Wednesday, June 16, 2004

None dare call it coincidence

A waggish correspondent directed my attention to this item, of uncertain origin:

'Coincidental' Events Unrelated to Tenet's Resignation

(2004-06-03) -- On the very day that CIA Director
George Tenet's resignation became public knowledge, a
series of events experts call "unrelated coincidences"
simultaneously hit the headlines.

While the White House and Mr. Tenet both allege that
so-called "personal reasons" spurred the
Clinton-appointee's premature departure, insiders
point to the following events as evidence that there
may be more to the story:

-- Jennifer Capriati forced out of the French Open
-- Meteor hit over Washington state may be hoax
-- Canadian Anglicans affirm homosexual unions
-- Kurt Warner signs $3 million deal with New York
-- U.S. cancer rates decline
-- Bush leaves country on European trip

"You don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to see the
connections," said one unnamed expert. "I wouldn't be
surprised if Valerie Plame's name comes up in all of
Hm. Ya think maybe someone's trying to yank a leg? You have to love that tabloid-style use of "expert" testimony...

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