Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Lady Macbeth of Oregon?

This profile of Cylvia Hayes is supposed to shock us, but frankly, I kind of like her. She bought a farm to grow pot? She helped out a guy from Africa with a "green card" marriage? Big deal. The conflict of interests outlined here and here don't amount to much when compared to the far worse displays of cronyism and corruption in state houses across the land. I think that Governor Kitzhaber should have stayed put.
It is a damn shame because he was such an effective Governor. There was a reason he was re-elected to an unprecedented 4th term. Its precisely his integrity that's causing him to resign. As one wag put it "if he'd been a Republican, he'd of just said 'Yeah. And...?'".
Yea, he was run out. The whole story is a bunch of nothings.
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