Saturday, December 03, 2005

California's fight is your fight

As you may know, democracy is under attack in California. If Diebold wins here, the Republicans will control the presidency forever. Debra Bowen, an honest state legislator who hopes to become Secretary of State, has made it easy for you to send a message that could impact the future. You don't need to be a California resident. Please help!

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Jim C. said...

Yep, and thanks to flaccid democrats and and the deliberate negligence of the media, Diebold will turn this state's 54 electoral votes over to the neocons.

The time has come for drastic measures. If you work in an attorney's office, file a lawsuit against CA Sec State MacPherson for conspiracy to defraud the state. If you work in government, urge your bosses to finally make election fraud their top priority.

And then SIGN THIS PETITION urging Senator Barbara Boxer to take the lead in speaking out on election fraud! Boxer was the only senator with the stones to speak out against seating the electors in january. The only way the media is going to pay attention to this issue is if a big politico forces them to! Let's get riled, people--they're stealing America right out from under us!

Forward to everyone you know who gives a damn about America!