Tuesday, October 03, 2006

PageGate: Is there an "AntiRove"? (Update)

(Note: I"ve slightly corrected and enlarged this post.) Is the Foley affair a carefully-crafted "sting" operation? Is there an "AntiRove" lashing out against the Republicans? Don't judge until you've seen all of the evidence.

Mind you, Mark Foley certainly deserved a good stinging. Even so, this affair came to light in a very odd fashion. The post with the most on this topic is this one by autoegocrat on Daily Kos, although I have stumbled across a further mystery concerning the original emails.

A timeline always helps...

July 21: Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) receives copies of the original "over-friendly" emails. CREW does not publish, although they do turn the emails over to the FBI.

July 28 (perhaps later): An unknown person who signs himself/herself "Stop Sex Predators" initiates a very simple blog titled -- naturally -- Stop Sex Predators. A little-known blog with only a handful of entries, it will come to play a key role in Foleygate.

Over the next two months, the mysterious blog will post a handful of brief stories on well-known sex crimes or scandals -- Polly Klaas, Chandra Levy -- offering no new information or interesting analysis. The writer offers no personal details, no hint of motivation, no note of individuality. Since the blogger did nothing to publicize the site, readership must have been zilch.

When I first looked at this blog, my first reaction was "The Poway Mafia strikes again!" (That's an in-joke for those who recall the Wilkes affair.) In short and in sum, everything about this blog screams FAKE.

Sept. 4: Daily Kos published a post concerning Foley's closeted homosexuality. The next day, a commenter called WHInternNow offered these prescient words:
The Real Problem With Foley...It's not that he's gay. It's that he constantly hits on underage interns on The Hill. You guys talk about an "open secret" well Foley's eye for the young boys in the White House and around the Capitol is what has the Republican bosses scared to death. It's just wrong that this guy can hit on young boys and still be in the leadership.
This is, to my knowledge, the first exposure of Foley as an abuser of underaged congressional aides.

September 24: "Stop Sex Predators" publishes the emails which initiated the entire controversy. Here is how SSP sums up the matter:
This is absolutely amazing. I just received these emails. They were sent by Congressman Mark Foley to a 16-year-old male page. I have removed his name to protect his identity. But how shocking is this? I can't believe this was emailed to me? There must be even more out there. Email me at stopsexpredators@gmail.com and let me know what we should do!!!! Something must be done!!!!
Why would the page in question send emails to what is almost certainly a fake site, a site with no readers?

Also on September 24: A mere two hours after these emails appear on the Stop Sex Predators blog -- a non-blog with no traffic -- WHInternNow publicizes the SSP "find" on Daily Kos. He (or she) receives a small amount of commentary, including skeptical remarks about the implied claim that the diarist was a White House intern. Sample comment (re: WHInternNow): "First signed on with Kos in September 06 - has not made one comment to anyone;s diary."

I believe the Stop Sex Predators blogger and WHInternNow to be one and the same.

Incidentally, another comment, also dated Septemebr 24, includes this tag: "Hastert, Boehner, Reynolds, Shimkus: Resign from Congress. NOW. Then: SHUT IT DOWN anyway." Prophetic, eh wot?

September 28: ABC News publishes the first story about the "over-friendly" emails which first appeared on the Stop Sex Predators site. ABC News Producer Maddy Sauer later tells Amy Goodman how he received these emails:
They were passed to a colleague of mine from a source, not someone from a Democratic campaign, a source on the Hill. And when we talked to Foley's office about those emails, they seemed to know all about them. “It’s no big deal. He is overly friendly. He’s overly engaging. If he’s guilty of anything, that’s all he’s guilty of. He’s very close with the pages. He has worked with the page program for some time.”
We should refrain from translating "Not someone from a Democratic campaign" as "Not someone from the Democratic party." Still, the source might have been someone in the intelligence community -- or even a House member.

Copies of the same emails are published in PDF form by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW)

However -- as we shall see -- these are retyped versions of the Stop Sex Predator emails.

September 29: Brian Ross of ABC News receives the first batch of explicit, damning IM messages. ABC producer Maddy Sauer later tells Amy Goodman that he received these messages from the pages themselves, and that he confirmed their authenticity by speaking to pages via telephone; eventually, ABC confronted Foley himself.

In previous posts, I have questioned whether so many young men would keep these logs on computers which might be accessed by family members. At this time, I have no choice but to take Sauer at his word.

October 02: After an absence of several days, the proprietor of the Stop Sex Predators blog returns, offering uninteresting golly-gee-whiz commentary. Bloggers usually act differently when a no-traffic site suddenly receives a lot of attention. (Trust me. This I know.) He (or she) makes reference to email he has received from readers, but does not quote from any emails, and does not enable comments on his posts.

The mystery emails: JPG images of the initial emails appearing on the SSP site do not match the emails received by ABC News.

Here is the Stop Sex Predators version:

Now here is the CREW version:

The differences should be obvious. Look at the first word in the text: Small G in one version; large G in the other. One message ends with an ellipses, while the other does not. One version has a space after "here," the other does not. Obviously, one version is a retyping of the other. Yet the retypist took pains to emulate the mistakes in the original, such as the commas-for-periods after "Sept 5".

I can't think of a legitimate reason to retype this email. Frankly, I can't even come up with a non-legitimate explanation -- and, as you know, I have a pretty good imagination.

So. Is there a Democratic Rove? Perhaps we should refer to him as "Drove."

Drove, if you're reading these words, all I can say is this: Bloody brilliant. If the Republicans are going to use covert tactics to spread lies about Democrats, we are justified in using covert tactics to spread truth about Republicans. I wish you had put a little more preparatory work into the SSP site, just to make it seem a bit more persuasive. Next time, add some personal touches -- upload pictures of your cat, complain about the weather, that sort of thing.

I confess that I'm curious as to whether you are a partisan or a spook. Of course, you must know that your identity and motives will come out eventually.

But tell me -- why the hell was that email retyped? It's bugging me, dude...

Update: The Freepers think the secret force behind PageGate is Mike Rogers of BlogActive. In that light, this post from last January is of great interest. Apparently, the game may next head into the Senate. Also see Mike Rogers' recent post here, where he seems to take credit for FoleyGate. You'll also want to see this Jazz From Hell post... (Note: When I first wrote this update, I accidentally gave the name "Mike" as "Mark." Thanks to JfH....)


sunny said...

I hope it wasn't retyped by Rovian minions in order to "Rather" the whole thing and turn it back on the Dems.

Anonymous said...

email fonts will depend on your mail client, so if the messages were forwarded or copied, as the subject "email 2" suggests, then you'd expect differences. The "G" vs "g" issue may just be a problem with a cut and paste missing the first character and the "forwarder" adding it back in. I've done that myself numerous times. Cutting and pasting often has problems with first/last characters as it keeps extending to stuff you don't want.

just my 2c.

Joseph Cannon said...

The fonts I can understand, but the differences go beyond that.

One letter has a subject; the other does not. The "From:" field was obviously much larger in one version.

AND...the word "don't" has an apostrophe in one version. The apostrophe goes missing in the other.

Personally, I think the SSP version is a retype of the CREW version. The retypist tried to maintain the mistakes of the original but inadvertantly cleaned up a few bits and piees.

At the time SSP published, only CREW and the FBI supposedly had the emails, although reports are now starting to come out that FOX and a couple of newspapers also had this material.

lukery said...

"...site suddenly receives a lot of attention."

congrats on your rawstory link today, Joseph!

Anonymous said...

Oh yea! Get em boys!

Sorry to say aloud, but that's probably why the parents didn't want to go forward publicly. That's ok, I would have done the same. If no one was willing to pursue it well then I would have gone public. A little true bipartisan justice in this administration is so good for the soul.

Good job Joseph, et. al.

Miss P.

Anonymous said...

Just though I'd note that I have something like 10 years of IM logs and Email stored on my computer (yeah, I been around a while), so I don't find the fact folk may have stuff stored all that odd. But then, maybe I'm weird :-)

Anonymous said...

You have a great blog, keep up the good work.
A while ago, you mentioned another site that claimed to have inside info from the White House.
I had a hard drive crash and lost that site, any chance you still have it?
I think it was something like TBRNews, not sure though.

Joseph Cannon said...

TBRNews is spurious.

Anonymous said...

Could be Rove himself. Think about this. The National Guard papers that ? were going to run with were true, and yet forged, so as to discredit the whole story. Someone slipped then to them. Briliant manuvering on Fat Karls part. Rove had to know this was going to break at least a week before it did. Abc didn probably got the story at least a week before they broke it. His mole tips him off. He sets up this blog. Produces a discrepanvcy, bang tries to slam the whole thing as fakes. Only, as much as he might be trying tpo get out in front of this thing, maybe it is too big. Hunter seemed to think so. One two freekin punch. This s for the House. Double bang, Woodword redeams himself and sends the WH into a tail spin. Whats waiting for the Senate, or is the third shoe going to drop on the senate, and bang. Perfect storm. Check and Mate. Take that Fat Karl.

Who knows. It's looking like it will be fun to watch. Unless?........

Bozos Rnot4 Bush said...


I believe I have discovered who Mark Rogers really is.

I won't post it...not sure this is a good idea.

Check your email, and give me a call.


Anonymous said...

I don't care if it was set up politically or not. The e-mails, the IM's, etc. are not invented. They came from FOLEY, they are the true expressions of this predator. Any inquiry into where the sourcing comes from is diverionary tactics. This may be TIMED FOR EFFECT, BUT THE substance can't be ignored. RB

Anonymous said...

You said "TBR News is spurious."

Yes, but they did copy your post about Gabrielle and the nuking of Chicago.


They can't be all bad.

And, I think your Drove is not an intelligence operative or a Dem party operative. Just a guy who knows a lot and knew how to slip the knife in for maximum damage. I think his play was ten times as effective as even he hoped.

Anonymous said...

rather than anti-rove I'd be more inclined to think this pure Rove. Just remember how rather and CBS walked into the bush military record setup.

Also, hannity is hardly able to "control" himself as he "investigates" who is really behind the foley story.

more to follow.......

Anonymous said...

Joseph, This is the frosting on the cake, just the type of inside baseball that really matters. Your initial narrative on the outing of a low life fake is Pulitzer material, at least in my book. These very twisted hypocrites run their mouths and take holier than thou positions on issues where they transgress. How about that? I'll have a "humble" foreign policy Caligula says in the 2000 campaign then turns into Mad Max. As the astute Dr. Elsewhere says below, it's all part of a pattern. Well, it's a pretty ugly pattern for anyone other than the twisted minds who occupy the narrow territory called * world.

With great respect,
Michael Collins

Bozos Rnot4 Bush said...

Well Joe, since you did most of the work here, might as well just add what I found, since it was so easy to find.

1. In this post from July 2004, AMERICAblog's John Aravosis outs Foley. It appears no one commented.

2. A few days later, John A posts a response to his recent outing of a Repub staffer, and it mentions him and Rogers in the same vein.

The archives from July 2004 are full of various "out them all" campaign style posts, so it's pretty obvious that this is a major goal.

Even the names of the two sites are clearly similar...


On top of that, Rogers and Aravosis' PO boxes are at the same Washington DC post office...

Rogers - 21190
Aravosis - 21831

Perhaps they are 2 different guys, but they're definitely linked. IMO, the freepers actually got one right for a change. This guy, or these guys, are playing hardball now, and must have acquired evidence behind the scenes, preparing for this moment.

Judging by some of the July 2004 posts in the archives, it looks like there might be more surprises on the way this month.


Bozos Rnot4 Bush said...

Another interesting post from AMERICAblog from July 2004:

"...One more thing, semi-closeted Congressman Mark Foley's (R-FL) former chief of staff Kirk Fordham says in the article that he never spoke with me about his former boss' being gay. That's an outright lie. I've been friends with Kirk for going on ten years now, and he's confirmed Foley's sexual orientation numerous times to me and to many many others..."

Anonymous said...

Maybe all of this is a ruse to divert attention from the draconian bills passed last week which shred the constitution. Even Jon Stewart admitted that his show was planned to be about this loss of rights but he switched it because the Foley story broke. Americans are much more interested in lurid sexual escapades that legislation that may actually affect their lives. Foley is a fall guy.

Anonymous said...

John/Bozos -

I was googling on Foley last night, and I ran into some stuff about his support for the abusive juvenile rehab "Growing Together" -- a spinoff of Mel Sembler's operations. When I tried to follow that up, it led me to things like old Democratic Underground threads from 2004 about Jeff Fisher's charges of vote hacking in Florida and that whole can of worms.

Seeing Foley's name in that context left me wondering whether he might have had more than a casual connection with what Fisher (who'd run against him that year) was alleging and what your take on it might be.

For example, at Common Ground Common Sense, there was an enigmatic letter, apparently reposted from Fisher's website, from a woman who said, "Hopefully, you may remember me. I was with my husband and daughter when Edwards came to town. ... We talked about Growing Together and you were told by my daughter how she was aware of all the antics Growing Together has pulled. . . . Just a last tid bit, I was given privey info re Mark Foley that I won't even send over the wires. You may be interested in meeting and discussing this. Let's just say that my daughter is extremely close to this and it can be verified and proven. The truth always appear and usually in the strangest of ways. But, this is a very, very serious matter."

Bozos Rnot4 Bush said...

Hi Starroute,

I've been doing some thinking about all of that as well. Let's take this private for now - I'll send you an email soon.

For those who may not know, the nutty Jeff Fisher ran against Foley in 2004, and became quite a stir on the internets after the election with his claims of having proof of election fraud.

Now, I firmly believe in election fraud, theft, Diebold can cheat, etc., and I believe my credentials on this subject these days are well known and beyond dispute, especially since the Robert Pelletier (therealrobp, Diebold programmer) expose'.

But Fisher's claims had no merit. He claimed to have evidence, but never produced it. And the evidence he had seen was nothing more than a couple of emails supposedly from 1999-2000, that supposedly proved Baypoint School was involved in election fraud.

Unless Joe would like me to write up a coherant, yet detailed, summary of the entire Jeff Fisher/Fablecrusaders issue, I really don't want to hijack his blog or this thread over it. It's all so goofy.

I suppose I could blog it myself.


Joseph Cannon said...

I know precisely what you are tallking about, John -- and it is a prime example of how wacky conspiracy theories can dislodge, well, saner conspiracy theories.

But...what the previous commenter referred to may be something entirely unrelated to all of that.

I'm not sure how to look into it, though, without contacting Fischer...and you know what a mess THAT could turn into.

Anonymous said...

John, I never did get the final verdict on Fisher -- but if you've concluded his claims were without merit, that's good enough for me.

However, the question of whether Foley was shielding Growing Together from investigation does seem to stand on its own and to be worth looking into.

And Foley's role in helping shut down the 2000 Florida recount is also of interest.

It may be that Foley was protected by the GOP leadership for so long simply because of the Good Old Boy-ness of things. But if he was also playing an essential role of some sort, the long-term coverup becomes more comprehensible -- as does the amount of furious attention being directed by right-wing sources to the pedophile charges and those alone.

ABC is, after all, the Path to 9/11 network, while the Moonie Times has its own interests. At this point, the idea of a limited hangout doesn't seem at all far-fetched.

Bozos Rnot4 Bush said...

I agree that the possible connection between Foley and Sembler, Straight, Growing Together, etc., is worth looking into. But we can't bring Fisher into this, because a) he's a nut, and b) he's vanished...at least the real one has. Roger Rancourt tries hard to keep his fable alive by pretending to be Jeff, but it's easy BS to see through.

However, I am compelled to email Piotr Blass and see if he has anything to say on the matter.

I'll be back :) Been very, very sick since Friday with the worst flu I've had in maybe 30 years, so I need to sleep a little first.


Anonymous said...

Dear Bozo,

Meet me in Washington DC. on the Steps of the Longsworth Building. that is where I handed Jesse Jackson Sr. paperwork on Clint Curtis.

You want to see evidence you NEOCON.

This is some of that evidence. Now get off the Internet and climb back in your hole with the Zionist.

To Agent J.D. Bell of the Secret Service, lets take some photos of this jerk. These are the kind of people who are a threat to our nation. They are radicals who have no respect for the law of the land or the Torah, Quran or my favorite for eternity, the New Testament.


Complete AIPAC Treason exposed....

"Friday, August 04, 2006

http://cloakanddagger.de/ ...For the FBI, Secret Service, US Marshals & all Law Enforcement's review....

So you're finally deciding its time to take this crime seriously....That's good, because quite a few of your colleagues have been taking Jeff Fisher seriously from the get-go.

This is nothing but an information repository, we at the National Whistleblower Hotline collect evidence from whistleblowers and post it in public view, hiding nothing and holding nothing back.

Below are a collection of links and evidence, you have not seen due to your various email blockers. We're going to go over all of them, and over here as always, we'll go over the crime.

1990 Mel Sembler is appointed to the Board of Directors at key schools-through Florida, a head Director of the DFAF Drug and Rehabilitation program. The money cuts are chosen through the many officers who work in the "Neocon" path for de-stabilization in the middle east.

Herbert Goldstein, J.T. Moore, Leon H. Sellers are chosen and hand-picked to serve as the nationwide Board of Directors for Straight Inc., which becomes the DFAF or Drug Free America Foundation.

Shortly after the start-up period, the Department of Transportation(as well as Homeland Security) takes over and Jeb as well as his wife, become Board Directors for the DFAF. http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/straight-advisory-board.htm


Mel Sembler, AIPAC and its neocons go on from there and continue to hire Stephanie Haynes, as well as several other former "counter-drug terrorism" officials to become part of their extensive brainwashing program.


Walter "Loenbenberg" helps set up the Holocaust Museum Inc. to pay for "Straights" extensive support team. They do to adolescents what only cannibals get away with. He also helps Mel Sembler achieve a iron grip over the political process, through the Simon Wiesenthal Center and Southeastern Legal Foundation. Richard Mellon Scaife, shortly after becomes an active director for Southeastern Legal.

Once again, Joe Zappala and the neocons get in trouble for DFAF's widespread abuses, aka "Straight" and Israel as well as the media networks try to make it dissapear completely. Mel Sembler and his neocons pay off the witnesses.

The evidence is right in here, plain as day for everyone who reads it. Every single affiliate program that the AIPAC is paying for, gets in trouble for widespread theft plus abuse. SAFE is forced to close its doors in more than 4 states.
http://tinyurl.com/n5rhl> http://tinyurl.com/n5rhl
Sembler admits the purpose of the DFAF has always been brainwashing, and essentially expands on the fact he is creating a worldwide collective of students who vote for right-ward Likud Neocons and no one else. http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/sembler-contributions-94to98.htm


Sembler skirts election law anyway, and establishes for AIPAC an endless list of felons to prosecute and fill his prisons with the new "policy" agenda. This is revealed for the first time in Italy, when he is exposed and shouted down for his "Project of New American Century".

The law continues to be broken with ferocity in relationship to subverting elections, and loading the software with felons. http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/straight_and_the_judges_and _cops.htm
http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/drugpolicy.htm http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/drugpolicy.htm http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/ohio.htm
http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/ohio.htm http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/ohio.htm
Florida burns and shreds documents proving abuse and extensive back-office elections, fraud or engineering. http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/florida-dcf-05-31-02.txt
Senate documents prove Sembler, Connie Mack and the Neocons like Katherine Harris were denounced and defaced for the extensive abuse done in the DFAF, and the damages to schools as well as elections nation-wide.

The Payroll registers are revealed, showing alot of excess slush funds being pumped through the system by the Semblers and all of the neocons who run DFAF's global network.
http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender /payroll4.gif

Sandra Mortham is proven to have been a participant in "The Seed" program, along with Attorney General Charlie Crist, Brent Sembler, and the Board of Straight.
http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/charlie-crist.htm http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/charlie-crist.htm
They took part in the Multijurisdictional Cultural Anti-Drug Counter Force training, which felonized students and conducted brainwashing.
Sandra Mortham, a Neocon, learned how to create ChoicePoint in St. Petersburg Junior College while participating in "The Seed" and its many brainwashing classes.
Why did Sandra Mortham then teach everything she knew to Katherine Harris? "The Seed", or the first DFAF was one of the most extensive abusive programs for both Jews and Non Jews alike. http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/seed-funding.gif

Skip the wine and roses and read the rest of this page, as there is further direct evidence of DFAF former Director Wes Fager also teaching these students the same math and techniques.

I advise you to remember teaching election fraud is very simple when you own the school where its taught.

Fast forward, the year 2002/2004 rolls around, Dr. Piotr Blass becomes heavily involved with Bay Point Schools and his children's future through the DFAF Program, called Growing Together. He gets disgusted and fed up with Mel Sembler, and writes a frightening email which we have archived and delineated for proof. http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/Gmail%20-%20Mel%20and%20Betty%20Sembler,Straight%20Inc,Growing%20Together%20Inc%20,State%20license.htm

http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/Gmail%20-%20Mel%20and%20Betty%20Sembler,Straight%20Inc,Growing%20Together%20Inc%20 ,State%20license.htm

Piotr Blass gets back involved with Bay Point Schools director and teacher, Doctor "Jack" Cole the Bay Point MC of Florida's drug program.

Dr. Cole is very similar to his predecessors Dr. Miller Newton, who was also a neocon pedophile. And he is ultimately the same kind of programmer as Sandra Mortham, when she took the classes in Saint Petersburg Jr. College.

At that time in 2003, Raymond Lemme is found dead after finding out about the ChoicePoint 1998, 1999 and continuing projects. The signatures are easy to follow in that James Baker is mentioned.

Piotr Blass continues to cover up his dealings with Bay Point School, and claims to know nothing of it. http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/LETTERFROMBLASSANDSEAN.jpg

But then oddly enough a startling thing happens in July, 2006. Dr. Blass who claims to be a loyal ex-military of the Sinai, Israel sends another letter out which is self-incriminating.

If Dr. Blass was a smart criminal, he would not send email messages out that basically admit to him being the main programmer for the President. But evidently, as the proof continues to show this Dr. Blass is not a very smart criminal at all. He is an arrogant criminal, drunk with the power that the neocons give him to freely destroy elections. And today Dr. Blass is claiming that Jeff Fisher now is on his official campaign, and has Division 5 trying to character-assassinate people in Washington D.C. I'll leave it up to law enforcement now, but is Dr. Blass a smart educated criminal, or something else? Read it and keep on....

Read down to here. So as I explained to you before, Growing Together is for a fact a DFAF sponsored program that teaches children election fraud nation-wide. This allows them to, using their sophisticated program "felonize" voters immediately and strike them from the voting machines.

Of course, we are going to explore that much more heavily. Doctor Blass got involved with Bay Point Schools because his son, David Blass as well as Oscar Blass were used in their brainwashing program and actually taught election-rigging for this "New World Order".

The abuse and trainings were just as severe as the evidence we have already displayed, and the further evidence which we have in our accounts. http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/baypointscho.rtf

Of course, Jeff Fisher was essentially enrolled into being one of their teachers. He was a friend of Doctor Blass and knew absolutely nothing about the fraud or Doctor Cole's long-time projects. Really he was trying to help Jewish victims including Doctor Blass get their children released from the DFAF program. That is until, Dr. Blass finally told him about the classes they teach.

You see David and Oscar Blass were brainwashed in this long running program.
http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/baypointschool.htm http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/baypointschool.htm

They were taught within Bay Point Schools to commit fraud and were forced into doing whatever the teachers in question told them to do. http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/abuseatbaypoint.rtf
http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/abuseatbaypoint.rtf http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/abuseatbaypoint.rtf

This is the math they would essentially teach all of the students, so they could further rig the machines within any school or college under direction of DFAF or its affiliate programs.
http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/Easter.htm http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/Easter.htm
http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/bobgraham.rtf http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/bobgraham.rtf
Investigators working with Raymond Lemme also discovered, that they were felonizing the voters automatically and also brainwashing the students to commit fraud on a nation-wide scale. They would soon also uncover the facts that the Governor signed off on this operation, and was Sembler's only real unconditional supporter because Sembler gave him his election.
That information would prove fatal to those agents who we must salute. Torture methods were also used in an extreme variety of ways, which we have archived for proof.

http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/baycounty.jpg http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/baycounty2.jpg
http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/baycounty2.jpg http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/baycounty3.jpg
http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/baycounty5.jpg http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/baycounty5.jpg
http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/baycounty6.jpg http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/baycounty6.jpg
http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/baycounty7.jpg http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/baycounty7.jpg http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/baycounty8.jpg
http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/baycounty9.jpg http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/baycounty9.jpg
http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/baycounty10.jpg http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/baycounty10.jpg

Jeff Fisher also happened to understand what the neocons were doing, because he met with the Rothschilds personally when they flew in from New York. He actually at that time was not aware that the classes being taught were to conduct brainwashing, and cause epidemic election fraud.
Yet he would find out, as each participant turned against each other. And as he stumbled into the conspiracy to not only rig elections for Republicans, but for Democrats as well and anyone who will walk Sembler's agenda.

Mr. Alfred Rogers,
We would appreciate it if you ceased your harassment of individuals. That includes you, John H. Dean and Leslie Barth giving veiled threats.
As we are completely aware you are friends with possible felons, namely two Doctors who have worked in Florida. Also you seem to be obsessed with getting money, does this mean you are not really the patriot you say you are? http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/alfredroger.jpg
http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/alfredroger.jpg http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/alfredroger2.jpg

Also a request has been noted that you stop sending sexual or otherwise inappropriate email to any of our contacts, including Sue. We are not tolerating veiled threats.
http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/drcolealsean2.jpg http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/drcolealsean2.jpg http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/drcolealsean3.jpg
http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/drcolealsean3.jpg http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/drcolealsean3.jpg
Who are you Al?
In the meantime, he tried getting the Democratic Senator Bill Nelson from Florida to care after seeing the evidence. And he just shrugged and said, "This is great stuff, now I'm going on vacation." as though he was quite pleased AIPAC rigs elections....

So even though at least three senators didn't want to accept the election fraud which took place, the people pressed on. AIPAC has "purchased" Congressman like Bob Ney, like Bill Nelson, and like even the illustrious John Kerry.

Therefore it is no longer a matter of the fraud being real, its a matter of Congress deliberately working to cover it up. Those who do cover it up, are very loyal to the Globalist conspiracy.

If you check our hard-copy emails and other proof, you will notice that Jeff Fisher actually met the Rothschilds. And it just so happens Doug Alexander & Mr. Rothschild are who are really behind the crime, as well as the fraud and conspiracy. http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/ROTHSCHILDMEET.htm

As to how Jeff Fisher stumbled onto this, he was approached by Dr. Piotr Blass' friend, Sean S. Lennon. Sean actually participated in the election tampering himself, and was also a school teacher as well as MIS Director.

Sean Lennon was going to help Jeff get elected into office, no matter what via his election project and with Dr. Blass blessing. http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/BLASSSEANAGREES.htm

Essentially the arrangement was, Fisher would help rescue his two children. In turn they would get him elected via the fraud projects, and become a well compensated teacher.

Only problem was, at least two or more witnesses saw what was going on. Another teenager died at Bay Point Schools and that crime was reported, yet nothing done to Sembler.
http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/file(4).html http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/file%284%29.html

Make that, two teenagers who died in the DFAF program run at Bay Point Schools. Mel Sembler and his boss continue to with prejudice, cover this all up. Kirk Fordham continues to as well.

Because on top of the brainwashing and psychotropic drugs, they are completely forced to do election fraud. And they do this directly through the programming classes they employ.
http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/file(6).html http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/file%286%29.html

Dr. Blass and more recently his superior Dr. Cole, teach 5th dimension art or advanced algebra at each of the schools. At this point in time, it was being taught at Bay Point to help the students rig elections. And also over at Key College, but since Sean Lennon worked with a variety of different programmers they didn't all stay with one.

No, everybody who is involved in the DFAF command structure moves around alot. They go from state to state, starting with a state like Florida to help young kids & immigrants rig elections. http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/ABUSEBAYPOINT.htm>

Notably, of course they dealt with Florida. And they were able to disguise this fairly well. But they also committed the same crime in California, in Ohio, in even Georgia and they used the same exact Choicepoint linked database software. This methodology was literally duplicated all across the country, and not a person is really lifting a hand about it- because this entire congress seems to be purchased by AIPAC.
http://thewebsitev.tripod.com/blasspoland.htm http://thewebsitev.tripod.com/blasspoland.htm
" I invite help on cordially thesis ex- Floryde Jozek but quiet manner Pozdrow prosze jasia litynskiego, janusz weissa and to sheltered adam family know my son ( ) ( entertain (play) Michnika ktorego Alain sie but I with (from) ) pomagalem matmy ps2 how scholarship name mozemy stworzyc Rudnisi? Probably, in our school either (or). 21 We ps3 WDH wszedzie pedzi wszedzie gna. "

Why would Blass, or Michnik, or anyone trying to get their children out of an abusive mind control program be asking for help from programmers overseas?

Why would they need to contact Smoller, or any of these doctors? And then why is Blass requesting this be done quietly and have the children transferred into a school. Schools that practice election fraud through the drug & congress page program. Why indeed, there is no reason why.
And yet while Sean Lennon & Doctor Blass were willing to admit they committed fraud, no one else had a conscience whatsoever. And they did not come forward, so both Mr. Lennon & Dr Blass saw no reason to expose the truth. Not to an already brainwashed population, that's what the two of them decided.

And why is nothing done, why we can assert based on the amount of evidence out and coming, that the real reason nothing is done is each party wants a piece of AIPAC. It is all up to them, and the democrats have a trump card by allowing this brainwashing & election fixing. Its trump card is Hillary Clinton, and the next AIPAC bought president. http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/LETTERONE.htm
For the republicans its a similar thing, only different goal. So a brainwashing operation is allowed to continue unabated until people realize, they don't want lobbies like AIPAC deciding their elections. In the end it matters not which party gets in power, pro-Likud Zionists are running the USA.

Felons are chosen right through the voting machines and automatically black-listed by the same Choicepoint software that Dr Cole and the neocons designed. We have the proof.

Choose your flavor of which type. Either way until people wake up, pro-Likud Labor Zionists completely own the United States.

Ultimately Doctor Blass became friends with neocons like Adam Michnik, who are Likud Zionists and who expouse a Leo Straussian philosophy. http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/YOMKIPPUR.htm
http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/file(2).html http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/file%282%29.html >
- Show quoted text -

http://thewebsitev.tripod.com/outwiththetruth.htm http://thewebsitev.tripod.com/outwiththetruth.htm

No big deal, Mr Fordham? No big deal indeed!! Tell it to the judge and we'll see you in court. If the Palm Beach Post wishes to be taken seriously, it should stop covering up serious crimes such as Mr Foley's liasons with the entire Baypoint School and also Kaiser College. It should also stop burying the truth in lies. Not only my professional opinion, but the one of every person I've talked to.

As soon as these facts came out, they hacked Jeff Fisher's website and here we have the proof to also be added to this same case. http://thewebsitev.tripod.com/hacked113004.htm

http://thewebsitev.tripod.com/felonslisttangela.htm http://thewebsitev.tripod.com/felonslisttangela.htm


http://thewebsitev.tripod.com/blair819.htm http://thewebsitev.tripod.com/blair819.htm
http://thewebsitev.tripod.com/letterjeb.htm http://thewebsitev.tripod.com/letterjeb.htm
To be concluded in court.

http://cloakanddagger.ca> http://cloakanddagger.ca

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