti” that created a Waffen SS division of Arab Muslims for Hitler. Arafat was schooled by the dark side..did you know that?
There are always two sides to the shekel.
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