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Friday, December 23, 2016

It is happening again

An actual tweet from an actual Trump supporter.

By the way: I love the new nickname for Trump that some writers are using -- Twitler.
The German government is appealing for people to "carry on as normal".

You couldn't make this shit up. Sure, let's all attend big unprotected outdoor gatherings.

Let's especially go to ones with a theme of celebrating a man from 2000 years ago who is followed today by many who believe he was divine, to the disgust of those who focus on the oneness of a universalist God; and who is hated by most of his own ethnic group for being a heretic and race traitor. And that's at a moment in time when those who control the most powerful states have ensured that racism, fascism, xenophobia and the psychological release of bullyboy "shock politics" are on the march internationally.

What could possibly go wrong?

The more they dig people in to defending the "normal", when its replacement has already been decided, the more they will whoop whoop whoop, with mass support, when they replace it.

Such a massive "release" is coming. Heinrich Heine would nod.
Case solved.

Ten minutes before the Berlin attack, Israeli "terrorism expert", Professor Shlomo Shpiro, was at the Christmas market. That's what he himself told the German newspaper Bild.

Shpiro is the deputy head of the Political Studies Department at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies. (Never mind the name: this is an Israeli organisation.) He specialises in "intelligence, terrorism and security studies". In particular, he studies"intelligence services in Israel and Europe, the relationship between media and the security establishment, and NATO".

"His research activities concentrate on the role of intelligence services as political mediators in the international arena, the intelligence activities of terror organisations, intelligence ethics and political
influence, and on security crisis management and crisis communication."

His CV is here.

In 2009 he was appointed by the European Commission to lead a "terrorism crisis" research project.

The guy is an expert on German-Israeli intelligence and defence cooperation. Here he is speaking about it.

How much more evidence do people need?
"Mussolini ha sempre ragione" translates to….Mussolini is always right, or, Mussolini is always in the right, or Mussolini always has righteous reasons.
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