Saturday, May 22, 2004

Berg and the CIA

According to this unverified story, which summarizes a web site which appears to be in Farsi, the Iranians have evidence that Berg worked for the CIA. He was recruited to penetrate Al Qaeda, then sent to Iraq under cover as a telecommunications specialist. The first arrest was a ploy to put him in contact with Al Qaeda operatives in prison.

I do not find this account persuasive, and would very much like to see the documentation.

To be frank, I've come to the conclusion that if Berg worked for anyone, the agency must have been Mossad. I find it hard to believe that CIA would recruit for field work someone who was, in essence, a vagrant. That's what Berg was, for at least a short while, while at the University of Oklahoma. Where and when would he have received the training necessary for a job like penetrating Al Qaeda?

Mossad, on the other hand, has few field agents. The Israeli esionage agency makes up for this lack with sheer audacity, and with a system of "helpers" or sayanim. Extensive evidence indicates that an ad hoc group of young sayanim were tracking Al Qaeda operatives in the United States for some time before the attacks on the World Trade Center.

Mossad might be ballsy enough send an American Jew to "mingle" with Al Qaeda terrorists. I doubt that CIA would choose a Jewish operative for that task.

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