Saturday, March 20, 2004

Lindauer defends herself

Check out the first substantive interview with Susan Lindauer. Forgive the self-satisfied smirk, but so far, I seem to have called the shot rather well in my analysis of the indictment. Seems she really is the proverbial starry-eyed idealist who thought private diplomacy could bring about peace. I now strongly doubt that she did anything resembling espionage.

And she insists that she had never met her alleged co-conspirators. I fully expect the conspiracy charge to be dropped, once Fox News has taken sufficient footage of Susan Lindauer sharing the frame with two young men from the Middle East.

We learn for the first time that she recently wrote letters to Congressfolk about her attempt to get weapons inspectors into Iraq. ""Immediately after I go to Congress with this info," she said, "immediately after that, a grand jury is convened against me.""

Some "spy"! Desperately trying to get the attention of Andrew Card and Congress...

I doubt that her communications with legislators initiated the charges against her. More than likely, the Bushies caught wind of her case and recognized that they had a propaganda coup on their hands, if they played the situation right.

In the interview, she comes across as well-meaning but exasperating in her ingenuousness. Didn't she understand that the war in Iraq was about oil, not weapons inspection? Doesn't she comprehend that her pointless peacenik project accomplished nothing beyond handing some ammo to the GOP's psychological warriors?

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