Sunday, June 27, 2004

Ali Mohammed

Was Ali Mohammed an Al Qaeda operative who infiltrated the FBI and the Green Berets? Or was he an American operative who infiltrated Al Qaeda?

And why is the 9/11 commission so reluctant to discuss this individual, even though he links directly to the first World Trade Center attack?

There is good reason to suspect that he was working for the U.S. (or Israel?) all along. He may even have provided the information which is at the basis of Sibel Edmond's claims that the United States had foreknowledge of the attack.

Check out Peter Dale Scott's review of the case, which you can find here.

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Anonymous said...

its all in the sight of the "big picture" i being an x army man undersatnd whats going on a: they shot him the head. b: there to much infomation there in that man lets sap all his knowledge and use it against them all, C: he got away. D the US is covering up like all the other secrets they usally do...E: changed his name and his where abouts and said you could live like this to keep quite... its his benifit as to the US,s that he keeps quite. and last one day the TRUTH will come out just like Who shot the President.