Monday, May 17, 2004

New Paradigm

Now we have the latest explanation for what happened at Abu Ghraib: According to Newsweek, The Bush administration canned the Geneva convention in favor of a "new paradigm."

Well. I guess that ten-dollar word makes everything quite all right.

Even though, according to the Red Cross, at least 70 percent of the Iraqi prisoners were innocent. In the new paradigm, such concerns don't matter.

MPs and spooky interrogators "could be accused of war crimes. Among the possible charges: homicide involving deaths during interrogations." (My emphasis.)

Right-wing bloggers are asking "where's the outrage?" when it comes to the death of Nick Berg, whose (alleged) death shrieks have graced the airwaves of Sean Hannity and others. Why aren't right-wingers more concerned about multiple unjust killings funded by our tax dollars, as opposed to the unjust killings perpetrated by others? Could it be that brown-skinned victims matter less than white-skinned victims in the "new paradigm"? If so, the "new paradigm" seems a lot like one that a lot of people hoped was long gone...

Remind me...just what was it Jesus said about that splinter in the eye?

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