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Foley: Damn the Dems!

(Thanks to HamdenRice of DU for the heads up.) Fox, it seems, still hopes to portray Republican Mark Foley as a Democrat. We've already shown you one example. (Scroll down.) Here are two more:

The above image should go down in history as the single most infamous moment in political journalism. Harry Reid is, of course, in the Senate -- and has nothing to do with this mess. How can the three talking heads pictured above live with themselves?

FOX isn't the only one...

To be fair, a surprising number of news stories identified Foley as a Dem before the scandal broke.

You may also derive some amusement from this screenshot (from this site):

Back to Foley. You may be interested to learn what his fellow Floridian Katherine Harris has to say:
In an interview with WESH Channel 2 in Orlando, Harris said, “if anything, the Republicans didn’t know about these issues and we’re going to be very anxious to find out who in the media and on the other side of the aisle (Democrats) knew about it and kept this from the public interest, because our children were at stake.”
Of course, the Republicans knew about "these issues" all along, and kept the Democratic member of the page oversight board completely in the dark.

FOX will probably claim that these serial misidentifications were 'just an accident.' Back in 2004, the Kerry "metrosexual" smear was also just an accident. Remember how the Soviets would crudely alter old photographs to eliminate any visual reference to Trotsky? That too was just an accident.

(This week's unforgivable pun: Why don't congressmen use bookmarks? Because they like to bend over pages.)
From Wikipedia on '1984'

The Ministry of Truth, which exercises complete control over all media in Oceania, employs Winston at the Ministry's Records Department, where he doctors historical records in order to comply with the Party's version of the past. Since the events of the present constantly shape the perception of the past, the task is a never-ending one.
I cannot help, but think that all that confusing stuff is designed to
discredit the institution of Congress in a way of -sorry- "Controlled Demolition".
As an american, You should be in a better position than me to guess the impression that all that mess will cause in the average american.
Ordinary people dont't think like bloggers.
And in the end the "silent majority" will be screaming for a strong man.
-possibly ?
Is this the same Mark Foley that ran against Jeff Fisher?

What happened to Jeff Fisher.

I remember seeing him acting strange and worried back in December of 2004. He was with a beautiful woman who was doing something for Al Sharpton. Does anyone know more about this or is this a NEOCON thing. Last week I talked with a friend and they told me that someone named Seymour J Hersh has been protecting a whistleblower. Is Fisher a whistleblower?
yes Fisher is a whistleblower and I found this a lot of information at

Here I will post one thing I found.
I would bet 7 dollars that this is what Foley is acting crazy about.

I am at a loss of words Thors (19 of 19)
posted by amricanPatriotJeffFisher on 2006-10-25 10:04:32 [warn tnr] [respond]
Isn't it about time to start caring about the massive data-thefts, and shutting down the blatant Choicepoint-Diebold fraud which the Zionists intend to try to keep using to take over the Middle-East???

Did you know they plan to do so for the entire middle east? Anyone have a private-offshore bank in the Bahamas that Interpol needs to look at ?

"Tuesday, October 24, 2006 ....Another Election Fraud criminal caught.... There's an old saying, it goes something like this.

"You're either a day late, or a dollar short."

Today, our intention is to make sure it is neither. We have caught another Election Fraud criminal and made sure it was recorded. That recording will be posted here when we update again.

This man actually stole at least ten or more Social Security numbers and datamined register cards, all across the State's DMV & motor database. "But as a precaution it sent out letters last week to the 4,624 individuals, all of whom had enrolled for services with one of the 24 regional workforce boards across the state, spokesman Warren May said. "Given the fact that we were trusted with this information, we're very apologetic that it happened," May said.

The letter included details about how to prevent identity theft as well as contact information for the three major credit-monitoring firms so residents could request fraud alerts.

"We also told them that, although we have no reason to believe that anyone has seen their Social Security number, we also believe they should take precautions," May said." ness/epaper/2006/10/11/a1d_breach_1011.html

In which it states, "At least 4,624 individuals information have been posted online and in public"

What we now have confirmation of is that these data-mining thefts are all directly related to the exact crime. They intend to populate the Choicepoint-Diebold database with all of this mined information, and automatically purge voters right off the machine rolls as they did in 2004. And as they have done everywhere.

ABC News shows databases hacked

And as we know they will in fact do so again. You see they programmed this Choicepoint software to directly purge voters after voting, and in fact before voting. While the easiest purges happen before voting, the largest purges happen after having voted. raud-exposed.html

This same man who we have now a recording about, is a part of Joseph Klock's complete neocon voting operation. This is all one single operation, being run by the Zionist neocons and being run by Mel Sembler. cret-service-us-marshals-all.html

Click on every link and you will see they are in fact doing it, directly through the drug programs. Michnik, Dr Cole, Blass and the rest discuss their projects

People need to awaken now from their brainwashing stupor. The Zionist neocons for a fact did it.

"Wilson is not the only member of the House Page Board who has been covering up for the pederasts who have served on it. Rep. Sue Kelly of New York was Chairwoman of the Board from 1999 to 2001, along with former Chair (who Kelly succeeded) Jim Kolbe of Arizona. Kolbe is under investigation by both the House Ethics Committee and the Justice Department for alleged inappropriate contact with two male pages during a July 4, 1996 camping trip to the Grand Canyon. Under Kelly's Page Board chairmanship, a page approached Kolbe in 2000 with allegations concerning Foley. Nothing was done in what was a close election year. Neither did Kelly investigate allegations from a page in 1999 that Foley was stalking him and another incident in 2000 when Foley showed up at the Page dormitory in a drunken state and tried to gain entry.

But it is not just young men who are groomed by the GOP predators. Republican Rep. Jerry Weller of Illinois, who is married to the daughter of Guatemalan ex-dictator (and fundamentalist Christian) Gen. Efrain Rios Montt, is rumored to have conducted an illicit affair with a 16-year old female page. This comes at a time when the United States and John Bolton, a supporter of Rios Montt, are attempting to sway the United Nations into electing Guatemala to the UN Security Council. Former CIA officials, well aware of the human rights abuses by past and current members of Guatemala's oligarchy, have leaked information on Weller, former CIA Director Porter Goss, and others to point out that the agency, as far back as the 1960s when Goss served as a Latin American CIA agent, routinely used Mexican and Guatemalan female teens to entrap U.S. and foreign political figures. The "outing" of right-wing Republican Weller, the son-in-law of Rios Montt and champion of Guatemala's oligarchy, as a predator, is no coincidence. It is meant to shine a light on this old blackmail network during a time when Goss' name and those of jailed Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham, Kyle "Dusty" Foggo, Brant "Nine Fingers" Bassett, and ADCS contractor Brent Wilkes have arisen again during a House Intelligence Committee investigation of Shirlington Limousine and the transport of young prostitutes of both sexes to "poker parties" at the Watergate and Westin Hotels in Washington, DC. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Peter Hoesktra, Goss's replacement, seems more interested in covering up this scandal than in discovering the truth. WMR has been informed of a major scandal in this respect concerning the GOP candidate for Governor of Florida(Charlie Crist) . We have learned that Florida GOP politicians have targeted underage male employees of theme parks in the Orlando/Kissimmee area for long-term sexual relationships. This story is developing."

The time has come for you student pages to blow the whistle on this blatant sexual abuse and fraud. We ask any whistleblowers, whether Jewish or otherwise to contact us at this address. / . Tell us everything they did to you in the school whether they be democrat, republican. We'll hold your information in confidentiality. Tell your whole story to us, and we'll publish it.

Don't kid yourselves that its only the Republicans either, you know that's a lie too. Rahm Emanuel, Barney Frank, and many others are just as guilty of the public foray into preying on children.

They are just as guilty of covering up Election Fraud everywhere, and its time to accept it. There are Zionist neocons at the top of both parties of government, and they are covering up massive abuse and atrocities just as they always do.

The radicals of one party will be purged, and then they'll seep into the radicals of the other party right after. h_Felton23Oct2006.mp3

No more. Its time to recognize the true force behind this crime, and that is all Zionism. All radical Zionism, which is based upon a lie that includes the takeover of the middle east. That includes Ertz Israel.

No, its not just Bush or Clinton either. Its not just Reagan. Its not just some greedy Americans.

"This editor was recently approached by someone close to George W. Bush and White House Press Secretary Tony Snow who made it clear that George W. Bush was fighting elements "further to his right." Flabbergasted, I responded that I didn't think many people were further to the right than Bush. But that was before the impending scapegoating issue became clear. "Further to the right" means Cheney, some members of the Christian fundamentalist Right, and their followers."

Its all out of control Likud & Labor Zionists. Its the entire movement. In fact if Americans wanted to destroy the country for their pocketbooks, they would have already broken down your door and shipped you out.

Its not Americans doing this, even the corrupt Bush, Baker and Snowcroft families are trying to stop them. Even the corrupt Harrimons and many other powerful families, even Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, and Eisenhower have tried to stop them. To this day they are. To this day even mafioso Jeb Bush or Richard Daley, they are all puppets of the Abramoff Netanyahu Sembler mafia. They go along to get along, but they don't agree with any of this nonsense the 5th column plans for the middle east. And for them as well.

Although they may have gone along with this ruse for fear of blackmail, death or sheer economic interests in many cases...they are not the ones in charge of the agreements. No you see, they never were. The interest of Americans is not in the middle east in the end. We have few assets and enclaves worth fighting for over there anymore. Everything's been stripped away.

The real cancer of this group of Christian Zionists/Zionists started in 1980. Reagan and Roosevelt knew it. The interests of the Middle East lie squarely in the hands of Israel and the Zionist neocons. Their interests exclude anything else, and their interests include building an empire called Ertz Israel. In other words their interests are treasonous to America, and it will stop when the world realizes this. And in that Empire all trade will be run, they will control the whole region. There will be epidemic enslavement for those who resist.

You see, what you were taught is a lie. Palestine was never the homeland for the Zionist Ashkenazis through all of history. They instead came there, uprooted the Hebrews and Palestinians and then completely took over. They slaughtered millions just to establish Israel, and Israel was established for the Zionists themselves and their elite banking empire. It was never established to accomodate these Jews or Muslims, it was established to create a physical monarchy which they could later control. That Monarchy is a virtual empire, an empire state known as Ertz Israel that controls all weapons trade and economic trade. Their vision. Sembler's vision. Chertoff's vision. Netanyahu's vision, and even Shimon Peres vision. als.html

And Jeff Fisher will stop this, and we are the Kol Nidre, we are Anti all that they live to stand for. And we hope you Jews and Christians wake up to these facts and join with us. To be Anti Zionist is to be pro-humanity. That's the truth and nothing less."

Roger National Whistleblower Hotline
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