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The NY Post has published a piece claiming that Bill Clinton's "libido" will derail Hillary's career. This allegation is based purely on the fact (already well-known) that Bill flew on Jeffrey Epstein's jet.

What is truly astounding about this piece is that it suddenly grants Virginia Roberts complete credibility. There is no mention of her claims concerning Alan Dershowitz. The NY Post has entered some strange alternative universe in which Roberts becomes credible for the purposes of slamming Clinton, but then loses believability the moment we start talking about Dershowitz.

Here's the truth: Roberts has not (NOT NOT NOT) made any claims that Clinton acted in an improper fashion. She has made such claims about Dershowitz and the Prince, not the former president. Epstein flew Clinton as part of a charity tour of Africa.

Did Epstein have an ulterior motive when he offered transportation services to the former president? Perhaps. Since the mainstream media has suddenly decided to concede the credibility of Virginia Roberts, let's not forget the words that she actually said:
"In addition to constantly finding underage girls to satisfy their personal desires, Epstein and Maxwell also got girls for Epstein’s friends and acquaintances. Epstein specifically told me that the reason for him doing this was so that they would “owe him,” they would “be in his pocket,” and he would “have something on them.” I understood him to mean that when someone was in his pocket, they owed him favors.
Smells like a blackmail operation, doesn't it?

The important point is this: We have no indication -- none -- that Bill Clinton ever took the bait, if bait was indeed offered.

Clinton is not one of Epstein's "friends and acquaintances." Dershowitz is. Although Alan Dershowitz has recently downplayed his friendship with Epstein, the famed lawyer once admitted that Epstein was the only non-family member to get an advance look at Dershowitz' manuscripts.

Not only that.

The Epstein imbroglio is all about a sleazy deal cut between Epstein's legal team (led by Dershowitz) and Florida authorities. This plea bargain fetched the billionaire a ridiculously light sentence for his many crimes against the underaged. A less-affluent miscreant facing such charges probably would have spent a lifetime in prison. The victims were not apprised of this disgusting deal, even thought the law clearly states they should have been part of the process.

Who was the governor of Florida when this sleaze was enacted? Jeb Bush. Who let Jeff Epstein -- seducer of the underaged and (arguably) the master of a sex slavery operation -- off with a slap on the wrist? Jeb Bush.

Make no mistake: If the governor of Florida had said "I want 'em to throw the book at this guy," the book would have been tossed.

By the way: The same NY Post piece claims that Bill Clinton made "racially charged" gaffes during the 2008 contest. He did no such thing. Bill Clinton was the best friend black people ever had in the oval office, including its current occupant.
I'm afraid you don't understand the concept of adversarial form of justice. It is the job of the defense attorney to obtain the best outcome for his client. It was Dershowitz' job to get his client a sentence of as few months or years as possible, just as it was Cochrans's job to obtain an acquittal for an obviously guilty Simpson and the McMartin's lawyer's job to obtain a reversal of an obviously incorrect verdict.
As long as your default reaction to scandal is to take a tribal attitude of left versus right, or democrat versus republican, then the real ruling class will continue to rule.

This scandal is important because it transcends the petty politics of our two-party system and shows that the elite power structure on both sides of the aisle has been compromised by as-yet unidentified forces.

If we give Clinton the benefit of the doubt and assume that because he was not identified by Jane Doe #3 as having been witnessed indulging with any of the underage women under Epstein's control, then we still need to explain the multiple visits to Epstein's 78-acre island, the 21 contact numbers Epstein had for both Clinton and his assistant (Best?), and the fact that Ghislaine Maxwell was a guest at Chelsea Clinton's wedding while this case was being adjudicated (and she was actively dodging a deposition by falsely claiming her mother was ill).

In addition to these multiple known visits and the use of Epstein's plane, we have also now learned that back when the investigation into Epstein was in full swing, $3.5 million was wired from a secret Swiss account of Epstein's at HSBC to Clinton's Global Initiative foundation. We don't know why this donation was made, but its timing is suspect to say the least and it makes it hard to accept that Clinton was fully a victim of any extortion and was more likely aware and supportive of the operation.

And while it's true that Jeb Bush was the Governor of Florida when this case was swept under the rug, it's important to note that it was the United States Department of Justice under both Alberto Gonzalez and George W. Bush that failed not only to indict Epstein on any charges, but that also agreed to the unprecedented non-prosecution agreement for both Epstein and any co-conspirators to the operation. This agreement alone should let us know how pervasive the corruption behind this operation really is. In short, it's incorrect to claim that it's just the State of Florida that was complicit in the cover-up of this case; it was also the federal government under George W. Bush.



I realize you despise when people claim that there's no difference between the democrats and the republicans, and in principle I agree with you, however when politicians and business leaders are held captive by extortion and blackmail by a system whose sympathizers have risen - or more likely have been strategically placed - to the highest levels of power across a range of both government and business institutions, it's hard to deny the possibility.

Extremely powerful forces not only recruited Epstein, but the also financed his operation, provided him with protection services, and helped him to draw powerful and influential individuals into his web.

To this, it is widely accepted as fact that Ghislaine Maxwell's father Robert Maxwell was an agent of the Mossad and there is speculation suggesting that he was active in the procurement of young boys for the pedophiles in the British establishment. In other words, the real power structure, the "deep state", if you will, deliberately promotes to positions of influence and power individuals with known weaknesses such as sexual perversions because those people are the easiest to control. Those unfortunate souls who are charismatic and noble enough to succeed in politics without succumbing to the types of vice that leave them vulnerable to blackmail-fueled control often find themselves going the way of Paul Wellstone if they can't be dealt with through a media-led character assassination campaign.

The Epstein case is about far more than just us versus them, democrats versus republicans, etc. It's about the corruption and possible wholesale capture of not only the United States but also of other western governments by the again as-yet unidentified forces.

Think about this case in the context of the last 15 years of United States history. Think about the foreign policy decisions made by our "elected" leaders. Think about the abject lack of justice with respect to the lies that brought us into the Iraq war and the overwhelming cultural makeup of the so-called Neocon faction. The same Neocon faction responsible for not only our meddling in Syria, but also in Ukraine.

Think bigger than just Epstein and Clinton and try to fit this method of control over our government into context: we are the host and a parasite has taken control. We are being asked not only to fight the wars for this parasite, but also to bear the costs of those wars in both blood, treasure, and goodwill.

The Epstein case is a watershed case because at the moment at least, it does not appear to be in the control of compromised elements of the judicial system. I imagine Judge Marra is currently being subjected to pressure and intimidation of the kind he wouldn't believe possible in a nation with a democratically-controlled government. Hopefully he understands the gravity of this situation and releases the documents, and hopefully the documents still exist. It wouldn't surprise me at all if they're found to have gone missing.

In short, Joe, I think you need to at least humor the possibility that the Clinton's are not who you want to believe them to be. They are part of the power structure in this country that doesn't give up power because of a simple popularity contest every four years. The Bush's consider them to be family, and that should tell you all you need to know.
I think it's more likely that Clinton helped Epstein get other people to take the bait.
There's something there. The relationship seems too close, with too many exchanges. Anyway, that's what I read into it. Time will tell.

Youre absolutely right about Jeb Bush. When will this effect him? Has to happen.

And then they can just keep going through the associations. Richardson in New Mexico and even Ken Starr shows up.

Back and forth. Republican, democrat, republican, democrat.

BTW, do you have a take on Anonymous' OpDeathEaters?
Small j, I understand the adversarial system. The law still required Dersh to inform the victims.

Also, the adversarial system did not require Dershowitz to consider a sleazeball like Epstein to be one of his close friends.
No,the obligation is on the prosecutor, not the defense attorney, to notify the victim. As to Bush, the problem was the Federal prosecutor who gave the deal based on a plea to state charges, not the state attorney if I read the complain correctly. As to hie choice of friends, I have to agree with you. Although I would point out that he would not be the first attorney to fail to maintain a professional relationship with a client. That is, if the allegations, as yet unproven, are to be believed.
I was looking at a local newspaper online when I saw a link on the side that I just couldn't resist: This is a blog written by a former deputy DA in a nearby county. There are two other entries about this subject as well. I think you might enjoy his writing style and his analysis.
Let me rephrase that. There are several posts about Epstein and Dershowitz, including the recent one that references Whitey Bulger. Keep clicking backwards. There's also one discussing the possibility of having a fair trial for Dzokhar Tsarnaev in Massachusetts, and before that you'll find more Epstein and Dershowitz.

I read some of the early posts when the blog's name accurately described most of the content after I became peripherally involved with that trial (before that, I couldn't have cared less), but I'd forgotten all about it.
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