Friday, December 02, 2005

The Poway Mafia

This is a brief update to the story below: I hope readers understand the importance of this. The bribe money Cunningham (and others?) took is insignificant. What matters is the strong possibility that the Poway-based Wilkes company strip-mined the DOD for the better part of a billion dollars without actually providing the goods and services that would justify such a taxpayer investment.

The various Wilkes companies seem to have existed primarily in cyberspace. The web sites provided no personnel information and no hard data about previous customers or services that had been rendered. These were "let's pretend" companies.

Quite a few web sites can be traced to Wilkes. The most amusing of the lot was this one. I'm sure it was just a joke, but some jokes tell the deepest truths, eh wot?


Anonymous said...

Joseph -

You've got a tiger by the tail, I do believe... After hearing the outlines of the activities of "Casino Jack" Abramoff and gang spelled out, it all just REEKS of MAFIA to me: your title is right on. La Cosa Nostra is also mixed up in this tsunami of a cashflow thick as thieves, I'd be willing to bet.

My suggestion if you continue to report on this is to post more PHOTOGRAPHS!! Nothing says it better than the hateful faces of these crooks glowering at the camera, as Mr. Wilkes models in your last post (and that shot of the glistening lobby is priceless).


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
The 'amusing' PowayMafia site is a classic example of 'hidden in plain view'. I won't go into the mecanics of this particular technique - needless to say its a powerful tool to send a message to the viewer's subconscious mind in order to legitimise the literal message - In effect, these guys are not hiding - quite the reverse.

Trouble is, whether your conscious mind recognises their message or not - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Interested readers might also want to do a google search for "Cremation of Care" and Bohemian Grove.